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Ten Things You Didn't Know About Rajesh Koothrappali (AKA Raj)

He originally didn't want to be in astrophysics. He wanted to be in theater. He's really good. But then when he got to America and was getting kind of homesick, he kept looking up at the stars. Besides, he would later realize that theater had too many chicks, and he could never say his lines.

Everyone thinks him and Howard are gay, and they kissed once. They were drunk and bored and after-wards they were really flustered and embarrassed. It never happened again. But sometimes he secretly wants to do it again sober, just to see if he really felt anything. But not in a gay way, dude.

He actually talked to Penny once sober. And no, not the time he said 'I'm sorry' and stuff. She was crying really hard about Leonard and Raj didn't know what to do, so he awkwardly patted her and said,'It's gonna be okay' and 'you're still pretty'. He always had to do that with his sister when she was younger, and it wasn't really like he was talking to another girl. Just like a friend.

He secretly listens to Never Shout Never on his iPod whenever the guys leave him when he didn't speak up. It's really boy band ish and he wouldn't hear the end of it from Leonard. I Love You 5 is really upbeat and good. Plus, one time, he heard Penny listening to it, and he mouthed the words.

Even though India kinda sucked and he never wanted to go back, he misses how everyone had the same accent as him. He was sick of ignorant southerners calling him a terrorist as soon as he said 'Hello'.

Captain Sweatpants cries when he's drunk. This isn't really something you don't know about Raj, but the really question is how he found that out.

He can play the drums well. He also finds that one expression 'bang the drummer', or however you say it, amusing, so he tries to tell the women he meets that he plays the drums.


He's pretty sure he's...sigh...bi. Yes, he said it. He thinks he's bi. NO, not just because of Howard. But because he went to this gay club once (you'd be surprised how many chicks are at gay clubs. It's probably because they don't want to be flirted with.) and he was dancing kind of close to this dude and they ended up making out. Shut up. He's probably not ever going to go OUT with a dude. That's just weird. But at least he can talk to guys without being hammered.


The reason he can't talk to women is..probably because of the first person he talked to in America. It was one of those concierge people, and they ended up having sex. Like that hilarious show The Office. He enjoys that show. Anyways, in the morning she said she was drunk and it was a mistake. Then she was like, "Your voice is weird." After that he was self conscious about himself around American women, then he started being afraid of them, then he started not speaking to all women.


He's pretty sure that he'll take up the guitar, write two separate love songs, and sing them, one for Howard, one for Penny. See how they react, then act upon it. Then maybe he won't be so confused.

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