How do you describe Beautiful? I'd say it's nearly impossible.

The best I can do is to tell you all about the boy I am so incredibly in love with.

The first time I saw him I knew I would love him for the rest of my life. He was everything, and he was also, simply….Beautiful.

This was another typical Monday in Forks, Washington. We were half way through the year and I could not wait to get out of this town. I was making it my mission to do as well as I could in school in order to get out of here and on to bigger and better things - college and beyond. There wasn't room enough to be yourself in a small town where everybody knows your name, your family and your business. I'm sure the fact that it rained practically every freakin' day of the year didn't contribute much to the dreariness of it all. I never could understand why the high school would insist on painting the rooms in 'neutral colors'.

The lighting in the Biology room wasn't exactly the greatest. It was always seemed so grey and dull. The fluorescent lights cast a dreary glow over everyone, making them seem washed out. It had to be my least favorite room in the school. I was sitting at my usual spot in the back of the Biology room. Nothing interesting was happening, except Tyler Crowley was creating spit balls to fling into Lauren Mallory's hair. That was kind of amusing, even though it was immature. Seeing Lauren prance around without knowing she had the spit balls in her blond hair was the bit that cracked me up. I couldn't stand her and her pretentious cheerleading friends.

I was scribbling random things in my textbook when a smell hit my nose. It was a mixture of sandalwood, mint and, oh my, marshmallows in hot chocolate. The aroma was overwhelming my senses so much I felt dizzy. The saliva in my mouth started to pool to the side and I had to use the end of my sleeve to wipe it away. I thought it was strange that I would smell such things in Biology unless we were going to be re-creating a campout or something. Trying not to make myself too obvious, I casually looked up to find the source of the deliciousness and nearly fell of my stool. Standing at the front of the room was Adonis himself. There was no other description. I'd read about Adonis in World History and had been fascinated by the beautiful man set in mythological history. But this boy in the front of the class was no mythological creature, he was real and he was talking with Mr Banner while handing him a slip of paper.

"Must be the new kid everyone's been talking about," Jessica said, leaning over the aisle to talk to Tyler.

"Oh so this is the doctors son, eh?" Tyler said.

I looked at him curiously and raised my eyebrow in a silent question.

"The new doctor at the hospital? He just moved here with his family. Apparently there are a few kids, all adopted. This one must be Edward, the one with the copper hair. At least that's what Jessica told me," he said, giving me a shrug of his shoulders.

Jessica nodded, "Yeh that's him alright" she said, openly ogling him.

I turned my gaze back to the boy in front of the room. He was wearing a grey pea-coat over what looked like a blue shirt. He took the paper back and Mr Banner directed him to the only empty seat in the class. Lucky for me, it just happened to be the one in front of me.

The smell intensified the closer he got, helped along by the fact that he had to pass in front of the fan that Mr Banner had blowing into the classroom. I was overwhelmed at how concentrated it had been the first time, compared to now.

This intense, masculine and homely aroma surrounding him was causing the blood to rush through my body. For a moment all sounds seemed to cease and all I could hear was my heart beat. It sounded like beating drums (was my heart beating like drums?). I was overwhelmed at the odd reaction I was having. I had never had my body react to someone like this before. I looked around the room to see if anyone else had noticed my reaction or him. Everyone seemed to be doing what they had been doing before. I wondered if I was the only one who could actually smell him like that.

I decided I was definitely going to need to head to the local Coffee Junction on the way home. His scent was intoxicating and I just knew I had to recreate it at home just so that I could dream of him.

He took the seat in front of me and leaned to the right. I couldn't stop staring at his hair. What colour was it? It wasn't red and it wasn't brown. His hair was like a copper pipe that had been wrapped with ribbons of burgundy and brown and something else that had no name. It was such a unique combination of colors that blended together and looked perfect on his head. I couldn't help but notice that it lacked having a brush through it. It looked like he had just crawled out of bed, ran his hands through his hair and left it. My heart sped up just a fraction at the thought of him crawling out of bed all ruffled, looking just the way he did.

Mr Banner started talking and instead of listening to the lesson of the day, I was entranced with the way the ends of his hair would tickle his exposed neck. He had come in with the coat on, but had quickly discarded it on the back of his chair.

There was a knock at the door and the Vice Principal popped her head in to door.

"Excuse me Mr Banner, may I have a word with you?" she asked.

"Certainly. Class, I'll just be a moment. Talk amongst yourselves, but please, keep it down."

I was relieved at the break. It gave me free time to fantasize of the Adonis in front of me. I was just daydreaming about what I would do with his neck if I had half a chance, when he turned and looked at me. Making eye contact I let out a little gasp, promptly raising my hand to cover the noise that had escaped. His eyes were intense. It was like I was looking into the greenest of gems, emeralds. They reminded me of the time I'd travelled to Ireland. The lushness of the hillside and the intensity of the Emerald Isle were directly reflected in his eyes. I was entranced. He continued to look at me with an intenseness that confused me. He raised an eyebrow and I saw the side of his mouth lift in a smirk. I couldn't look away.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen," he said, offering his hand for me to shake.

Shaking my head out of the stupor I was in, I held out my hand and took his. Even the feeling of his hand was perfect and beautiful. He was so soft. His hand were cool and I didn't want to let go. He smirked again and took his hand back.

"Uhh, hi Edward, I'm…" I started, trying to find words that wouldn't come. I was too wrapped up in thinking of what it felt like to hold such soft hands.

"I know who you are," he said with a wink, emitting a confidence that was beyond me.

My eyes widened. "You know who I am?" I asked, confused. How could he know who I was?

"Oh sure my sister Alice has told me all about you."

My mouth wasn't connecting with my brain as I was trying to process this information. I desperately wanted to impress him but couldn't come up with anything eloquent. What did he mean his sister Alice told him all about me? First of all, what did she tell him and second of all, who was Alice? I was frozen in confusion when Mr Banner chose that exact moment to come back into the room.

"Ok everyone, sorry for the disruption, eyes to the front please," he instructed, continuing on with his lesson.

Edward looked at me one last time, gave me a smirk that was now becoming very familiar and then turned around in his seat.

I spent the rest of the lesson memorizing the feeling of his hands and the color of his hair. We didn't have any further interaction, but I had the feeling that he knew I was watching him. Whenever he would slide the microscope to his lab partner he'd turn his body sideways, giving me a glimpse of his profile. He'd linger in that position and then slowly sit back to the front again. I could hardly believe I managed to finish the assignment during the class time. Edward the Adonis was going to be the death of me in Biology. I'd have to find a way to focus if I was going to pass.

The bell rang to signal the end the lesson and Mr Banner dismissed the class. I was putting my books into my backpack when I felt a whoosh of air and a piece of paper land in front of me. I grabbed the paper and looked for the deliverer. I knew it was Edward because his scent had filled my senses again. He was at the door walking out of the classroom. He looked at me holding the paper in my hand, winked and walked out of the room.

I opened the note that was on a torn out piece of notebook paper. It was written in a stunning script. I couldn't help but let out a little sigh thinking that the beautiful hand writing came from such a beautiful person. As I scanned the words my heart skipped a beat and I couldn't help the smile creeping on to my face. I re-read his note, smiled and folded it back up. I walked out of the classroom securely tucking it into the pocket of my jeans.

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