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Chapter 1: Hult'ah

The cold, bitter wind of the Antarctic air snapped at the small plot of land known as Bouvetoya Island. Gusts caught the snow blanketing the ground, forcing the powder to move and dance across the barren wasteland to an unknown yet unique rhythm. It found little resistance as it sped over the ice, its howl the only sound heard for miles around. That is, except for where the small, abandoned whaling station of Razorback Point* once stood. There, the crisp cracking of ice as chunks of the once solid ground fell and settled at the bottom of a deep cavern broke through the wind's rage. Strangely enough, the only thing in the area that made no noise at all were the engines of the alien ship that hovered just beyond the edge of the shelf.

The near blinding lights from the ship's three entrances outlined numerous figures not of this world standing within, along with a few others proceeding down the loading ramps. However, two figures appeared to be spotlighted by the nearly white glow, both individuals vastly different from the other.

The taller, yautja elder studied the petite, dark-skinned, female ooman standing before him. Small, yellow calculating eyes locked into calm yet cautious dark brown. She barely blinked. This creature only stood quietly before him, allowing herself to be examined, arms resting at her side. She appeared deceptively demure at that moment. However, only minutes earlier, she had shown herself to be quite the opposite.

From what he had been taught about this particular prey species, most females were not highly regarded. Even though they were the ones that were essentially responsible for the continuation of their people by birthing and raising their young, females were seen as second class and were forced into submission. With time, theologies eventually changed, yet sentiment towards the smaller of the genders was still tainted with past teachings. It was a stark contrast to his own species.

Yet here stood this ooman, not timid, but fierce. He had watched the image relays from the jehdin during their Kainde Amedha Chiva as they observed the groups of oomans dispersed throughout the temple. When this particular one was challenged, she bit back. She refused to have her authority questioned, especially regarding her knowledge of expertise of the environment and her duties to the entire group. Her survival instinct was strong, and while not initially a fighter, she fought with the ferocity of one.

Although by no means trained in any sort of combat (of that he could be easily assured), she still survived where the rest of the oomans, and even two of the jehdin, had perished.

His eyes moved over to her cheek where the sain'ja had marked her with their clan's symbol. The bright red of the two lines stood out sharply on her dark skin. He then quickly looked to the young warrior spread out in the snow, phosphorescent blood now slowly oozing from the large through and through wound in his stomach. This sain'ja, S'kya-tana, still fought Cetanu even in his unconscious state. However, the Dark Warrior would soon win unless they were able to get him on the ship within the next few minutes. He had already proven himself to be an honorable warrior within the temple. To fight a kainde amedha queen and win was an even further testament to his skill.

Yes, S'kya-tana had been rightfully marked as a warrior.

Even as these thoughts brushed the surface of his mind, four other sain'ja moved into his line of sight, two compacted poles carried with them. Assured that the comatose warrior would be taken care of, he returned to his assessment of the female before him. Again, his eyes traveled to the mark. He clicked in contemplation as he studied it for a few more moments.

So small and comparatively weak, he thought, yet so much inner strength…and potential.

With a final growl, he made his decision with a mental nod of affirmation.

Yes, she too is indeed a warrior.

He raised his ki'cti-pa before him. As he lifted it to her eye level, he retracted the ends into its compact form. The elder was silently pleased at the ooman's near nonexistent reaction. She only emitted a short gasp before once again locking eyes with him. Good.

He waited for her to take the ki'cti-pa from his outstretched hand. As she tentatively grasped the spear, he slowly released it from his hold, aware of her slight difficulty in holding the object at first due to her smaller hands. With the weight equally balanced in her hand, she looked up and nodded. Whether it be in thanks or understanding, it did not matter. The elder growled one final time before spinning around and walking back up the main loading ramp, his cape snapping in the wind.

The elder sighed quietly to himself as he exited the loading bay. Even though the ship's motion dampers prevented the occupants within from noticing, he could still tell that they had already lifted off from the ice and were well on their way into the upper atmosphere and the black void of space that lay beyond. His mandibles moved closer together in contemplation, the only visible sign of the thoughts currently running through his mind. The outcome of the recent Kainde Amedha Chiva has been quite unexpected, one that could not go unnoticed. And it certainly hadn't.

Deep in his thoughts, he wasn't aware as his feet carried him throughout the ship and eventually led him to the main entrance to the medical bay. He paused and looked up as he realized his current location. He hesitated a few seconds before walking towards the door which slid apart to allow him entry. The elder walked past the empty berths and a few medical personnel milling about before stopping before a rather large window. In the room shown beyond the glass, five yautja moved about a prone figure resting on another berth.

He chittered quietly as he watched them work on the being that was one half of the cause of his current musings. The other half stood on a frozen piece of land in the lower hemisphere of her planet. She was probably looking for some way back to civilization by now if she wasn't already on her way there. He had no doubts that she would survive the subzero weather and treacherous environment. After all, she had helped defeat a queen. Otherwise, she wouldn't have garnered the amount of attention that she had, and certainly not from her.

Yes, that particular conversation had gone quite interestingly…

"Dhi'rauta, to what do I owe the pleasure?" asked the holographic figure of the imposing female yautja. The tone, while formally polite, held only room for business. Her unmasked face held dark green eyes set against olive skin mottled with red and black.** Like most yautja females, she was larger than the opposite gender, an intimidation factor that was hardly necessary for their species yet was still present nonetheless.

Standing in the Communications Sector, Dhi'rauta stood before the holographic image of the imposing female. To his left was the projected image of the transmitted visuals from S'kya-tana on the planet below.

Dhi'rauta nodded his head and shoulders at the holograph. After all, it would do well to show respect to the head of his clan.

"Matron Mother,"*** he replied calmly, "I have something here that I believe you might be interested in seeing."

"Oh really? And what might that be?"

"As you are aware, this is the time of the Kainde Amedha Chiva. The chiva did not go according to plan due to unforeseen circumstances. The kainde amedha multiplied far more quickly than the jehdin could cope with. Two of them have perished. However, an ooman has joined the last one and they have successfully destroyed any evidence of the outbreak. The ooman has been marked by the new sain'ja."

The Matron Mother's mandibles expanded as she chittered, the yautja equivalent of raising an eyebrow.

"And what is so important about a marked ooman? Although rare, it has been done befo—"

"The ooman is female and is now aiding the sain'ja in fighting the kainde amedha queen."

The elder had watched S'kya-tana's progression through the pyramid and his alliance with the female ooman. It was only after the queen had burst from the rubble of the explosion and began to advance on the two that he felt it necessary to contact the other yautja.

The Matron Mother paused at his interruption. For a few moments she barely issued a sound before bobbing her head in a quick nod.

"Patch it through," she ordered, intrigued.

Dhi'rauta knew that such an unusual situation would pique the interest of their matriarch. Females of this planet rarely fought as warriors or anything close to that caste. And those that did usually weren't recognized to the same extent as their male counterparts.

However, he highly doubted that many warriors of this planet would take on a kainde amedha queen armed only with a spear and shield made out of parts from one of the creature's own children.

The two observed the battle through the eyes of S'kya-tana. They watched as the ooman dashed forward with her spear and plunged it into the underside of the queen just as she was about to land the final blow with her tail to the sain'ja. Although her spear was lost due to the creature's acidic blood, her main objective of gaining the queen's attention was achieved. Acting as a distraction, she ran for cover of the nearby water tower. In her anger, the creature remained unaware of the approaching yautja until it was too late. She staggered away from her target as a ki'cti-pa was embedded deep into the side of her neck.

The two observing yautja were rather impressed with the ooman's plan as they realized what she was attempting to do with the chain. Although it would be unfortunate to lose a queen, she could not be allowed to survive. The clan ship had no room to store her safely for relocation. Even given the fact she was currently stuck on the barren wasteland of the Antarctic waters, this particular breed were known for their ability to survive in nearly any environment. She would find a way to live if she defeated the two and would begin to reproduce once more.

Yes, she would have to be eliminated; if not by the two currently on the ice then by the members of the clan aboard the ship that hid above.

With impassionate eye,s they watched as the tail of the queen finally found its mark in the abdomen of the yautja. He faced his death honorably with his mandibles spread and an angry growl. However, just as the creature's second set of jaws were about to bear down on the sain'ja's skull, he was flung to the side as the queen was whipped around. From his position in the snow, they could barely see the queen as she scrambled with her claws to grab purchase on the ice as she slipped over the edge. However, she was unable to fight the weight of the water tower coupled with her disadvantaged position. She toppled over the edge with a screech and a splash, silence reigning at last save for the fierce wind.

"Dhi'rauta, present her with the ceremonial ki'cti-pa," said the Matron Mother shortly after the battle had concluded. "Adjust the wavelength accordingly. She has proven herself worthy of being marked a sain'ja."

The elder nodded in affirmation as the Matron Mother's image disappeared in a flicker of lights. After giving the order to land, he made his way to the ship's altar to Paya upon which the ceremonial ki'cti-pa rested. Opening a nearly invisible compartment in the shaft, he fiddled with the circuitry inside before closing it once again. Even if one were to closely inspect the area, they would be hard pressed to find the lines that gave away the latch. He retrieved the weapon from its position and retracted the ends for easy mobility before making his way to the loading bay.

Yes, she was most definitely interested in the female ooman. Dhi'rauta had not expected her to take that particular route, though. He knew of the theory behind what she had planned. However, he had never heard of such a situation actually occurring. This was new territory, and while he placed a large amount of faith in his matriarch, Dhi'rauta was still concerned about how this would play out.

Paya willing, there would few complications.

His musings were broken however when a shrill beeping sounded from a scanner from within the room that held S'kya-tana. He looked up and gasped at what he saw on the monitors. Within S'kya-tana's chest cavity wriggled a kainde amedha larvae.

And it was breaking its way through his ribs.

If this was a message from Paya, it was a sign that events were not going to turn out well.

As the larvae erupted from the body, dodging shots and projectiles from the other yautja in the room, Dhi'rauta could only say one thing as the creature slipped into a vent in the room and out of sight.


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Hult'ah: Watcher

Ooman: slang for human

Jehdin: unblooded warrior

Kainde Amedha Chiva: Hard Meat (Xenomorph) Trial, a rite of passage

Sain'ja: warrior (I'm using this to mean 'one who is marked.')

S'kya-tana: Scar's yautja name (SkYAH-tah-nah)

Cetanu: the yautja god of death, also known as The Dark Warrior.

Ki'cti-pa: spear/lance/combistick

Dhi'rauta: the yautja elder of Scar's clan. The name translates into 'Cunning.'

Paya: the yautja warrior god

C'jit: Shit, but can also be loosely translated to damn.

*If you pause the film as the crew rolls into the whaling station, you'll see 'RAZORBACK POINT WHALING STATION: ANTARCTICA' printed on the metal siding of a building.

** The inspiration for her face can be found here: .com/?q=predator&order=9&offset=96&offset=144#/d2fbk9q This is by the artist Usurp73 on Devaintart. I have no claims of ownership over the image/model, only the idea of the character formed from it.

***For those of you who follow the series, yes, I just made a Forgotten Realms reference. I do not read the books. However, from what I have been told from my friends who follow the series religiously, the matriarchal heads of house of the drow in the books are powerful, imposing and down-right frightening. I find that fitting of a yautja matriarch as well.

(This is the extra info I mentioned at the beginning of the chapter.)

I have seen AvP quite a few times, and have read a large amount of fanfics about said film. I have also seen AvPR (which was not the best of movies, in my opinion) and every Alien and Predator movie, including the newly released one, Predators. However, from what I've seen from the fics written around these films, authors take general creative liberties when it comes to writing their stories. I see nothing wrong with this, and hopefully, neither do you.

I haven't read any of the books or comics that come with the franchise, so I am unsure of the actual political or social structure of either species in finite detail. While I have researched yautja via the Internet, I have only come across general information about the language, names, and infrastructure of the species. Therefore, I believe that I am within my right to create a new society based off of the evidence given in the movies. If anyone has any further information about the social structure of the yautja, especially concerning clans, females, the matriarchy, and how their names are created, please, contact me. I am more than willing to accept information.

Now, on another note, this story is mostly my stress reliever and creative outlet during my senior year at college. I am a journalism student (hence my preference to fully research my topic to obscene ends) who has 17 hours of class, works 10 to 15 hours a week, and spends most of her time interviewing people for my articles for class, and then writing said articles. For once, I would like to write a story that doesn't depend on other people, their quotes, and the information they give me. No phone calls to city hall. No tracking down people. No waiting for representatives to get back to me. And most importantly, no deadlines.

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