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Death. Funerals. People mourning. For a young child, death doesn't come into the equation. To them it's like that person has gone away for a very long time and they'll see them again later.

For Riku of only seven, his parents past away just a week ago from a car accident. Sadly though it was on his birthday and his parents were visiting him from their work. Police said it wasn't their fault just that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. They didn't tell Riku anything as they spoke to his grandmother, though he was listening to the entire conversation by leaning his ear against the door.

It was after the funeral that Riku understood that his parents weren't coming back. He asked for them to be buried instead of cremated, so he could still talk to them even after death. So every weekend Riku would visit their grave and tell them of his week; what he did in school, who he talked to and what he did with his grandmother. Riku would also bring them small portions of their favourite foods and a drink, always finding them gone the next weekend thinking it was them.

A year later, Riku went to see his parents on his birthday. By the time he left it was already dark. As he was leaving the cemetery, he could have sworn he saw someone walking around close by. Being the curious type, Riku tried to find the person.

It took him a while, but when he eventually did, that person was looking over a grave like he had been doing. "Are you here to see someone?" Riku asked innocently. The person turned to Riku with a sad smile. It was a middle aged woman with a few scars on her face.

"You are so young to be out so late." The woman motioned for Riku to leave. "Your parents must be worried sick." Riku turned to the grave the woman was looking at.

"My parents died a year ago today. I wanted to spend all day with them." Riku pointed to the other side of the cemetery, towards the direction of his parents. "Their grave is over there. I visit them every weekend and today because it's my birthday."

"Well happy birthday love. Someone must be worried though."

"I live with my gran-gran. She's really nice and lets me come here for however long I want."

"Your gran-gran sounds like a lovely person. You must get it from her." Riku shrugged and turned his back towards the woman.

"She is. But I'd rather live with my parents." The woman simply laughed.

"Devoted to your parents I see."

"Well yea. They raised me."

"May I know their names?"

"Sephiroth is my Da, and then there's Cloud." The woman raised her eyebrow.

"So that means you must be Riku. I've heard about your parents. They're fine young fighters. Many young men go to war, only a handful ever return. Your parents were amoung the lucky ones that survived that horrible war." Riku raised an eyebrow but didn't turn around.

"Seph told me bits and pieces of the war, not much though." The woman laughed.

"You are more like Sephiroth than I thought. He was a noble man. Stubborn as well, like you're being now." Riku didn't reply but the woman could tell he was pouting with no comeback. "I'll be sure to tell them you're doing fine."

"Huh?" Riku turned around to see the woman was gone, like she just disappeared into thin air. "Weird lady." Shrugging Riku decided it was time to leave. The woman was right; his grandmother would be worried to some extent.

Riku ran all the way home. He wouldn't tell anybody, but his grandmother is rich and owns her own mansion in the forest of Twilight Town but because it wasn't kept in good condition everyone called it haunted. Only Riku, his grandmother and his parents knew the truth. To say the least Riku enjoyed living at the mansion. He could run and scream and listen to the echoes ringing around the mansion.

When he found his grandmother she was just finishing making dinner. Riku told her about the 'weird lady' he was talking to and when he turned around she was gone. His grandmother had sighed and told her grandson she had something important to tell him.

After dinner Riku followed his grandmother to the library or 'bookroom' as Riku called it when he was younger. He watched as his grandmother pulled a small black book from the upper shelves.

"You have been blessed with a gift" she said happily, holding the book close to her.

"A gift? What gift?" Riku had heard of many gifts people are born with. One in particular he's heard about was only a handful of people wielding a sacred weapon in the shape of a key.

"One that only exists within our family" she said handing the book to Riku. "It is the ability to see the ones who cannot be seen again." Riku stared at the book with confusion.

"I don't understand gran-gran."

She laughed. "My dear, have you ever wondered where people go when they pass away?"

"That's easy. They go back to the lifestream. That's where Da and Cloud went." Riku continued to eye the book, wondering if he opens it something will happen and he won't be able to turn back.

"Yes that is true, but what if they didn't make it to the lifestream? What would their spirit do then?"

"Find a way to go to the lifestream?" Riku guessed. His grandmother nodded.

"Exactly. Their spirits wander the worlds, trying to find the lifestream and meet their families once again. To do that, they seek help from gifted people." She pointed to the book in Riku's hands. "In that book contains the diary entries from your ancestors over the years. Their knowledge is now yours for you to read."

Riku dared to open the book, flipping through the pages quickly. Strange lettering appeared at the beginning but as the book went on the letters were the everyday ones he could recognise. "What's with the strange letters at the beginning?" he asked, showing the book to his grandmother.

"These" she said pointing to the letters, "are the ancient symbols used to tell the stories of the walking spirits. There is only one person in every generation that acquires this gift. Sometimes the gift many be lost for generations, but it always comes back when you least expect it."

Riku looked at the book once again. "So what is this gift? Is it that special?"

"This gift Riku must not be misused in any way, shape or form. Misuse of this gift can bring misery to the person."

"But seriously, what is it?" Riku's grandmother sighed at her grandson's impatience. He really was just like Sephiroth at his father's age.

"This gift is something many people will reject as they grow older. Many will look at you strangely, but don't reject this gift, promise?" She held out her pinky finger, knowing that Riku will never break a promise when he swore not to.

Not a second later without thinking it through Riku linked his finger with his grandmother's. "I promise on Da, Cloud and the lifestream to never break this promise which I have made to my gran-gran" recited Riku. This was the way anyone could tell that Riku would never break his promise. The chant was something he came up with whenever he set himself to do something.

"That's by boy." She ruffled Riku's hair only to get it pushed away gently followed by a few 'no's' and 'don'ts'. "Now this gift is very special." Riku leaned in closer to hear his grandmother better. "It is the gift, to see the walking spirits."

Hope that was enjoyable to read. This is basically the prologue. The real stuff will happen as the chapters go on. If you're wondering I watched the episode where a soldier died during a war and was trying to find his family but couldn't. Melinda helped him and they lived happily ever after…well the ghost did anyway.