Wow, my first submission in absolutely FOREVER. I feel happy. XD Anyway, this is going to be a series of oneshots that were typed up during a 'so you think you can roleplay' contest thing on Neopets with a word prompt and post limit. We had to use the prompt word in our post and it couldn't be longer than 6 posts (or 2,400 characters) long. My muse was acting weird, so I decided to do them all via Bleach with Ichigo and Uryuu. There are only six to begin with, but who knows what will happen when I get bored?

Notes: These don't take place in any specific time in the manga as I was trying not to give away any spoilers. Rating is for safety in case future submissions get suggestive.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. If I did, then Ichigo and Uryuu would be hiding in closets a lot. Renji would be joining them from time to time.

Word Prompt: Gullible

It was rare that lunch was a quiet affair at Karakura high school, what with the assortment of teens that called the roof their picnic ground. However, only two of the usual group were there that day as various engagements had called the others away (Chad was sick, Orihime fell out a window and was at the nurse's office, Keigo had been clothesline earlier and was also at the nurse's with Mizuiro in attendance and Tatsuki was at a meeting for the karate team.), leaving Ichigo and Ishida alone on the roof to eat. Despite the camaraderie that had formed between the two, lunch was still silent and rather awkward despite any of Ichigo's attempts to get the dark haired boy talking.

"You know, if you keep giving me the silent treatment, then I'll get upset and when I'm upset Zangetsu is upset." The strawberry patiently explained as he took a sip of his juice, fondly remembering the first time Rukia had tried to open one. Rocket science juice box much?

Snorting, Ishida took a tiny bite out of his sandwich and gave the substitute a hard stare. "Zangetsu is a sword."

"HE is a zanpakuto and has feelings just like Ginrei Kojaku." Ichigo replied with a knowing smirk as Ishida's face turned a bright red. "I can't believe you fell for that, you're so gullible."

"I am not!" Ishida shouted hotly, his cheeks burning. How DARE he bring that up again after he specifically told him to keep his mouth shut about it. "I'm going to get you for that." Some day...