Sorry for the lack of updates. . My summer was really crazy with work and now that I'm back in school and have a Fiction writing class to worry about, updating this has, sadly, been put on the backburner. I will try to sneak in a drabble or two between school, work and playing Touhou, tho! xD

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Edit: I just realized that I never said what the prompt was! x.x

Prompt: Extreme

"Are you SURE you know what you're doing, Kurosaki?" Uryuu asked while leaning over the berry's shoulder.

"Of course I do! It's not like it's that hard to figure out..." Ichigo scoffed at the other teen as he waved his Nintendo DS about vaguely. "All you have to do is fight the little critters until they gain enough experience to level up, right?

"Pokemon is just a BIT more complicated than that..." Uryuu sighed, arranging himself attractively on the bed in order to begin to explain the deeper intricacies of the game. "It depends on the type, their personality, what their strengths and weaknesses are, their beginning stats..." He began, huffing when Ichigo cut him off with a snort.

"How the hell do you know any of this?" Ichigo asked almost accusingly, giving his friend the stink eye. "I just picked this up today because Keigo dared me to play him. What's your excuse?"

Face turning bright red, Uryuu blinked and stuttered madly. "I... I... well..." He was saved from further embarrassment when he happened to glance at Ichigo's screen and saw something rather interesting. "Oh, look, your Tepig died."