I want to be happy, a poem by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own King of Thieves or any of its characters.

When you're young, you're not always inclined to see the world as someone

Of age

Sees it;

When you're young, the world can be anything

That you want it to be:



And full of promise.

You can dream that your dreams might just, one day, come true;

You can live in hope

For a brighter future,

For a better day


You can see the world

As a fantastic place.

It's not a bad place,

All in all,

It's just some people

Would rather everyone felt the way they do,

Or the way they want

Them to;

Some people think they can control everything,

And forget that with rights come responsibilities,

Or maybe they just don't care


That we all live together,

That we're all alike,

We're all people, too -

We're a great big family.

When I was a kid,

Younger than I am now,

I believed in the good of people,

And found out that I was right:

Some people are good,

And some people aren't:

Some people are hurt,

And some people hurt others.

But it didn't make me want to give up,

It gave me the strength to believe in goodness,

In a happier tomorrow,

And in today.

Today, I am as happy as I want to be -

Mostly -

And I want to be