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Summary: All those with any involvement in the underbelly of London knew of the Phantomhive family. Their second label, "The Queen's Watchdogs", reflected the household's symbol of a black dog. So it is understandable that no other creature would have made a more suitable pet than their insignia come to life...

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Chapter 1: Stray

Black fur matted with dirt, mud, and the twig or two was rustled by the wind as the animal streaked through the alleyway. Large paws splashed in the rain puddles, seemly engulfing the entire cobblestone ground of the alleyway. Straight ahead was a stray chicken in a wire-woven cage, clucking around in the busy market street. Coming to a stop, intense blue eyes gazed at its surroundings in order to make sure it hadn't attracted any attention. Crouching low to the ground in preparation to catch its prey, it wasn't bothered at all by the wet ground as it placed one paw in front of the other.

Looming in the shadow of the building, cast by the setting sun, its eyes did not stray from the bird for even a second. The bird looked a gourmet meal, compared to what the dog had usually received from shifting through the garbage. Ignorant of what went on around it, the chicken just clucked along obliviously. For a brief moment the canine felt guilty, but the strength of its hunger quickly washed away any sympathy it felt for the other animal. After all, in this world, it was the survival of the fittest, and it was the fittest in this scenario.

The second the human looked away from the chicken, it used to snatch the cage with its mouth as it dashed through the crowded streets.

"HEY! THAT'S MY CHICKEN YOU GODDAMNED MUTT!" the man hollered out as he took a step to follow the dog. But then he remembered his booth, and he knew he couldn't leave it lest someone steal something more than a chicken.

The damn mutt was lucky, and would get away for another day.

Smirking mentally at the man's anger as he realized the absence of his bird, the dog ducked into one of the many alleyways of London. Making its way to its usual resting place into one of the back alleys, it placed the cage down on the ground. Quickly the chicken was out of its cage, and silenced it with a snap of its neck in the dog's maws. The dog then placed the chicken on the ground, and small whimpers came from the dog as it slowly turned into a pale skinned woman.

"Finally…Food…" A pile of feathers formed onto a water puddle, and then the plucked flesh of the bird was then dug into by a pair of sharp canine teeth and slender fingers. "Food…" The woman rasped out as she sloppily devoured her well-deserved meal, "Food…"

Blood was smeared across the soft flesh of her mouth and hands, but she paid this no mind. Hunger was all that mattered to her at this moment, and she was going to savor this meal. Soon there was nothing left but bones, cluttering the cobblestones around her as she was occupied with chewing on the leg. A large pair of canine-like ears shifted in order to catch any sounds among her long, tangled hair that blanketed some parts of her body.


Chomping on the bone, it snapped and revealed the marrow inside. She noisily sucked, and soon it was all gone causing her to be both pleased yet disappointed. Throwing the bone to the side, she sighed and leaned back against the wall. "Food…good food." Looking up at the sky, she felt the rain drops washing away the blood that stained her body.

Allowing the sound of raindrops to sooth her frazzled mind, she was soon able to think coherently for the first time in a week. With her hunger being satisfied at the moment, she decided it was time for the plan for the next move. The weather was undoubtedly going to get worse as she experienced personally last year, her current shelter wouldn't do. Right as she was going over any of the various shut off buildings she came across, her eyes shot up straight as a scream echoed from somewhere from the alley.

Frowning, she stood up shakily from her spot on the ground and turned her head in the direction the sound came from. It was very distinctive, and she was able to sort it out from the rain drops, the distant mutterings of the humans nearby, and the stray animals. "A child…why would a child be in such a place?" Curious to see what was going on, she shifted into her four legged form, and began to search for the source of that frightful sound.

"Let me go, you jerks!"

Coming to the end of an alleyway, she crouched low to the ground in order to stay concealed in the shadows. Bright blue eyes watched the scene that began to unfold before her. A young boy was struggling in the arms of a laughing man. Of course, obviously not wanting to be there, his legs were flying as well as his tiny fists, hoping to hit the man that stood in front of him.

"Ha! You're cute!"

Rubbing his chin as he contemplated for a moment as his eyes traced the boy's body. "I think I'll make some money offa you! Take him to the truck boys!" The bulky man chuckled as the other three men agreed with the decision, eager to fill the wallets on the inside of their pockets for once. Chuckling some more, the man slapped the boy for a good measurement as he was getting fed up with him not cooperating. Growling at the rough treatment of the boy, the dog's eyes shifted from each man before locking onto the boy's dark eyes.

At the sight of the teardrop sliding down his cherub face, something snapped in the dog and she lunged forward in the blink of an eye and sank her sharp fangs into his neck. Everything seemed to freeze as the man cried out, and fell as the weight of the dog knocked him over. "The hell?" The leader spat out in shock at the gruesome scene taking place, and felt to his stomach at the fact he couldn't force himself to move. He couldn't find into himself to move forward and pull the wild creature from killing one of his friends.

Thankfully, one of the other men there found strength in himself to run out and try to help his dying friend with a pocketknife glinting in his hand.

On the ground, the man could do nothing but look up into the eyes of the dog that was tearing into his neck. He could feel the skin being ripped from his neck, and the blood overflowing that was teeming in his lungs. Staring into the eyes of the berserk creature, he noticed his buddy running over to them and smirked.

At least his killer was going to be killed in retaliation.

Unfortunately, Lady Luck was not feeling particularly merciful towards him. The dog quickly released its hold on his neck, and moved away from the approaching knife. Not being able to stop himself, his buddy's knife continued its path and lodged itself deeply into his stomach. Croaking at the pain that laced through his body, he stared up into his friend's terrified face with shock practically glowing in his dark eyes. Realizing what had happened, his friend sunk down to his knees in disbelief at what he had just done.

"Oh my god, Nick!"

Nick coughed out blood, causing it to splatter onto his unshaven cheek before waving him away. At the corner of his eye, he saw the dog turning around and snapping its teeth wildly in his dazed friend's direction. The others stepped back at the hostile beast, and the leader briefly locked eyes with his other companion that seemed to be just as cautious. In his arms, the boy knew that this was his time to act. Biting into his captor's arm, he caused the man to yowl in pain and drop him onto the ground.

Falling onto his bottom with an oof, he quickly got up and bolted towards the dog. Something in him was telling him that he would be safe with the canine. Just as he was halfway reaching his decided goal, the man crouching next to the dead man got up and went after him. He released a sound of frustrated rage, and seemed to temporarily forget that they were in the area with the seemingly rabid dog. Unfortunately, once again Lady Luck wasn't looking kindly on anyone as the man paid for it with his life.

Just as he reached for the kid, the man only received the dog leaping on him and sinking its teeth into his exposed jugular. A chocked gasp was all he was able to get out before the mutt ripped his throat out callously, causing blood to spray onto the faces and closest surfaces in the area. Bloody fangs were revealed as the murderous dog's blood stained muzzled lifted up as it snarled at the remaining men.

Both of the men left alive could do nothing else but stare at the dog, which destroyed their friends, in the terror. The dog took a step towards them, putting itself in front of their desired meal ticket, and growled menacingly. "We need to go!" Snapping his head in his only living accomplice for a second, he saw him visibly shaking in true fear. Looking back at the dog, his heart skipped a beat at the image that the dog made.

Glowing blue eyes pinned them with a penetrating stare, as if the deranged animal could see every sin they had ever committed. The alley seemed as if it was slowly being encompassing in shadows and everything had disappeared but them, the dog, the boy, and the bloodied corpses of their friends. All around them the shadows moved ominously, and the screams of all their victims of their profession. Slowly the shadows wrapped around their legs and their arms to hold them still.

They have been screaming at me since I have walked into this clearing…the souls of those who have been wronged by you…

Their eyes did not stray from the dog as its very form started to shift to a more human shape, and the fur seemed to recede to reveal pale skin. Right before their eyes the dog, which had ruined their plot, transformed into a pale voluptuous woman. Exotic blue eyes glared at them from behind messy black bangs, and the blood from the dogs actions were still on the woman's body. Blood smeared on her mouth; blood soaked her hands and her feet.

I have heard their cries, and due to my nature…I have decided to grant their wish of vengeance…

Reaching her hands out, they looked down at the ground and saw the shadows slowly creep up their bodies. Of course they struggled, but it was useless against the powerful hold placed on them. Two sets of eyes swung back to the woman, and stared in horror as a terrifying smirk slithered onto her face. Fangs, which pierced their friends' necks not even a moment ago, were revealed. Next to him, he heard sobbing and pleas for mercy spewing from his friend's mouth.

He made no such move, because he knew.

Mercy was not going to be given to them, and they were finally going to pay for everything they had done. Glancing over at the child behind the dog, he noticed the light that seemed to keep the shadows at bay. As he fell into horrifying darkness, he hoped that he would one day be forgiven for his sins.

Earl Phantomhive ran in the direction of the screams along with his butler Tanaka, they had been running after the thugs who had kidnapped his son. They both knew how dangerous the slums were, and hopefully nothing had happened to him. Coming around the corner, they came to a stop and the Earl tried to catch his breath. A small chocked sound came from Tanaka, and the dark blue-haired man looked at him briefly before looking forward. His dark eyes widened at the carnage that littered the entire square.

What had really shocked him was not only the sight of his son sitting in the middle of it with not a drop of blood on him, but the bloodstained mutt that his son was holding onto while crying. Taking a glance at the men, he quickly recognized as the ones who took his son, he made his way over to his son. Tanaka was right behind him; his dark eyes traced the bodies of the men lying around the space. From the marks on the men closer to them, he could see that they had been mauled to death by an animal.

"Papa! This dog saved me!"

The butler let his eyes settled on the body of his young master, whom was hugging the obvious animal, which killed these men. Instead of looking rabid, as these bites looked to come from a crazed beast, it was surprisingly docile. Matted black fur contrasted well with the intelligent blue eyes shining out of the dog's skull. His master seemed to be at a loss as what to do with this situation.

Crouching down by his son's side, he pulled his son into a tight hug. "Thank god…" Of course the boy only smiled widely, and peered up into the man's eyes that were so like his own. "Papa! Can I keep her?" The Earl's eyes widened and he looked at the dog that was scratching its ear with a bloodied paw. For a second his eyes connected with his own, before the dog seemed to almost snort and turn its nose up in the air in a dismissal.

If the Earl didn't have such control over his emotions, he would have gaped.

Was he just dismissed by a mutt?

Apparently Tanaka and his son thought this was funny, and the Butler stopped chuckling a few seconds later. "Well Master, it certainly has the attitude of a noble-owned pet…though I would suggest we have it checked out, and then run it by the Mistress before anything is final." Nodding at the logic of that idea, the Earl stood up with his son and looked at the dog with acute eyes.

Glancing at his son, the man waited for a second before finally nodding. His son exclaimed in happiness, and hurriedly got himself down from his arms to hug the dog once more. The canine didn't seem to mind, and even licked the boy's cheek.

"Well…we certainly can't take it home with us looking like this, plus…"

Dark eyes looked around at all the blood, he sighed. "Someone is going to have to be sent down here to clean this up before the Scotland Yard comes across it." Tanaka placed his arm across his chest before bowing,

"I will have someone come out here, and dispose of the evidence."

Nodding in approval, the head of Phantomhive looked down at his son with a smile and placed his hand on the boy's head.

"How about we go get your new dog cleaned up…would you think she'd like that, Vincent?"

The largest smile he had ever seen on his son's face beamed out at him, and he turned to look at the dog, which was looking at them with its ears standing up straight on its head in attention. It yawned slightly before its tail swung from side to side as it stood on all fours in what could be thought of as excitement.

Kagome Higurashi wondered how she had gone from a priestess, to a dog living on the streets of London to being pampered like some prize pooch. Looking at the man scrubbing her body with some vanilla scented soap, she rolled her eyes at the curses the man spewed every time he got stuck by a twig.

She shriveled out when she felt her fur being brushed back the wrong way but unless she wanted to go out on the street again, Kagome would have to tolerant it for a little while. If anything, it would be so nice to be clean once more. No more icky heaviness on her furs…

And the foods! The idea of the dog foods she would once shutter at be damned! She will have foods in her stomach once more! And on daily basis too! That thought had her almost drooling but she ended up biting back a growl when a twig was violently ripped off from her fur, few strands disappeared due to that. Kagome can still feel the pain because of it.

The dog blinked when she found herself covered in the white bubbly shampoo and wondered briefly if she looked like a poodle at all. Judging from the boy's giggling, she probably was, "You looked silly!" The boy grinned from his seat as he watched her to get washed.

She narrowed her eyes on him from what seemed like disbelief or boredom. The dog yelped out when the groomer poured a bucket of water right on her head as it washed away all of the white soapy material off from her body, "Now you looked like a wet cat." Vincent stated out, amused at the sight before him.

"A really skinny wet cat, that is." The groomer commented out, absentmindedly, as he's set on shampooing her once more and then rinsing her for the last time, "You'll need to give her more foods-she doesn't look that good." He was right-the dog was all skin and bone-although one wouldn't be able to tell with the amount of the fur. It was much more evidenced when the fur was wet and heavy, draping over the skin.

"Okay, I'll tell Papa." He nodded in an agreement-the dog doesn't look that good, despite it was still beautiful, even with the dirt in her black coat. As the washing process repeated once more, Vincent remained and watched her closely, curiousity shining in his bright eyes…

Once the groomer was done washing her and was now drying her off with a towel, "I must ask, young sir, have you decided on a name for her?" The man asked as he placed down the now wet towel and began brushing her, his eyes not leaving the admittedly one-of-the-kind dog.

Kagome's eyes shifted to Vincent from the man and the boy saw the look in it, "No, but I think I'll find a perfect name for her later on."

The groomer nodded in an agreement, "Yes, a perfect name does take time, doesn't it?" Moving to block the sight of the dog from the young son of the Earl who had hired him and seemed to be doing something to her, Vincent chewed on his lips, unsure of what he was up to.

"Mister…?" He gaped when the man moved away, revealing the dog sitting on the table, looking quite different. Now with a pink bow around her neck, she looked very different from when he first saw her-her fur glistening in the light and looking very soft and so very fluffy, and she also had a bit of feminine charm as well.

"No way! She looks different!" He hopped off from his seat and gestured her to get down from the table, which she had done so with grace, and petted her, "She is soft too! Wow! Papa! Come in! You'll need to see this!" He called out for his father, who was browsing for items suited for dogs in another room.

He instantly appeared and was amazed at the change, "Well, now! This is quite a change! Now she's perfect as our family's dog!" The Earl kneeled and petted her head, in which Kagome had thump her tail to. He stood up and looked at the man, "You did a great job, sir-consider this as my thanks." He dropped quite a tip in the groomer's hand.

The man stuttered in shock, "Well, I-thank you very much, sir! I'm proud of how well I've done!"

The Earl nodded and led his son and the dog out of the groomer's area and into the shop, "Hmm, your dog doesn't seem to be so appreciative of that bow…" He chuckled at the sight of the dog's vain attempt to get rid of the bow with the paws, "The collar I have in mind is in a need of work so a regular collar will do for now. Vincent, go pick a collar over there, son." He instructed and Vincent nodded eagerly.

"Yes, papa!" He went off in a search of a perfect temporary collar for his new pet.

Tanaka appeared by his side and bowed to him, "Sir-I had already ordered five bags of the most Perigee dog foods there is. They should arrive by today and several toys and necessaries are currently in the bags."

"Well done, Tanaka." The Earl nodded in approval.

"Papa! I found one!" Vincent chirped out, the chosen item shone in his tiny hands. It was a thick blue leather with a silver clasp.

"It was perfect, young master!" The butler eagerly praised him and the Earl cannot help but to agree with him. Vincent grinned in victory.

With the collar purchased, it sat snugly around the canine's neck and she seemed proud, although it was probably because she no longer had the humiliating pink bow on her form. They then left the pet store slash groomer's place to get to their carriage. But it was in bit of a way.

Skipping around his new dog excitedly, Vincent couldn't help the happiness that enveloped him. He finally had his own dog, and it wasn't a normal dog. No, this dog was special! Thinking back to what happened in the alley, and the beautiful woman that the dog turned into. A blush colored his face, and he covered his face with his hands in embarrassment. It was after all the first time he had seen a woman's naked body, and plus she didn't seem to be ashamed of her nakedness.

Getting over his embarrassment, he continued his happy dance due to the fact he now had a pet to keep him company. Yeah, he had a sister, but she was too busy learning how to be a proper lady from her hired personal tutor that she never spent time with him these days. Pouting slightly at that, he then allowed another bright smile to shine through. Now he didn't have to worry about being alone with a companion to call his own. Stopping by the dog's side, he wrapped his arms around her neck while walking.

Kagome only glanced down at the child with an amused look. After all, she had no idea that saving this kid would somehow get her into a better position than she had herself in. Licking the boy's cheek, she felt a little warmth at the smile he had shot towards her. He was a very cute kid, and his smile seemed to light up his face in a way that only certain children could accomplish. Making sure she was going at a proper pace in order to keep the boy from stumbling, she continued to walk with the group as they then came to the market place.

Looking around the place, which she targeted for food during her time here in London, she couldn't help but feel very smug. She would now be able to not resort to such methods, and she had gotten away from these people each time she struck. Other dogs had tried to follow her example, but none of them were able to get away. Unlike others, she had survived in these harsh conditions, and that was something that she was proud of.

As they got further into the market place, her posture seemed to straighten out and she carried herself with an almost arrogant air. With this, she seemed to fit right in with the obvious aristocrats that were taking her in. Halfway through the market place, her instincts told her to dodge, and she moved in a way to move her and the child out of the way of the blow in her direction. Crouching low with a growl, her blue eyes landed on the man, whom she had been stealing chickens from for over a year now.

His eyes were practically blazing with rage, and in his hands was a thick stick.


Everyone seemed to stop walking to watch the scene unfold, and the plump man took a step forward to hit her with the stick. Getting ready to attack the man in retaliation, she was surprised to see the man brought to his knees by the middle-aged butler. Next to her, Vincent was holding onto her neck tightly while glaring at the impudent man.


Despite obviously being incapacitated, the man snarled at the little boy and the dog in anger. This only earned him a knee in his back, causing pain to lace down his spine at the pressure. Vincent wasn't intimidated, and a scowl formed on his cute face. No way was he going to let this man hurt or insult his dog! She was his! Right as he was going to say something else, his father stepped in front of him and blocked his view.

"I would like to ask…what exactly you thought you were doing when you attacked our dog?"

Turning his furious eyes onto the Earl, the man was let up by Tanaka, but the butler stayed next to him in case he needed to be restrained again. Brushing himself off, though it would do no good with his already stained clothes and wouldn't get any cleaner without washing. He turned towards Kagome and Vincent, before pointing his finger accusingly at the dog staring at him mockingly.


Sneering at the boy, he then turned his eyes to the man and continued,


Bringing a hand up to his chin, the Earl looked over to his son and the dog. His son was almost burning holes into the man's head from the intensity of his glare, while the dog almost seemed to be amused (?) by the man's outburst. Shaking his head at the apparently troublesome creature they were bringing home with them, he decided that he was going to diffuse the situation.

"Well…what is your name sir?"

Rubbing his wrists from the bruises that were clearly forming from the butler's grip on them, he turned his nose up at him. "My name is Vernon...Vernon Dursley*." A dark smile formed on the handsome noble's face, and he then placed a hand against his chest. "Well, my name is Caine Phantomhive…" He allowed his smile to transform into a smirk, as the man's arrogance left his large frame and his face seemed to become almost bone white.

"My dog couldn't possibly be the mutt you are referring to it as, because we had just bought it today at the pet shop…I would suggest that you no longer just attack people's pets due to you inability to take care of your booth."

People around them began muttering as the man, Vernon, seemed like he was going to pass out from fright. Caine leaned forward, and an unreadable gleam flashed through his eyes. "It would not be good for something like this to happen again, and I trust that it won't…after all, others wouldn't be as forgiving." Dropping a coin into the man's apron pocket, he patted the pocket before moving away.

"Come along, Tanaka, Vincent…I'm sure that your mother will be happy to see your new pet."

With that he walked off, and the others standing in the market place parted like the red sea. Grinning smugly at the man, Vincent gently tugged the amused dog along with him. Tanaka only nodded his head slightly, before walking after his master. As they went by the cages, Kagome snapped her jaws playfully, and the chickens seemed to all freeze in fright. Snorting, she continued on with her new master, but mentally cackled at the way the booth owner just fell on his ass.

Another score had been added on the board.

Kagome: 16

Vernon Dursley: 0

Finally after a few minutes, they were out of the market place and they were in the nice part of town. Up ahead, she noticed a very fancy carriage, and she could tell from the strong scent that it was theirs. It was obvious that this carriage was used often for their scents to be basically imprinted onto it. The door was opened by the butler, and she waited as her master's father to pick him up and placed him in the carriage. Leaping onto the foothold, she then jumped into the carriage then plopping her butt on the same cushion that the boy was sitting on.

Caine Phantomhive just stared at the strange dog for a moment, and could only sigh at the amused look that the intelligent dog was sending into his direction. Tanaka then closed the door, and climbed onto the back of the carriage while taking a hold of the reins. Not a second later, the carriage began moving and made its way out of London.

Inside the carriage Vincent was bouncing happily in his seat while his eyes watched the scenery passed by. He couldn't wait to show his mother his dog, and then his sister! Looking over at his dog, he wondered if she would ever turn into that woman again.

As if reading his thoughts, the dog turned to look at him, and he thought he saw the woman overlapped the dog for a brief second…

End of Chapter 1

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