Save a Horse…

Summary: Once again, Faith has a certain…take on a situation. WARNING: Dawn/Firenze 'ship.

Warning: It's Faith; of course there's language and innuendo.

Timeline: post season 5 'The Gift'. AU in that Faith didn't go evil, or redeemed herself after she woke up…anyway, she was there for the fight with Glory.

Disclaimer: BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. Harry Potter characters belong to JK Rowling. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

When she and B got to the top of the tower to save lil' D, Faith had no way of knowing the three of them would end up in this freaky-ass world where they used honest-to-goodness wands to do magick.

Then there were all the magical creatures that really existed – at least to the Wizarding World. Nothing happened to her or B, but somehow lil' D was transformed into a centaur and declared she was happy about it…after she met a studly guy centaur named Firenze.

B didn't allow anything to come of the attraction until a few years later, when not-so-lil'-anymore D turned 17 – and therefore an adult in this world – then gave her blessing…after she threatened to turn Firenze into glue if he hurt her sister.

It wasn't until Buffy and her accidentally walked into the 'bedroom' area of Firenze's part of the Forbidden Forest that they learned just how centaurs mated. Of course, Faith had a comment for the situation, "Save a horse, ride a-"

Buffy cut her off, mortified at what she just witnessed of her baby sister, "So help me, Faith, if you finish that sentence, I'll tell that Minister guy, Fudge, that you want to get freaky with him and Umbitch!"

Not many things could make her shudder, but getting pelvic with either of those definitely topped the list, much less both of them. Faith wisely shut her mouth and walked away.

A/N: This comes to you, courtesy of some comments in the TtH forums.