This is a story based on a conversation two friends had that I happened to come across. I would like to link to the art and conversation here: .com/art/SPN-Dean-and-Cass-plus-7-179748895 . They were kind enough to lend their ideas to me. Thanks Invisibleheros and Onlyobsessive

Bobby has lent the boys and their… company his place while he spends some time with Crowley in the Bahamas. After a few days of pranking each other, steamy late night sessions between both parties, and just general house wreckage, they get bored.

So Sam and Gabriel go out for the day. Dean doesn't want to know where they are or what they are up to, but it does give him an opportunity to be alone with his angel.

"Cas? What the hell are you doing?"

"I wished to present you with a surprise… I don't think it went right, however."

"Went right? Cas, the kitchen is covered with sugar, and is that butter on your face?"

"It seems the mixer was more powerful than I had previously anticipated."

"The mixer was more pow… Wait, were you cooking for me?"

"Sam said you liked pie, so I found a recipe that seemed acceptable. I was about to … cream the butter and sugar with an electric beater. The outcome is evidently less than desirable. I apologise, Dean."

Dean looked softly into the downtrodden angel's eyes. It seemed no matter how high he built his 'macho man defences' Cas' natural puppy eye look could break them down as efficiently as Sam's trained look.

"C'mere Cas."

"Yes, Dean."

Dean pulled the angel closer and wrapped his muscular arms around him. Cas tightened the embrace and pushed his slightly chapped lips against the hunter's trained pair.

"Forgive me?"

"Was never angry."

Dean playfully licked the butter off his relieved partner's face, and was very pleased with the highly unholy noise that elicited out of the darker haired man's mouth.

"Perhaps we had better leave the kitchen."

Cas smiles and begins to lead Dean towards the couch. He pulls himself up towards the plump and slightly bruised lips once again and suckles slowly on the bottom lip. Dean moans in a way that makes Cas' cock harden. Dean's hands roam from his lover's head, over milky, firm skin, down towards his ass, which he grips with sudden fervour. Bucking his hips wildly, Cas bites with sudden determination on his hunter's neck, after which he soothes the skin with his soft and skilled tongue. He then ghosts over Dean's torso, down to his hips, removes the boxers covering the obvious hard-on that Cas had caused Dean. With one deft move Cas swallowed the entire length with swift precision and skill, obviously used to this. Dean's moans filled the room, and the temperature rose by a few degrees every time the two men touched each other.

Dean crawled away from Cas' grasp, and reversed positions with his angel. Now covering him with his body, he pulls Cas' hips closer to him before capturing those plump lips yet again. Their tongues battled for dominance and Dean won. Using this to his advantage he explored the cavern of Cas' mouth with expertise.

Suddenly, he realised something was very wrong. The perfect creation writhing below him was wearing far too many clothes. Pulling the white shirt off his head, Dean swiftly moved down to the nipples that were now pebbled in arousal. Licking, suckling, biting, anything and everything to make his lover feel over the edge.

"Dean, You… ungh… Cock… Now."

Dean smirked, before reaching slowly down and teasingly removing the trousers covering his lover's raging hard on. Cas, however, was getting impatient. Which was evident when both of their remaining clothing vanished with a simple click.

"Whoa, easy tiger. That's unfair."

"Fill me before I send you to the Bahamas with Crowley."

Hearing this Dean hastily pulled some lube out of the drawer next to the couch. He went to stretch Cas, when he shook his head.

"That's already been taken care of, Dean."

Dean chuckled. He smeared the lubricant onto his own member, before pushing into his dark haired angel. The moans could be heard throughout the hotel as they pushed and thrust together. Working up a rhythm, Dean soon found Cas' prostate. Everything went white as Cas spasmed around Dean's length. A few more thrusts and Cas came with a scream laced with his true voice. Dean was soon to follow, and they curled up next to each other in pure bliss.

After a few minutes Dean spoke.

"You're getting better and better at this, Cas. You must have a good teacher."

"I do not understand, Dean. I learnt how to fornicate while giving you high amounts of pleasure, as you do to me. I have only ever copulated with you, so that statement insinuates that I learnt from you, as you are the only person I have ever… oh. Vanity is a sin, Dean."

"But where would I be without my charming arrogance?"

Cas just gave him a quizzical look, when a stork flew in the hotel window, and dropped a small baby girl into Dean's hands.

"Here is your child. Treat her well," said the stork as he swivelled around to Dean, who had a rather comical look on his face. You could say it was a cross between surprise, fear, and protectiveness.

"Dude, I think you've made a mistake…"

"Even if I had, which I haven't, she needs a home. You'll do fine."

The stork flew out the window with a mere shrug once it had certified that they were the appropriate parents.

"What the hell! How did we get a kid?"

"Isn't it obvious, Dean? We didn't use protection."

Dean's jaw dropped in surprise, but before he could intervene Cas spoke, with a pleading undertone and those puppy eyes that we mentioned earlier.

"Dean, can we please keep her?"

"Cas. Do you think we're ready for the responsibility of a baby?"

"Please Dean?"

Dean sighed. How could he hold out? It was, after all, his daughter.

"Cas, if it'll make you happy, then I suppose so. But we can't keep hunting if that's the case, ok?"

"Yay! Thankyou Dean. We shall name her Gabriella, after my brother."

"No way in hell am I naming a poor innocent baby after HIM!"

"Well thanks for that!"

Dean, startled, turned towards Gabriel and Sam, who had appeared a few moments beforehand.

"Thanks for the kind offer, little bro, but I don't think mommy would like it very much."


"I don't understand why you are so upset at such a compliment. After all, you raised Sam with a mothers unconditional love."

"I… ahh… I was being a good big brother. Not father, not… mother…"

"It does not seem to be similar with other brothers. I would have to say the closest comparison would be maternal."

"You hear that Sammy! Dean-o's your mom!"

"Gabe, can we just let the two squabble about the baby, get the lube and go."

"Sorry kiddo, I forgot about that. Hold on a moment."

Gabriel flicked his wrist and the lube flew off the bedside table. Before he left with Sam, though, he formed a cherry and gave it to the temporarily un-named baby to play with.

"With parents like that, your life is going to be interesting… and filled with brothers and sisters pretty quickly. If you ever need help, just call for Uncle Gabe."

With that they materialised out of the hotel room and Cas went to remove the cherry from his child's mouth before she choked. He was shocked, however, when she seemed to have taken to the cherry and was looking at it with her big, blue eyes.

"Dean, what about Cherry?"


"Cherry. She appears to like the food, and you could relate it to the pie, so it would be feasible to bestow upon her that particular name."

"Yeah… Cherry. Cherry Winchester, unless you have a last name."

"I do, but it is unpronounceable to the human tongue. Cherry Winchester is pleasant."

And that is how the first of the children of Dean and Cas came to be. She is probably the best behaved of all, and has bright blue eyes like Daddy Cas, and dirty blonde hair like Daddy Dean.

I thank the gods it's done! First chapter's up! Woot! Hope to have the next one up soon.