Chapter 4

Her blouse was on the floor. Beth's lips on her stomach. The distant sounds of Seinfeld reruns echoing down the staircase.

Quinn Fabray seated in front of the television in nothing more than a silk dressing gown just downstairs. Her stomach lurched as she remembered the image.

"Beth?" Rachel asked suddenly, her hands gripping the comforter. "What time does your mother usually go to bed?"

Beth looked up at her strangely, raising a blonde eyebrow. "Umm, I don't know? When she feels like it?"

Satisfied with her response, Beth leant down to continue planting hot kisses to Rachel's navel before slipping up and kissing Rachel's neck heatedly.

"Is it usually her routine to watch old sitcoms before she sleeps?"

Beth sighed and looked up once again, "Rach, can you not talk about my mom when we're making out? It's kind of a turnoff"

"Right" Rachel nodded, "Sorry"

Beth's hands trailed up her torso and rested just below her breasts. Rachel's breath hitched as Beth undid the clasp at the back. Beth pressed a reassuring kiss to Rachel lips before pulling the bra off Rachel body. Beth's pupils widened, full of lust

"God, Rach" She moaned, lifting her hands to cup them, "You're so fucking hot"

Rachel jumped slightly at Beth's cold hands on her nipples, and images of Quinn flitted through her mind. It had been two weeks since she first let Beth touch them and Beth had made sure that they were well tended too every time they saw each other. She let out a groan which Beth interpreted as encouraging. It was going to be a long night.

The house was still. Rachel stared up into the blackness, feeling the green light of Beth's alarm clock light her face. 12:00. Midnight. She had a ballet lesson in nine hours. A lesson that she would skip at Beth's insistence.

Lacing her fingers atop her stomach, Rachel wondered when her life had become a series of 'What Beth wants'.

A halt in Beth's steady breathing caught her attention for a few seconds. Beth squirmed and rolled onto her side, exhaling heavily against Rachel's cheek. Rachel swung her legs over Beth's bed and sat up, deciding to wander into the kitchen and pour herself a glass of water.

Creeping quietly down the staircase, Rachel stopped at the bottom, frowning as she heard the distinct sounds of television. She peered her head into the living room, her heart racing at what she saw.

"Rachel?" Quinn muted the TV and looked up, her hand pulling her dressing gown closer to her body.

"M-ms Fabray" Rachel stuttered, her hand grasping the door frame tightly.

Quinn smiled gently, "It's Quinn"

"Right" Rachel stammered, "Sorry"

"What are you still doing up?" Quinn asked.

"I couldn't sleep" Rachel answered honestly, "I thought I'd come down and get some water"

Quinn gestured in front of her to a large jug of water, settled on the coffee table, "Help yourself," At the look on Rachel's face, she smiled, "I couldn't sleep either"

Rachel moved forward, very conscious of Quinn's eyes on her. She reached for a cup and a glass next to the jug. "What are you watching?" She found herself asking.

"Forensic Files" Quinn said, "I know it's morbid, but it's interesting, y'know? I kind of have a thing for crime investigation"

Rachel looked over, a flurry of excitement washing over her, "No, me too. I just watched a documentary on the Washington Snipers"

"I saw that" Quinn said, seemingly as excited as Rachel was that they had something in common. "It's all so interesting" She looked away absent-mindedly, "Kind of the reason I wanted to be a lawyer"

"Why didn't you?" Rachel blurted out, "Become a lawyer?"

Quinn reached over to her left and picked up a photo frame, holding it out to Rachel. "I decided I wanted to keep Beth" She said simply, as Rachel took the frame, "And raising a baby while studying to be a lawyer? I just couldn't do it"

Rachel stared down at the picture, what looked like a two-year-old Beth dressed in a tiny sailor suit with a blue and white striped hat on her head.

She handed the picture back and Quinn ran her finger down the side of it, "She has my mother's eyes" Quinn smiled fondly, "She's lucky. I always wanted blue eyes"

"I think you have beautiful eyes" Rachel whispered before she could stop herself. Quinn's head whipped towards her and Rachel inwardly cursed.

Quinn stared at her, her golden eyes searching within Rachel's, unaware of what she was looking for. Rachel didn't move, and held her breath, Quinn's gaze to intense too break. Quinn's eyes flicked from her eyes down to her lips and then up again before Quinn was ripping her eyes away and standing abruptly, "I have to go to bed" She said suddenly, avoiding Rachel's gaze. "Uhh… goodnight… Rachel"

She moved quickly out of the living room, flicking the TV off and dropping the remote onto the couch. Rachel breathed heavily as she watched Quinn climb the staircase and fell back against the couch. What the hell had just happened?

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