Tied To The Bed.

By. Kennedy's Friday Night Delight.

A/N: Totally inspired by the match that the Guns had during Reaction against Gen Me. Thanks to TJ Sparkles for listening to my babble again and helping me out when I got stuck on it. I only own Ajay. Apart of Naughty And Nice Series.

"Hey Pix did you know about that?" James asked pointing out the match that was getting ready to start. Ajay turned as she was finishing getting ready for what she had to do that night. Her jaw steeled as angry tears welled up in her eyes. "Twin?" AJ asked going over to her. Ajay held up her hand and shook her head no. AJ sighed and sat back down.

Ajay tapped her eyeliner in the palm of her hand before she sat it down, she turned and fluffed her bangs out. "Ohh, Sabin better watch himself. Ajay is on the warpath." Bobby mused. "Drop dead Robert." Ajay stated, "I will be back." with that the Canadian Heartbreaker walked out of Fourtune's locker room.

Her heart pounding angrily against her chest, Chris told that he wasn't screwing around with Velvet. But what she saw happen in the ring, didn't look like nothing. Alex came backstage first. He saw the look on her face and went and stood behind her. Chris froze once he came back with Velvet and Jay who scooted away. "Hi babe." "Don't hi babe me Joshua." Chris cringed hearing his real name coming for her.

"What the hell was that?" "What?" Ajay pointed her finger at Velvet then at Chris, "That." "Nothing." "It sure the fuck didn't look like nothing." "Oh so I can't flirt with Velvet but you can go bang Alex every chance you get." "I don't bang Alex every chance I get. And I sure the fuck don't throw it in your face." Chris rolled his eyes as Velvet shifted nervously as she stood there, "But sweetheart you do throw it in my face." "Whatever Chris, be a dumb asshole." Ajay muttered before she turned on her heel and walked away.

"ASHTON! WAIT!" Velvet called following after Ajay who was making her way towards the locker room again. Ajay span around and glared at her, "Why so you can tell you aren't fucking around with my fiancé? When you clearly are. I thought we were suppose to be friends" Velvet flinched away from her, "I am sorry."

"I am sorry. that's all I hear now a days. That and Ajay you are slut for being with both Chris and Alex." Ajay said before she shook her head, " I am done hearing excuses. Just for awhile stay the hell away from me." Velvet nodded her head as Ajay walked away instead of going to the locker room, she kept walking finding an empty hallway and pulling herself up on the crate and pulling her knees up to her chest.

Alex after cutting the promo with Gen Me went to find Ajay. He walked briskly though the halls finally finding her sitting on the crate. "Hey.' he said just loud enough for her to hear him. She lifted her head up from her knees, "Hi." he walked over to the crate and pulled her to the end of it and kissed her. He pulled back when she only halfheartedly kissed him. "What's wrong?' he asked pressing his forehead against hers.

Instead of answering him, she kissed him softly. He kissed her back hoping this time she showed him something. This time she did, she let him step between her legs and put his hands on either side of her face. She pressed her fingers into his back, "Lex," she muttered as he trailed his lips down to her neck. "Hmm?" "Make me forget about earlier." she whispered. Alex pulled back and smirked and pulled her into the first empty locker room.

After locking the door he turned to Ajay who was sitting on the couch already. He went over and pushed her to where she was laying down on the couch. He hovered over her kissing her, using her free hand to run over her chest. Ajay arched to his touch and gripped his bicep in her hand.

Alex walked her back to Fourtune's locker room after they had a mini playtime. He pecked her lips one final time and smacked her ass before she went into the locker room. Max and Jeremy Buck exchanged a look upon seeing that and smirked, they could use that to their advantage. And use it they would.

"Ajay are you okay?" Robert asked seeing the messed up hair of his ex wife. Ajay smirked and nodded her head, "I am just fine Robert.' "Then why is your hair all mussed up?" AJ asked, 'I know that you hate anyone touching your hair." Again the Canadian smirked and shrugged her shoulders before turning to go fix her hair in the mirror. "Damn it Shell." She muttered seeing the hickey he had left on her neck.

"What was that?" Frankie asked. "Mind ya business Frankie." Ajay stated covering up the hickey on her neck. She turned back around when Ric started talking. "You little missy are coming with me ringside tonight." Ajay mocked saluted him, "You got it Ric." "Try and not beat Frankie stupid." "Ric I wouldn't be beating him stupid, he is already stupid and ugly. I would just worsen the condition." Ajay giggled, "you know I keep on telling Traci to leave his dumbass but she won't listen to me. All brawn, no brains and no sex appeal." "WHY I outta!' Frankie said going towards Ajay as James stepped in front of her to hold her back.

"Kaz. Chill out." AJ stated, "She is just trying to get under your skin." "I would rather be under his skin then under him." "Freaking pussy." Ajay muttered as she turned back around to make sure her hair was prefect. James started laughing as he turned around and leaned against the counter next to her. "So I take you and Alex had some hanky panky." "JIMMY!" she scowled. James laughed and handed her his beer. She took a swig of it and handed it back.

"So wait, you are so screwing around with some one? That isn't Sabin" Frankie asked. "What's a matter Frankie?" James asked putting his arm around Ajay who stole his beer and went to finish it off, "Are you just that the Canadian Heartbreaker won't give you the time of day? Like she has given Chris, Alex, Petey and myself." "And don't forget me." Robert piped up causing Ajay to roll her eyes, "I try to block that out of my memory thanks" James looked at Frankie, "Back off, she will just kick your ass again and you know you don't want Ric seeing that."

Chris stood outside of Fourtune's locker room, he knew he had to make it right with Ajay. She was right she never once threw her whole thing with Alex in his face. He knocked on the door and Doug answered the door. The British man turned back into the locker room. "Ashton love its for you." he said causing Ajay to stand up and walk over to the door. She put her hand on the door and stared at him.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" he asked, seeing AJ, James, Doug and Ric all looking on interested, "Without them around." Ajay turned to look at Ric. "Go, meet me at the tunnel." Ajay nodded her head before she stepped out of the locker room. Chris took her hand in his and tugged her down the hall. Once they were out of sight, he stopped and looked down on her. "I am sorry for not telling you about her being our partner and doing what I did in the ring. I know that you don't throw it in my face. And I shouldn't throw it in yours." Chris said honestly.

Ajay chewed on the inside of her cheek as she stared up at him, "I forgive you just this time though. Don't do it again." Chris smiled and kissed her. Ajay pulled back after a few minutes. "Are you really having a empty arena match with no rules?" she asked. Chris nodded his head, "Those punk bitches need to learn a lesson." Ajay nodded her head, her body filling with nervousness already. "Don't worry babe, we will be fine." Ajay nodded again.

Alex smiled seeing Ajay come into the room with Chris. 'Hey Ajay." He greeted. "Hi Skunky." "Everything good now?" Chris nodded his head as Ajay took a seat and let her head rest against the couch. Chris went into to the bathroom, Alex went over to where Ajay was resting her eyes. "Are you going to let me handcuff you?" He asked lowly trailing his fingers over the handcuff necklace she had on and then dipped them lower grazing the top of her breast.

"Hmm. Maybe." Ajay answered before pulling her phone out. "What?" he asked seeing the look on her face. "Eric needs me. I will see you guys after the show." she answered before she turned and pecked his lips. "Chris, I have to go, I will be back!' "Okay. Love you." "Love you too." Alex smirked and mouth "Kind of love you." "Kind of love you too." She mouthed back before she left the guns locker room.

Gen Me spotted the Canadian as she was coming out of Eric's office a smirk on her face. Max and Jeremy grabbed her and forced her between them. "Hello Ashton." Max greeted as his brother started running his fingers across her bare back and trailing down. "What the hell do you want?" Ajay asked cringing feeling the fingers trailing down her back. She was thank God that her corset cover more of her back.

"Well we have seen you looking at us." Max started as his hand moved from her neck towards her chest. "And we know like you to have fun with Alex." Jeremy picked up where his brother left off grabbing a hand full of her ass. "We thought you could have fun with us too." Max mused. Ajay hit him, "How about no junior!" "What? Why not? Everyone knows you are a slut. Face it Cage, you are exactly like that sleaze ball that you claim as your brother Edge and his skank ex girlfriend Lita. You three are EASY!" Max stated going into kiss her. Her fist popped out and hit him again before she drove her elbow in into his brother's stomach. "You messed with the wrong bitch." she muttered before she stormed away.

"Ajay?' Alex called seeing the upset Canadian walking past him. She turned around tears in her eyes, "I am a slut?' she asked. "What? No. Who told you that?" Alex asked pulling her into his arms as Chris walked up to them. "Babe? What's wrong?" "Someone called her a slut." Alex answered. "Who?" the older Gun asked. "Gen Me." "WHAT!' Both guns asked. "Yeah, they got me right as I walking out of Eric's office. They were all over me, touching me and trying to kiss me." Ajay answered as tears streamed down her face, "they wanted me to get with them. Like I was with you guys." Chris hugged her along with Alex who hugged her tighter. They both exchanged a look nodding their heads.

"Babe, I don't want you here when we go down for the match." "What? Why not?" she asked. "Because you don't need to see the match honey. I just want you to go home and relax okay. We will handle it." Chris answered wiping away some of her tears. "I don't want to go." Ajay whimpered. Chris looked over at Alex begging him to help him. "Baby, please for us go home. We want you safe, we know that you want to beat the shit out of them for what they did to you. We don't want to worry about you when we are out there okay?" Ajay sighed and nodded her head as Fourtune joined them. Douglas pulled out a hanky and handed it to her.

"What happened love?" He asked kindly. "Run in with Gen Me." she answered wiping her eyes. "What happened?" James asked. "Told me I was easy and called me a slut. And told me since I am fooling around with both members of the guns that I should give it up to them." "Where are those punks?" AJ asked steamed looking around the surrounding area. "Probably still pulling themselves up. I punched the cow looking one in the face and elbowed the other one." Ajay answered before she shook her head and handed the hanky back to Doug who smiled at her.

"Is it time Natch?" "Yes.' "Be careful." Both guns chimed. Fourtune laughed hearing that. "Come on guys, it's me, I am always careful." Ajay stated as she kissed both guns. "Makeup is good yeah?" she asked. AJ studied her face for a second and nodded his head.

Once Ajay and the Nature boy were out of sight. The guns turned to James, "can you make sure she gets to her car. We don't want her want watching the match." 'Give them hell for us." James said as he nodded his head, Robert, AJ and Doug nodded their heads in agreement.

"Today is so not a good day." Ajay muttered to herself as James landed the mats next to her. She had taken a fall from the ring apron when Morgan pushed her. "You okay Pix?" "Yeah you?" 'Yeah. Doug." "I know I saw." Ajay stated. The remaining members of Fourtune got backstage. Seeing her two boy standing there she made her way over to them and hugged them. "Please, please be careful." "We will don't worry.' Chris assured her.

She nodded her head once before she got pulled away to pre tape Fourtune's segment of Reaction. After they finished the segment and Ajay gathered her stuff up. James walked her out to the car. "Don't worry Pix, I am staying and watching it we will make sure that they aren't too hurt." he assured. Ajay nodded her head before she hugged him, "Thanks Jimmy." "You are welcome.' He said before he kissed her forehead then her lips.

Ajay got home and paced around her bedroom before she got an idea in her head. She picked up her phone and sent a text out. Now it was time to get herself gussied up for the upcoming Playtime.