The Nargles in the Air

A Harry Potter fic by Andrew J. Talon

Edited by The_EroSennin

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of J. K. Rowling, Warner Brothers and others who are not me. I am not writing this for profit.

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Warning: In case you haven't figured this out by now, this is a LEMON FANFICTION, which has graphic depictions of sexual behavior between two consulting adults… Sort of. So don't say I didn't warn you because I totally did.

Harry was in a good mood. A fantastic mood, actually. He had a sexy, wonderful girlfriend and he was learning about how Voldemort had become so evil, which might actually pan out in finding a way to defeat him. Well, that was the most likely reason for Dumbledore taking him through those pensieve memories of Tom Riddle's family and life. It's not like he was just doing it to waste his time.

Well, hopefully he wasn't wasting his time.

"Do you think it's a waste of time? All I've learned is that Voldemort was apparently conceived without love," Harry said to Luna, as they were sitting on a bench near the lake.

"Well…" Luna paused and waved with Harry at Hagrid, who was dragging a large cart of meat towards the forest, "Well, perhaps this means his weakness is love?"

"Yeah, but I already knew that," Harry said, looking annoyed. "What am I supposed to do, hug him to death?"

"Probably not unless you could get him from behind," Luna replied, looking thoughtful. "That would require you to be able to sneak up on him. Like a ninja."

"Not sure where I could get ninja training," Harry sighed.

"Perhaps you could ask Dumbledore? Surely someone so old has to have run into a ninja at some point," Luna suggested.

"What makes you say that?" Harry asked.

"Well, the more time one has had to live on the Earth, the more likely it is for one to come into contact with a ninja," Luna surmised. "After all, living longer probably increases your chances."

Harry nodded thoughtfully. "You're right, though I'm not sure where he could have encountered them."

"Harry... I'd like you to join me at the Room of Requirement. And wish it to become a classroom, and yourself to be a professor."

Harry blinked at her, confused, but gave her a nod. "Oh, alright."

"Good," Luna said with a smile. "See you there after dinner." She kissed his cheek and got up, walking away from the rock by the lake. Harry followed her with his eyes and smiled. He looked down to gather up his things, but then noticed something extra. He picked it up.

"Hmm…" She looked back at Luna's parting form, and then back at the Kama Sutra. With a smile, he opened it up and began reading, looking for something to surprise his girlfriend with later that night. After all, she had done research for him. It was only fair he did the same for her.

After dinner, Harry arrived at the Room of Requirement. As prescribed, he walked back and forth three times, imagining a Hogwarts classroom to his specifications, and an appropriate set of clothes. He then opened the door and stepped inside, taking in the atmosphere.

The Room was now a very nice Hogwarts classroom with all sorts of artifacts on display and large windows letting in sunlight. A clean wooden floor and high ceilings contributed to a wonderful open feeling, and with the Quidditch pitch in the windows the room seemed perfect. Harry couldn't help a grin. Despite everything, there was wonder left in the world of magic for him.

He walked over to the desk. A very nice suit with badass robes waited for him on it. He picked them up and looked them over with a smile.

"How nice..." He changed into his new vestments quickly, tucking his other clothing into a handy wardrobe. There was a knock on the door

"Ah, enter." Harry allowed, turning to face his guest.

Luna entered, in a slightly modified Hogwarts school uniform. The skirt was slightly shorter, the vest tighter, and the stockings slightly shorter, showing off more skin. Her hair was in pigtails

"Hello Professor Potter. I hope I'm not late," Luna said apologetically. She tried to blow a bubblegum bubble, pushing it to an impressive size before it popped in her face. "Bugger."

She pulled the gum off her lips and resumed chewing it, then walked over to the desk at the front of the room and sat down in front of Harry.

"You wanted to see me about my grades?"

Harry, and by extension Harry's libido, both liked very, very much where this was going. However, Harry was able to maintain intellectual control of himself-The libido was perfectly fine with this new concept of thinking through sex, so long as sex occurred.

Hey, it wasn't exactly picky.

"Yes. You're in danger of failing my class," Harry informed her, leaning back against his desk.

Luna managed to look perturbed... For her anyway, while still blowing bubblegum bubbles.

"I am? But I thought my paper on Snorkack breeding habits was very well done," she protested quite calmly.

"It was, but there's still the matter of your other assignments and your tardiness in returning them. I'm afraid if this keeps up, I'll have to fail you and you'll have to take Summer Courses."

"Oh no. That would be very unfortunate. I'm going Snorkack hunting again over the summer, and I can't keep up with my studies while exploring," Luna informed him. Harry's eyes roamed her body, but she paid it no mind. "What can I do to improve my grades?"

"Well, that depends on how willing you are to work for them, Miss Lovegood," Harry said with a smile that bordered on the lecherous. That got a reaction out of Luna-A very slight shiver, though to her credit she maintained her character.

"I am willing to put in whatever effort is required, Professor," Luna informed him with a perfectly innocent look. Combined with her new attire and the overall effect made his girlfriend level up from "hot" past "shaggable" and right up to "Hit that with the fist of an angry GOD".

He pushed himself from his desk and walked over to her, wearing a wry smile. Luna watched him, blowing another bubble. It popped in her face, and she licked it back up all the while looking him in the eyes.

Harry rested his hands on her desk, before leaning forward to kiss her.

"... Mmm..."

Harry deepened the kiss, his tongue diving into her mouth only briefly before he slowly pulls away.

"Hmmm..." She licked her lips. Harry chewed on the gum, and then blew his own bubble. Luna in turn tilted her head curiously.

"If you just wanted my gum, you could have asked."

"I just wanted your mouth clear," Harry said. He reached down and unzipped his pants. "If you're going to pass in my class, you'll have to do more than share gum."

"Oh... I see, Professor," she nodded. "What do you want me to do first?"

Harry really had to resist saying "an oral presentation" as he pulled out his cock. "Service me orally, Miss Lovegood."

Luna nodded, got down onto her knees, and then shyly wrapped her lips around the head of his prick.

"Mmmph..." Luna moaned softly around his thick member, and Harry in turn sighed.


She swirled her tongue around his cock, and took him deeper into her mouth. Her hands stayed in her lap, like a good girl's would, as she began to bob her head back and forth along his pole.

"Mmng... Mmngh... Mmph..." Luna made wonderful sounds around his cock, and Harry let out a satisfied "Ah" as he caressed her head from the top to the back, before grabbing her pigtails firmly.

"Gnngh..." He then pushed forward, feeding his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She hummed, and tightened the seal of her lips around his shaft

"Ahh..." He pulled back, and then with a tighter grip on her pigtails began to fuck her mouth.

"Glungh... Gllngh... Gllngh..." Her face gained a dark, cute blush, and she moaned softly around his cock as her tongue slathered it as best she could.

"You have quite the mouth... Mmm...Miss Lovegood..." Harry managed to say, and fucked her mouth harder. Luna was happily submissive and tilted her head back on his thrusts, letting him get down even deeper.

"" He sped up, panting loudly as he drew close to orgasm. When he finally did go over, he pulled back and allowed his seed to flood her mouth.

"Gnngh... Hhhsss..." She exhaled through her nose with a cute wheeze, and her eyes became half-lidded as she enjoyed the taste. Harry slowly pulled out of her mouth, and tilted her face up with the grip he had on her pigtails.

"Show me, Miss Lovegood."

Luna opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, revealing the remnants of his cum on it. "Haaa~…"

"Good, now swallow," Harry ordered. She gulped it down, and licked her lips clean. Through her vest, he could make out the tiny nubs of her nipples poking out, and he felt the exhilaration of his power over her grow.

"Mmm... Is that all, Professor?" Luna asked softly, her breath tickling his cock as she exhaled.

"Mm..." He gestured for her to rise to her feet, his gaze moving down to her breasts. "No, not quite. Remove your vest and open your blouse, Miss Lovegood."

She obediently rose to her feet, and very slowly unbuttoned her vest. Once undone, she then pulled open the blouse, revealing what he suspected-A total lack of a bra.

"They're quite large, Miss Lovegood," Harry complimented her.

"Thank you Professor," Luna replied. He sat on another desk, eyes locked onto her freed bosom.

"Fondle yourself," he commanded.

"Hnn... Yes Professor," Luna sighed softly. She reached up and squeezed her breasts, before she began to rub her tits together. She looked down demurely, eyes focused entirely on her tits as she rubbed, squeezed and jiggled them. "Mm..."

Harry exhaled softly, transfixed by the sight. God, she was just so hot… And adding onto the thrill was that she was doing this at his command. He had the power… It was just something totally new to him.

"Haa..." Luna pinched her nipples and tugged lightly on them, biting her lower lip. She looked up at him as she did, her eyes dark. "Nngh..."

" you enjoy tugging on them like that?" Harry asked quietly. Luna nodded.

"Yes Professor..." She lifted one breast, and lowered her lips to her nipple. Her eyes peeking out from under her lashes, she contracted her lips around her teat and sucked, hard. "Mmph..."

"God...Miss Lovegood..." Harry whispered, his cock springing fully erect as any spare blood not directed to his loins blushed on his cheeks. Luna saw this, and her own blush deepened as she continued to suckle herself.


"That's enough, Miss Lovegood," Harry ordered. "Turn around and place your hands on the desk, with feet apart."

Luna released her breast and nodded. "Yes, Professor Potter..." She turned around and obeyed, pushing her ass up enticingly. Rising from the desk, Harry strolled over to her and lifted her skirt, revealing her blue and bronze-striped panties. He sucked in a breath.

"Oh yes...this is a fantastic bum..." He hissed. Cupping his hand, he gave her right buttock a good, hard swat, and bit down a grunt as he watched it jiggle slightly from the impact.

"AHN!" She cried out. Harry paused for a second and looked up at her. The impulse to spank her had arisen-Probably something out of a magazine, many were passed around the dorm magic and Muggle-but he hadn't thought about her reaction.

Luna looked over her shoulder, bit her lower lip, and then pushed her bottom out. She whimpered, almost silently begging for another. That made his heart race faster. He switched hands, and delivered another hard smack to the other cheek, the smack echoing in the room.

"Ah-Ahn!" She trembled and moaned. "Ohhwah..." She bowed her head and panted for breath.

Harry knelt down, and buried his face between those perfect buttocks, nuzzling her sex. She was dripping wet, fluid running down her inner thighs, and Harry found the aroma of her musk to be the best thing he'd ever smelled.

"Hwahnn..." Luna moaned again when he licked the damp spot of her panties, before he yanked them down and went down on her from behind. "H-Haaa...! Ahhh... Pr-Professorrr...!"

He licked at her folds, and then nipped and tugged on them lightly, before pushing his tongue as deep as it could into her pussy. She tasted as good as she smelled, and Harry let out a little moan as Luna did the same.

"Uhhh...! Pr-Professor! I-It-It feels good...!" She managed softly.

"Mmm..." He ate her out eagerly for what felt like a long time, stoking her hotter, and hotter, while purposefully avoiding her clit. She had left him the book, after all, and after the library incident Harry had wanted to return the favor… His way.

"Ohhhh...!" She whined cutely, and reached down to touch her clit. However, Harry had the authority and he wanted to keep it. So he smacked her ass very hard.

"AAAHN!" She became a lot wetter at this, and her pussy lips fluttered. She was close, very close.

"Mm..." He thus went to town, and began licking and swirling his tongue around her clit, drawing forth pleas and whines from Luna's pouty lips.

"Uhh... Uhhh... Pr-Professor...! P-Pleassse...!"

He then lightly bit down on her clit, and tugged on it between his teeth.

"AHHH! AHH! AAHHH!" She came hard, squirting all over his face and glasses in salvos accompanied by her shrieks.

"Mmm..." He drank what he could, though she had still left his entire face glistening with her juices.

"Ahhhn~... Ahh... Ahhh..." Luna panted softly, bowing her head and resting it on the desk. After giving her clit a final nip, Harry moved up and gently kissed her left buttock before biting into it gently and letting out a growl.

"Nnn... M-My bottom... Haa... I-I have to sit on it..." She protested softly.

"I'm sorry, Miss Lovegood, you have such a tantalizing arse, I could not resist," he said in a husky and not in the least apologetic tone. He smacked the other buttock, hard.

"AH!" She cried again. He gave a broad lick where he smacked her, before standing up over her.

"Nnngh..." She trembled and looked back over her shoulder at him.

"Are you ready Miss Lovegood? We're almost through with your extra credit..." He lined up, and shoved his cock inside her, burying it to the hilt without hesitation. He closed his eyes and groaned happily at her familiar hot tightness, drawing him in deeper even this far into her.

"Ahnngh...!" She let out a sexy cry, and shoved her hips back against his "Y-Yessss...! I-I'll do whatever it takes... I'm all yours...!"

He rested his hands on her shoulders and began pounding her with abandon, hips smacking hard and loud against her reddened ass at a relentless clip.

"V-Very good, Miss Lovegood...haa...haa...haa...very good...!"

"Ahh... Ahh... Ahh..." She whimpered and gripped the edge of the desk. Her pussy was slick, and sucked on his cock every time he pulled back. She pressed her forehead against the cool wood of the desk and panted loudly as she was plowed, a smile coming over her lips.

"Hnn...hnn...hnn...hnnn..." He smiled back as he listened to her loud panting, and focused on its timing to keep from going off. Luna's fantastic oral service had helped in keeping him from cumming again so quickly, but with a girl like her, it was tough to resist. "Excellent Miss Lovegood, you are entirely too fuckable...!"

"Haa...! Haa...! Haaa...! Th-Thank you Professorrr...!"

He gripped her pigtails, and tugged on them as he railed into her, picking up speed.

"Haa! Haa! Haa! Haa!"

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahhhaaa!" She fluttered around him and gasped loudly. "AH! Hee! Heeennnnyyyaaahhhh!" Luna's orgasm blasted through her again, resulting in her squeezing tightly around him as she cried out and soaked his balls with her juices.

"Hn! Nnhh...are you cumming hard...Miss Lovegood?" He buried himself to the hilt to enjoy her hard clenching, taking deep breaths as the sweat dripped down the sides of his face.

"Y-Yes! Yes! Cumming!" She smiled broadly, a bit of drool hanging from the corner of her mouth. Keeping himself inside her, he jerked his hips, stirring himself around inside her taut interior. Harry then pulled back and then began fucking her, speeding up as he focused this time on his own release.

"Haa...haa...haa...haa...haa...!" He gasped faster with his thrusts, before letting out an animal-like growl and slamming his hips to hers as he reached a nigh-crippling orgasm. "L-Luna...!"

Luna let out another whimper, and had to put most of her weight on the desk. Otherwise her weak knees would have sent her crashing to the floor.

"Hnn... Hnn... Hnn..." She looked weakly over her shoulder and gave him an adorable and sexy open-mouthed smile.

"Haaa... Do I pass... Professor...?"

He smacked her ass again, one more time. "With flying colors, Miss Lovegood… Haa…"

She winced, but her smile didn't falter. "Hnn…" Pulling out of her, he stepped back to watch his load drip from her parted lips, breathing hard. Clumsily, Luna rolled over onto her side in order to see his face more comfortably.

"Mm… How was that…?" Luna asked softly.

"Haa… Brilliant…" Harry said with a smile. His smile turned to a look of concern when he thought of her arse. "I didn't… Hurt you, did I?"

"If you did… I would have told you," Luna said. She sighed as a drop of his cum leaked out of her, falling onto the floor. "I actually quite liked it…"

"So… We are doing this again?" He asked, running a hand down her stomach. She smiled.

"Nargles permitting…"

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