S U G A R./

"You are like my sugar, so sweet." The moment where he savors the sweet taste of her soft lips.

You like my sugar, my sugar

you so sweet so sweet.

I do not own anything. A sweet little drabble focused in on the moment Amu and Ikuto kiss.

His midnight eyes filled with lust yet sweetness at the same time as he stared into her golden, hazel eyes. The moment became even more intense as he continued to look into her golden orbs. It was so excruciating and heartpounding that both of them couldn't keep their eyes away from each other.

The wind blew his blue streaks into the air as he caressed her chin upward. Meanwhile, it sent chills up and down her back as she felt his fingers come into contact with her own. The contact made her blush as he leaned in closer and closer. She could feel his warm breath colliding with hers... inch by inch. He, on the other hand, formed a little smirk as he watched her turn pink from the affection she was recieving from him.

He gently moved in as he pressed his body against her very own; warmth supplying each of them. Taking her other hand with his free hand, he clasped it tightly in between them before swooping in for a taste of her lips.

She felt sparks fly everywhere as his lips pressed upon her own. Everything she seemed to notice had slowly faded away. Time slowly took a stand as she felt him move his lips more passionately. Outraged that he took her first kiss, she couldn't help but feel the power of love spread through her system. Slowly, she returned the gesture carefully to show that she cared.

He never felt more content in his life as he felt her lips upon his own. Her lips tasted like cotton candy at a local festival but with a twist of strawberries hidden beneath it all. It was addicting like sugar; so sweet. However, to feel her gesture as well made everything complete. Fire ran throughout his body as if it wanted to escape. Everything felt like a dream but he knew that this was reality.

Slowly, he let her lips go and she closed her eyes for a moment. He watched as she inhaled and exhaled before she opened her eyes back up. A tiny few sparkles glimmered into his eyes as he stared into her eyes once more. Her face began to turn red again and he couldn't help but smirk. Quickly, he gave her a kiss on the forehead before he embraced her into his arms.

The feeling was like sugar, oh so sweet. So sweet just like her soft lips.