What more? by planet p

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Diana knew that people couldn't understand how she could fall in love with someone as hideous and disfigured as Simon, but she truly did love him, and he her. It didn't matter to her what people thought, or even what her parents - Joaquin and Benita - or sister, Alice, thought.

In truth, Alice had been jealous of her for a long time. She hoped, now that Simon and she were having twins, that her sister's jealousy and enmity would ease, and they could be sisters once more. Alice no longer needed to look at her as her rival for the young men's attentions, for she had chosen Simon as her soul mate and husband, and despite her parents' protestations, or the townspeople's disapproval, nobody could act to stop their union now that children were expected.

Diana was so happy; soon, she would be a wife – her Simon's wife – and a mother to two beautiful babies. She would have a loving family. What more could she ask for?