For real, a poem by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own El Clon or any of its characters.

The world may put up barriers

Walls between us

But they cannot stop us from feeling

What we feel for one another

They cannot stop our hearts

From crying out when we're apart.

All of their walls

Are only walls;

Walls to keep our physical bodies apart

Walls to hurt us

Deep inside

Walls to protect us

From what they think we can't comprehend;

Yet, we know the truth

There are no walls, there are no barriers

To love;

Love is not just a privilege, to be cherished by the rich

The influenced

The special few;

Love lives in another world

A world in which out hearts also live

Where emotions are not just feelings inside

But tangible

Like language

Like law;

A world where it's okay to be me

And it's okay to be you

And no one says 'no' to us.

I promise you, my love, one day

I'll break down these barriers

One day

I'll love you for real.