I love you so, a poem by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own O Clone or any of its characters.

How can they say

That our love is wrong?

When what I feel for you

Is this strong?

They don't know

What I feel in my heart,

They don't know

That you're the one that keeps me alive.

This love I have for you

Is like a torch

Or the sun

That keeps the whole world warm

And alive.

Your love is what keeps me going

Day by day,

Before I met you

I wasn't living;

Before I met you

I was walking in a dream

Until you came along

And you showed me how to live –

And how to really dream.

How can they criticize

Something this good?

How can they tear us apart?

Don't they know that without you

I'd die;

Don't they know

That you're my reason for living

For breathing

For dreaming

At all.

You gave me a reason

When I had none

When I needed one.

Don't they know

I love you so?