This is just a story I wanted to share. I never finished it. I won't either. I only own the OC, her name is Melody. Everything else belongs to Supernatural. Enjoy :-)

As I took a midnight stroll around my neighborhood, which I always do when I can't sleep, listening to my music, I saw someone lying on the ground. All I could see was their feet. At first I

thought it was a hobo. But I saw blood so I ran towards them. "Are you okay?" I checked to see where he was bleeding from. "Ah!" I screamed. His head was missing. I heard a noise

behind me, kinda sounded like a horse so I turned around. I came face to face with a head of a man. "Help me, please." It said as blood spewed from his mouth. I was shocked. I couldn't move.

I saw horse legs so I decided to look up to see who was riding it. I saw a headless man. It wasn't there a few minutes ago. I saw it reaching for something. It was about to kill me. I

closed my eyes and was waiting for this to be over with. But then I heard a gun shot which made me jump. I heard the flutter of wings which made me think I was in Heaven. So I opened

my eyes and saw a man in a trench coat with his back to me. White heat flashed across my eyes and his appearance changed. He had long auburn hair. His clothing changed into armor.

Like something a roman soldier would wear in the ancient times. The name Castiel popped into my mind. I didn't know what was going on. But I did know one thing he was an angel. When

he turned around I noticed three other men with him. One of which I knew. "Uncle Bobby!" I got up and ran toward him. "What's going on?" I yelled. He looked at me as if he saw a

cockroach crawling on a piece of pie. After killing it you don't know whether to still eat the pie or throw it away. I stood there waiting for an answer. He looked over my shoulder and then

back at me. He turned me around and pointed. "What do you see?"Bobby asked. What kinda stupid question is that? But I went along. If this was the only way I would get some answers.

"I see a man." I just couldn't believe he would ask me something like that. I almost got killed. I think?