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Chapter Ten: A New Day

Timmy sighed heavily as he climbed into his father's station wagon.

The arrival of midnight had been quickly followed by the arrival of the police (Tucker had called them after alerting Mr. Turner), who were talking to Mr. Turner on how best to detain Pete. A suited man from the government had also arrived, and was trying to argue his case in arresting the demon.

It didn't matter, Timmy knew. The Observants would arrive when no-one was looking and detain Pete themselves.

Jimmy had already left, as far as he knew. The magic block had lifted, and Cosmo and Wanda had ensured Timmy's end of the deal was met, and that they were returned to their families for Christmas.

Meanwhile, his own parents were on opposite ends of the country, and his father was probably more interested in the convention then him.

"What's wrong, sport?" asked Wanda.

"Everyone gets a happy ending except me," replied Timmy, "It's kind of a bummer."

Cosmo and Wanda gave each other knowing grins.

"You know," reminded Wanda, "The magic block is gone, and we are a perfectly good pair of fairy godparents…"

"I love you too, guys," nodded Timmy, not registering the hint, "But tha…wait a minute."

He realised what Wanda was suggesting, and beamed.

Vlad Masters walked down the main staircase of his manor, talking to himself as the dawn sun shone through his windows.

"Ah," he grinned, "The sun is shining, it's Christmas Day and I have Daniel in my grasp, just as planned. What could spoil such a morn…"

He reached his entrance hall. His jaw dropped and he began to splutter incoherently.

His foyer had been turned into a party room. Three tables had been set up for food, and a stereo was playing loudly from the roof. Timmy, Danny, Jimmy and Spongebob were in the centre of the party, their friends and families filling out the rest of the room.

Jack Fenton strolled up to Vlad and grinned.

"Hey, V-Man!" he exclaimed, "Great party, isn't it? Danny's friend decided to throw it as a surprise, just for you!"

Vlad blinked.

"Of course," he grunted, "If you don't mind, I'm going to be…redoing my eyeliner."

The last words were said with a very harsh tone as he marched upstairs. Jack gave Maddie a confused look, but his wife just grinned and shrugged.

Danny laughed as the billionaire disappeared from sight.

"What're the odds that he's gonna try to kill us for this?" he asked.

"Statistically," replied Jimmy, "One in one."

"Well," grinned Spongebob, "The curse is broken, Timmy didn't get left out on Christmas…"

He pointed to the Turners, both looking confused as to how they got there.

"…and we ticked off a really powerful ghost," he finished, "Everything turned out all right in the end!"

"Sure did," nodded Timmy, "Merry Christmas, guys."

The Nicktoons exchanged season's greetings and rejoined the party. Outside, the snow-covered mansion was illuminated by the early sunlight, and all was right with the world.

"…and so, the Nicktoons prevailed and Christmas was enjoyed, although Jack set the turkey (and the kitchen) on fire. Plasmius attempted to break up the party later on, but with the combined efforts of the Nicktoons, Jack and Maddie, he was (relatively) easily fought off."

"Vicky eventually recovered from her mild concussion, and the wish on Tootie wore off. I'm sure that'll make a good story some day, but who knows? The main thing, however, was that Pete was jailed in the Ghost Zone, and never cursed anyone again."

The Narrator climbed up from the dirt and brushed himself off.

"Well, that's the whole story," he finished, "Thanks for entertaining it. See you around!"

He ambled into the forest, away from his three person audience.

There was a brief silence.

"OK," demanded Sokka, "Can someone tell me who that guy was?"

The End.

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