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You left your blood stain on the floor
You set your sights on him
You left a hand print on the door,
Like all the boys before

Though it was bustling out in the hallways of the hospital, Yuffie could hear the dominating silence between her and Vincent. She wrenched her hands together to keep herself from squirming, biting her lip as she looked up at the Turk.

"Where is your room?" He asked in a monotone, his eyes looking at her with disinterest.

"Room 13… that way," she pointed down the hallway to the left, trailing behind Vincent as he started walking in that direction. The white walls and bright lights flooded her senses, causing Yuffie to snap her eyes shut. Honestly, would it kill them to have any colour in the joint?

"Miss Kisaragi?" His voice rang out through the noise of nurses and doctors, and had a slight undertone of concern in it. She lifted her head, slowly opening her eyes.

"Colour overload," she grinned, pointing towards the white roof littered with lights. He nodded once, waiting for her to catch up to him. "So, how'd you end up becoming a Turk?" She questioned innocently, quickly falling into step beside him. His mouth stayed in a firm line, eyes only looking onwards as he escorted her to her room.

"Not much of a talker, huh? Okay, that's cool, I can talk enough for the both of us. That's what I have to do with my friend Ze-"Yuffie's mouth immediately snapped shut, causing a frown to appear on her young face. Thinking of Zexion made her feel a bit funny. She hadn't seen him for a while now, and none of the others ever spoke of him… let alone Demyx, who used to rave on and on about the quiet boy.

Vincent's head tilted slightly towards the Wutain girl, making Yuffie smile slightly.

"Y'know, I just had the most brilliant idea! Mind if I call you Vinnie?" She asked brashly, taking his silence as a yes. "Well, it's too late now anyway; you're stuck with the nickname… forever," she grinned evilly, clapping her hands together with glee.

He stopped walking, motioning towards the door of her room. "Goodbye, Miss Kisaragi," he monotoned again, turning around and walking right back to where they had just come from.

"Huh, okay. Thanks, Vinnie. And call me Yuffie!" She called after him, giggling slightly as she opened her door.

Vincent Valentine strode down the hallways with determination, locking eyes with people so they would move out of his way, embarrassed to be caught looking at the somewhat enigma of a Turk. He kept his face neutral and his pace consistent, not letting his thoughts show. He could thank Turk training 101 for that skill.

He wasn't sure why he was so rattled – though he suspected it had something to do with the Wutain girl. Bouncy and bright, he supposed it was a shame that she had ended up in such a sad, depressing place. Of course, he didn't really dwell on that fact. What he did dwell on, however, was the semblance of sanity she was emitting. Most of the patients here were openly crazy – talking to inanimate objects, talking to invisible creatures, harming and violence accompanied by screeching, manical laughs and crying were not that uncommon in the majority of patients in the place.

However, she had been acting strange in the room, muttering for someone to be quiet, and he doubted it was either he or Lucrecia. He quietly entered said woman's office, softly knocking on the wall beside him. She looked up, startled, but calmed down when she saw it was him.

"Vincent," she greeted calmly, setting her pen aside. He nodded back, resisting the urge to indulge in some hidden quirk. "Oh, please, have a seat if you wish," she hastily asked, motioning towards the chair the Kisaragi girl had recently vacated.

He sat down silently, carefully watching the young doctor in front of him. What had her so nervous?

"Is something wrong?" He automatically asked, silently berating himself as soon as the words had passed his lips. Lucrecia looked up suddenly, surprise and worry decorating her face.

"Oh, no, not at all," she weakly answered, faking a smile. Vincent mentally bit his cheek, weighing the pros and cons of pursuing the current topic of conversation. "Just… the girl. Yuffie," she cast her eyes downwards onto the sheet of paper in front of her, a frown subconsciously forming on her face. Vincent perked up at this, straightening slightly in his chair.

"What of her?" He asked in a carefully placed monotone, masking his curiosity. He was aware of the Turks former altercations with the girl, back during the war between Shinra and Wutai. It was believed that snatching the child and using her in a form of negotiation would end it – but it went awry. He didn't know all the details, but he knew enough to know it wasn't to be asked about. Of course, being ignorant in his line of business was deadly, so he cataloged a mental memo to enquire of the girl's history later.

"I… am not sure," she admitted, reading back over the piece of paper she was now holding. "I don't… it doesn't make sense."

He shifted slightly in his seat, waiting for the woman to continue her cut up sentences.

"Her file says she was born and raised in Wutai, to a powerful family high on the royal standings. Her mother disappeared when she was 8 years old, leaving Yuffie unaccounted for until she was found 3 months later, wandering the streets in Junon. Multiple psychiatrist visits were enforced, yet they reported nothing unusual . Her mentality – stable. Health – stable. Trauma – minimal to none. Then… her file cuts off, nothing more. No doctor reports, no police reports, no anything," she shook her head slowly, her bangs softly waving against her face. A sigh escaped her lips, but Vincent remained silent.

Turks had definitely meddled in this affair somewhere – most likely due to President Shinra and his dislike for political messes. Wipe the girl clean and pretend nothing had happened – not at all unusual in Shinra's true dirty work. A frown did slowly crease into his forehead, the implications troubling him. Why go to so much trouble for such an insignificant child? Surely it would've been less trouble to just gank her and be done with it. A convincing cover up story would not have been so hard to manage, surely.

"Mister Valentine?" His head jerked up, only to see Lucrecia watching him strangely. "Would you mind checking on the patient in room 39 for me, please? If you see any flowers in there – remove them, please. I would – but…" She trailed off, confusing altering her gentle face as she glanced at another patients report. That was the way she worked – if she was stuck with one patient, then she would move onto another until a solution hit her.

Vincent nodded, standing up. "Of course. Shall I return?"

"No," she smiled slightly, looking up at him for under her lashes. "You are free for the rest of the day, Mister Valentine."