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The lost Rose

''Okaa-sama, okaa-sama!'' a young and shrill, but still melodic voice called. It echoed down the empty hallway.

''It's a beautiful night outside. I can't even see the slightest trace of clouds in the night sky. Now we can see the stars better than usually.'' The, seemingly, hyper girl said as she threw open the doors of her parents library.

She wore a beautiful, beaming smile on her face; it looked like she could even outshine the sun.

''Ne, otou-sama, would you two come with me and count the stars in the garden?'' she asked hopefully.

The two occupants of the room she just barged in looked weary and tired, but still incredibly beautiful. Their bodies were stiff and alert, ready to move at the slightest sign of a disturbance. If you looked carefully, with well accustomed eyes, you would be able to see a quiet anger rolling off of them in waves. It was not like the violent, oppressive and destructive anger you would see in most of their kind, it was more of an anger you directed at yourself for your indecisiveness, blindness and foolishness (or any other reason they were thinking of).

The young girl didn't see any of that though, she didn't know anything was wrong. Maybe it was because she never saw those emotions in her parents. She could not recognize them as her mother and father were always so infinitely kind, patient and gentle towards her.

But, as soon as she stepped into the room their expressions relaxed and the anger instantly vaporized. Her arrival and she herself automatically calmed them. Her essence of pure sunshine only leaves room for love. The sight of their child, the result of their love, immediately sends a bout of joy through their hearts, whenever and wherever, no matter what is happening around them.

But her mere existence brings also a twinge of heart-wrenching worry with her. The very being that she is is her best defence and her worst nightmare, in every possible way. The very thing they all are is what brings them the most danger, beyond everything else. She is the more vulnerable the more power and potential for it she possesses.

And it all brings a constant light of sadness and despair to their eyes, and regret of not being able to provide safety for their child.

Though, sometimes, she manages to chase even that away as soon as she opens her mouth. And, as two enchantingly beautiful smiles broke away on their faces it was clear that this was one of those times. They forgot, even for a fleeting second, all the disturbing events enclosing them.

''You are a silly girl.'' Her mother laughed as she glided towards her daughter, her eyes sparkling with mirth. ''Even for us, it's impossible to count all the stars in the sky.'' She said and stopped in front of her, enveloping her in a tight, almost desperate, hug.

''Are you sure about that my love?'' asked the deep, sensuous voice of her father. ''We have eternity after all. I don't think it's impossible to count them.'' he stated, rising up from his seat on the sofa.

''Ah, really?'' sceptically stated her mother, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes ''Yes, while we do, indeed, have eternity to do it, attempting to count them all would be dull and monotonous after some time.'' she said turning around to her husband.

''We would simply get bored.'' She smirked.

He stopped in front of her and smiled gently ''I would never get bored if you are anywhere near me.'' He told her as his hand gently cupped her cheek and caressed it.

The little girl squirmed somewhere between them, she had gotten used to such an obvious display of affection a long, long time ago. In fact, she probably didn't know anything else.

His eyes took on a dull and sad light ''I would follow you into oblivion.''

Her mother, too, looked sad at his words.

She saw, as much as her husband, that it's coming, something they won't be able to fight off. They won't be able to keep their precious child safe. And knowing that brought them agony.

''Ne, ne? Okaa-sama. Otou-sama. Let's go, let's go. I want to see the stars with you.'' She impatiently said, pulling on their sleeves.

They blinked out of their reverie and looked down to her.

Suddenly a frown materialized on her mother's (usually happy and kind) face. She came down to her daughter's level and looked her directly in the eye ''You didn't go outside, did you? Didn't we tell you not to go outside without us?'' her mother asked, looking faintly distressed '' you must not be seen. We have protected you from this world even by keeping you hidden, my little girl. You must always be by our side.'' She said hugging her to herself fiercely.

''Though, I fear, that will not be possible from now on.''

That was uttered with such a sad and hopeless voice that it made the world almost seem black and gray.

Her father came to them and dropped heavily on his knees, his strong and secure arms wrapped around them, trapping them to his chest. ''You are the only one who must survive by any means my daughter. Only you...'' he trailed off, tightening his arms.

Both adults had a despairing, helpless tone to their voice. Like there is something hanging just above their heads, as if it's all going to come crashing down on them any second.

The twelveyearold didn't know what was happening. She noticed her parents' stiff bodies, their anxious expressions, she knew something was amiss, but she couldn't comprehend what. She wasn't quite so clueless; she could feel the tension reverberating her home for some time now. She could sense it too, a change hanging in the air.

Something is coming, something terrifying that's going to alter everything. In an unconscious gesture to keep everything together, to keep her family with her she pulled her parents tighter to herself and buried her head in between them.

Her father soon stiffened, he turned completely still and perfectly unmoving. It seemed like he even stopped breathing, only his heart still kept beating.

After him her mother stiffened too and hugged her closer, almost with crushing force.

Her father let them go and straightened, all the while looking at the door, beyond the door. Mother stayed with her and looked down to her with sad, anguished eyes. She almost seemed resigned.

''I want...'' she looked at her husband ''it's the only way to...''

He looked back from the door to her, his eyes riddled with pain. His voice bleak ''No. Anything but that.'' he leaned down to kiss his wife ''Don't take away her legacy. Even in this cruel and pathetic world to take away who she is would be something she doesn't deserve.'' He took his wife's hand ''It's something I don't want for her.'' He sighed at the look in her eyes ''She can be happy, even as a vampire, even in this hateful world. She can smile and laugh, just like we did. Why deny her her rightful place?''

''Why deny her who she is?'' he silently uttered and crushed his wife to his chest.

She was looking at her parents, not understanding what they were talking about. But still seeing the graveness in them.

Then she, too, stiffened as a presence became known to her. Someone was just outside the front door, someone very strong and scary. Sensing his aura she became afraid, she had a feeling like he wanted to eat her. Yet the aura felt faintly familiar. She turned around and ripped from her mother's arms, looking directly beyond the closed door in hope of pinpointing the exact location she was feeling that the aura is coming from.

Her parents stopped talking at once as they saw their daughter whirl around quickly, and knew immediately that she felt him too. They nodded at each other and resigned themselves to their fate.

Her mother took her hand and started walking to the opposite door, towing her along gently.

''Let's go to the back garden and watch the moon and the roses in full bloom. You can do whatever you want when we come out.'' She gently smiled down at her daughter.

Nodding mutely at her mother the girl turned around and reached out to her father as they passed him, silently motioning him to come too. ''But, what about otou-sama? Otou-sama will come too, right?'' she said with rising anxiety.

He looked down to her and smiled a remorseful little smile ''I can't. There is someone here I need to take care of.'' Relenting a bit at her inquisitive look he said explained '' Rido-san is here and I need to go greet him.'' he said greet with a particular intonation of deep sarcasm.

''Rido-sama'' his daughter piped up ''Can I come too?'' she asked hopefully.

''No'' they both answered at the same time. Her mother's grip tightened on her arm.

''No. You go with okaa-sama to the roses and I will deal with Rido alone.'' Her father gently said and kissed her on the forehead.

She could see his eyes shimmering with misery as he pulled back from her and headed to the opposite door. She silently brought up her arm and reached out for him again, but he was already gone by then.

Her mother gently tugged her arm and started walking to their door. ''Ne, you said that the garden is beautiful now.'' She stated ''Lets enjoy it.'' Her voice trembled minutely.


''Welcome Rido-san.'' he uttered with a faint touch of distaste, the door he just walked through closed behind him. ''What brings you to us?''

''Ah, it is nice to see you again.'' Rido said mockingly ''Where are the two lovely girls you always have with you? Can it be that you are the only one who came to greet me? Such disregard, I'm hurt'' he put his hand on his chest to exaggerate, pointing his two different coloured eyes on the stern-faced man in front of him.

His voice took on a light-hearted and dreamy quality ''And... as for what I want'' he smirked '' it's the tasty little girl you've been trying to protect for the past twelve years.''

The walls and windows around him started cracking under the intense anger of the pureblood standing opposite of him.

''I knew we shouldn't have trusted you, we shouldn't have let you in, we should never have...'' he let the sentence trail off ''You were banished from the Kurans for a reason.''

Rido laughed loudly, tauntingly, his whole body shook from it ''And why?... Still, that child belongs to me, she is mine, by even your word. I have every right to devour her if I so please.''

The vase behind him shattered to nothingness ''Never.''


''Look look, okaa-sama.'' She tugged on her mother's sleeve ''Look at how beautiful all those roses are'' she exclaimed enthusiastically, running to the large field of colourful blooming roses.

She stared in awe. No matter how many times she sees them they are still more and more beautiful each and every time. Granted she doesn't go out much, and all the times she did she can probably count on both hands.

But she isn't going to complain, her mother and father did this out of the best intentions for her, she won't make them sad by complaining. As long as she has okaa-sama and otou-sama with her she can endure anything; she turned around and beamed brightly at her mother.

She whirled back to the blossoms too quickly to notice her mother wince at her elated expression. Staring at the sky she asked ''Ne, okaa-sama. The stars are so pretty. I always forget how pretty they are.'' She was mesmerised by the beautiful night sky, most of the time she could only see it in her memories. But now it's right in front of her, directly above her head.

Her mother felt guilty on the other hand. It seemed like a good idea to keep her precious daughter hidden and away from these awful times, thus giving her the freedom to be who she is. Now, though, she is doubting that decision.

Seeing her child marvel at common things, at all the things everyone sees and knows, shows her how they deprived their daughter of all the rightful things she should have seen a long time ago.

And it hurts her. No matter the benefits of not seeing the cold, heartless, violent world she was born into, not being able to give her child the true freedom is painful for a parent. She was caged either way. They only caged her physically, society would have caged her emotionally.

Maybe it was a mistake, but at least she was able to be herself during her childhood.

She felt it then, and saw her daughter stiffen too. Her husband's anger was terrifying, frightening in it's intensity. She never felt him like this, and she had quite a long time to. They were both born over five thousand years ago, and knew each other completely. She felt an overwhelming urge to turn around and go to him. She wanted him safe.

But she didn't turn, she held herself still. Her little girl turned around and started to run in her husband's direction. She stopped her as soon as she was near enough to reach and pulled her to herself, holding her still in her embrace.

''Okaa-sama, Otou-sama is angry, he is very angry. Why is he so angry?'' she squirmed in her mother's arms ''I'm scared.'' She whimpered as she finally stopped struggling and held her mother close.

Her mother was scared too, but for a different reason. She didn't show it though. The only thing she reacted to was the flaring of an aura just as strong as her husband's, stiffening as she sensed the two of them fight.

She felt everything closing down around them and knew that there is no coming out of this alive, not for her anyway. She looked down at the trembling body in her arms and an all consuming feeling of pure and utter agony enveloped her.

Only her daughter must live, she must survive.

She held her tighter, out of desperation, as the scent came to them. Their child whimpered as she registered the smell of her father's blood in the air, mingling with the scent of another's. A familiar other's.

There was no escaping this, both she and her love would die. She knows it, she can feel it all, everywhere around her home. She can feel their lust for spilled blood, for death and for power. Those who have embraced fully, and taken it beyond, the nature of all vampires.

She stiffened further as the scent of her husband's blood thickened in the air. She won't live after this, she can't, not if the love of her entire existence is no longer there, with her.

Running with her daughter is not an option, they will sense them an follow them wherever they go. Not even her daughter alone like this will be able to escape them.

There is nothing else to do. She will sacrifice her own life for her child.

Her husband asked her not to do what she wished to, and she won't disregard him, she doesn't have the heart to. But she will modify that spell to give her daughter more than she could ever hope to any other way. After all, there is no one here who could or who she will trust to take her daughter and protect her once she turns her human anyway so that choice is out of question.

But she can give her daughter a fighting chance and impart in her all her and her husband's knowledge and power, and to fully awaken and grasp her own. She will allow her to pull out the true ability to hide who or what she really is to the world.

It will take her life, but she is prepared for that price and is more than willing to pay it.

She pulled her child an arm's length in front of her so that she can clearly see into her eyes. ''Listen to me my dear sweet baby girl.'' She said as she pulled her chin gently up so that the girl would calm down and listen to her.

'' I am going to do something, something that will give you a lot of strength and knowledge. But listen to what I say to you from this point on. Don't use your powers on those weaker than you. Never harm anyone unless it's absolutely necessary and you have no other choice. Always treasure those around you and help them whenever you can. Don't think humans are beneath you but be their friend and cherish them and protect them. Never bite humans unless you have no other option, unless you absolutely must. Because it will take away their life and who they are, you will bring them a lot of pain. Never deliberately harm and give pain to anyone.''

Her voice started quivering ''Listen to your heart. Always listen to your heart. Your heart knows what it wants and knows what is right, don't ever ignore what it says.''

Tears started rolling down her mother's face by now. ''And always look in front of you, never look back and dwell on something you cannot change and have no influence over. Fight for what you believe is right and never back down.'' She hugged her daughter to herself tightly as more and more tears leaked down her cheeks.

In the background they smelt the sudden increase of her husband's blood.


''You really are a disgrace to us all.'' He said as he lunged for Rido, and caught him in the head. Blood started trickling down the side of his own mouth and dripped off his chin.

Pain rippled through his whole being and he knew his life was ending. Everything was slipping through his fingers, he knows that there is no time left.

''Someone like you should never have been born to this world.'' He growled as he pulled the sword out of his body.

''Really? I beg to differ.'' Said a new voice, not belonging to the still being in front of him.

He turned his head and saw the wavy blond hair of Shirabuki Sara enter the room through the open front door. It was official now, thought he knew of it far beforehand. The House of the Lotus was attacking them with the sole purpose to destroy and conquer. And they would succeed in taking over.

But true victory will be his and his wife's.

''And do you know why? Because we all, and he too'' she said daintily pointing at Rido '' accepted who we are and our sheer superiority. It's only natural that we will take over and rule all that are inferior to us. Humans are no more than livestock, livestock that should only be eaten. Your foolish view of this world is too idealistic and unreal, I can hardly even believe that you are vampires.'' She snarled and cackled tauntingly.

''We are not the only ones who think this way Shirabuki-hime. There are more, and they are quite possibly a lot stronger than this house.'' He said as his body began to crack. The anti-vampire sword pierced his heart and sealed his life. And as he felt the last drops of his life ebbing away he found that the only regret he has as he dies is not being able to see the two most important beings in his world before everything is over for him. But there is no place for regret left now, only hope. He will die hoping that his true legacy will live on.

''You will fail.'' And with that he shattered.

''Hnn'' she huffed angrily ''We will see, sentimental fool'' she said as she smirked evilly and looked at her companion and accomplice ''Let's go and take our power.'' She laughed mockingly as she turned around and headed for the garden in the back.

''Yes.'' He smirked and followed her ''My power.''


''What are you saying okaa-sama? Why? What about you and otou-sama? Where will you..'' the child trailed off as the sound of cracking and breaking of a purebloods body came to them.

Her husband had just died.

''Listen Yuuki.'' She said as blood began to mingle with her tears ''Be happy, always and forever. And forever know that your father and I loved you very, very dearly, more than anything else in this world. Never forget to strive for happiness and love, never forget what we taught you.'' She kept on saying as minute cracks began to appear on her ''Always be yourself, who you are. And don't let this world taint you.''

The air around them began to glow ''Now run and don't look back behind you. Run and live Yuuki. Never forget how to live, never lose your will to live on.'' She pushed her daughter from herself as large cracks now riddled her body.

''RUN'' she screamed and shattered.

And she did, Yuuki ran. She ran and never looked back. She ran with tears dripping down her face and sobs locked in her throat.

She ran.


People were woken up and pulled out of their beds one by one. The sleeping humans tore from their houses and stopped on the streets so they could see the House of the Rose burn.

In the middle of the night that sight was terrifying in its beauty.

Though the mansion itself was not on fire or affected by it, everything surrounding it is. Even from this great a distance everyone could see the magnificent gardens of the Kurosu family be devoured by flames.

Vampires who were passing by stopped and gaped. Most of them gasped in sheer fright.

The noble families who live nearby and are loyal to the royal family cannot help but feel dread. The majestic House of God would not burn, its signature Rose would not go up in flames unless the family has fallen.

As one of the three ruling pureblood families in the whole world bringing them down would be almost impossible. That feat could only be accomplished by one of the two other ruling God-houses. And the signs they are feeling tell that that might just be the case.

A huge amount of bloodlust and hate has accumulated in the forests surrounding it, and an unimaginable power whose centre is the house itself. Just how many purebloods have gathered there, their culminated unbridled auras are like nothing felt in ages. Purebloods usually control their power, here it's been left to wreck havoc on anything and everything in its path.

The strongest of lords among the noble families immediately head to the burning mansion, in vain hope that the family is unharmed, that they will be found alive. They desperately wish to help their kind lords.

Their wish will go unanswered.

Some silent witnesses gather on the street and they mutely watch everything unfold. They can feel that there is nothing left to be done now.

Though the humans don't know what this means, the vampires are fully aware of the possible fallouts of the fall of a God house. The three families that have divided the world, be it vampire or human, are all equally strong and powerful, and control an equal amount of land and people. Each has a flower for a symbol.

They are the closest to kings as vampires can get. They rule and enforce order, although their methods and ideas differ, and are respected and revered by all.

Now, with the disappearance of one of those families, the order of the world will have to be re-arranged. Countless millennia of history will as of now be rewritten.

The events triggered by the lust for power of a distinct few will change the world.

And as the offending army that had conquered a kingdom in little less than a day move into the streets to take their fill, no one notices the silent small shadow of a girl slipping through them.

The Rose lives on, lost to all until it decides to appear again.

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