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The following morning Charlie woke me before he left for La Push letting me know he was going to La Push to talk to Seth and hopefully propose to Sue later on in the day.

"Well, good luck," I told him, though I didn't think that he would need it.

When I heard the door close downstairs I realised that I needed to get since Edward was coming over later I would need to tidy up. I made a mental list of everything that I would need to do as I took a long bath trying to relax myself.

First I'd clean up the living room and then my room. Maybe I should have something cooking in case he got hungry and I would need to dig out all my biology notes so we could get to work straight away.

I was almost through with my list when Edward arrived. I was sitting in a small pile of biology notes picking out the ones that I would need when Edward knocked on the front door. I quickly pushed all the papers in a pile on the coffee table so there wasn't too much of a mess.

I tried to choke back a gasp when I saw him on the doorstep. He just looked so breath-taking. The small beads of water that clung to his hair told me that he'd been caught in the drizzle in the short distance between my house and his car. He was dressed perfectly in a beige leather jacket and jeans, and bag satchel on his shoulders, looking nothing short of a model

"Hi, Edward," I said greet him once I got my breath back.

His lips pulled into a smile and he nodded his head once. I invited him in the house and he immediately commented on the smell coming from the kitchen as his eyes surveyed the house. I knew it was nothing compared to his place.

"I have some muffins in the oven," I informed.

"You are a girl after my heart," he said with a chuckle. "I love muffins."

I blushed before telling him they would be ready soon then we went to the living room and began our work comparing our notes and picking out the most important information for our project.

"Shouldn't we type it up?" I suggested. "It would be much faster that way."

"Good idea," he paused and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "Erm- are the muffins ready yet?" he asked sheepishly.

I couldn't help laughing. He sounded like a starved little boy.

I went to check on the muffins. They were ready, so I took out them out to let them cool as I went to get my laptop. Edward watched me as I went past him a longing glint in his eyes.

"I'm just letting them cool," I said to him.

Edward was happily munching on a muffin as I typed up our notes when there was a knock on the front door \and I was greeted with Rosalie on my doorstep.

"Hi, Bella, I was just in the area. So I thought I'd stop by," she said before inviting herself into my house.

"Oh, Edward what are you doing here?" I heard her ask when she reached the living room. Then she turned to me. "I didn't know you had company. I thought you had a date tonight."

I smacked my palm to my forehead.

How had I forgotten my date with Jake?

"I totally forgot!" I exclaimed. "What time is it? He'll pick me up at seven."

"Chill, you have like four hours to get ready. It's plenty of time," Rosalie drawled.

She took my seat beside Edward and glanced at the laptop which now sat on his lap.

"What you doing there?" she asked.

"Me and Bella are working on a project together," he replied. Then he turned to me. "Would you like me to leave so you can get ready, Bella?"

It was Rosalie who answered for me. "Nonsense, you should stay."

I didn't argue with her, first because it would seem rude and second because I didn't want him to go.

"You don't have to go," I said when he glanced at me questioningly. "Like Rosalie said, I have plenty of time. Erm- Rose? Do you mind helping get dressed later?"

She shrugged once and offered a non committal grunt which I took as a yes since I knew she liked makeovers.

Edward and I carried on working while Rosalie watched television to entertain herself for the following couple of hours until I decided it was time to get dressed.

"I think we've done enough for today," I said to Edward when I saw it was five o'clock.

He nodded in agreement. "You mean you want me out of here so you can get ready? I understand girl code."

I sent him with a bag of the remaining muffins before going to my room with Rosalie. She lounged on my bed as I opened my closet to look for something to wear.

"What do I wear?" I asked because I truly had no idea what to wear on a date.

"How long have you known Black?" Rose asked pretty much ignoring my question altogether.

And there was me thinking she would jump at the chance of giving out fashion advice.

"Pretty much all my life, he was my best friend," I explained, before turning back to my closet."Rosalie, what should I wear? I've not been on a date before."

"I don't know. Pick something that you feel comfortable." It was strange, it sounded like she something was annoying her. Could it be that she didn't want to help me get dressed? Surely not, she was the one who had come over without an inviting to remind me about the date in the first place. And I knew from previous experience with her that she liked giving makeovers.

Maybe it was my lack of expertise in this area that annoyed her. I wouldn't blame her. What normal seventeen year old hasn't been on a date before?

So I pretended not to notice and in turn, I ignored her useless advice, since if I did listen to it, I would end up dressed in sweats.

"What would you wear?" I questioned. That was more specific question. I hoped that making her talk about herself wouldn't annoy her.

She bit her lip, seeming to be in deep thought, before she responded. "A dress."

"Okay, that narrows it down." I nodded, glad that she had given me a straight answer this time. "So, what made you and Black stop being friends?" she inquired.

"Long story."

"We have time." She waited with her head cocked to side.

"Okay, I'll tell you, but first, what do you think?"

I pulled out a simple white dress that was strapless and held it in front of me.

"The dress is pretty."

"So you think that I should wear it?"

"Yes, it's nice, if you wear it put a jacket out it or something. The dress is a little revealing. Now give me the low down already."

"Only if you do my make up."

I sucked at putting on eyeliner without my hands wobbling, thus causing it to mess up. I would need to ask her to teach me how to do it.

"If that's what it takes."

I told her what Jake had told me and, Rose listened silently as she began with my make up. She ordered me to close me eyes and drew a black line with the eyeliner as I spoke.

"And you think that you can trust him?" She questioned when I finished.

"Yeah. I guess I do. I know him."

"And do you like him the way he likes you?"

"Not yet, but the way things are going…" I trailed off. "I wasn't pressured into the date."

"Yeah, but still. I mean it's been all these years. You don't know him as well as you did before and how can you think you that like him after all this time."

"I can get to know him. Jake's a good guy. He's not the bad boy everyone thinks that he is. I know he can act like a jerk sometimes, but he's really sweet."

"All done," Rose announced when she finished.

"Thanks for helping me."

"Quit thanking me for everything, this is what friends are for. And speaking of friends, you and Edward looked cosy before." Now she sounded all excited.

I rolled my eyes at her. "We are just friends." I enunciated each word.

Jake was one thing, Edward was a whole other. There was no chance that he could or ever would be interested in me.

"I bet you could be more. I mean come on; the guy is hot enough to be model."

"Yeah, but he's Edward. Totally out of my league. He wouldn't look at a girl like twice."

I got up, and stood in front of the mirror, and grinned. I actually looked pretty. Almost as pretty as Rose.

"He's not that shallow. Come Bella, that Tanya's level, not Edward."

"Can we not talk about this? I am about to go on a date with someone. I don't need you getting any ideas."

She laughed and gave a 'what me?' kind of look.

I snorted and looked back at my reflection.

"I look good."

"Of course you do."

Jake called me on my phone when he arrived shortly after I was dressed. He was fifteen minutes early. I was glad, since I would probably have worried if he would show up at all if he wasn't.

I hurried downstairs and opened the front door for him. My eyes raked him automatically, hoping I hadn't overdressed. He was wearing a dark plaid shirt which was tucked in his jeans.

"Bella," I felt his eyes travelled up and down my body. "You look amazing."

I blushed, unable to meet his eyes as I murmured a small thank you.

"Bella, where are you?" Rose called from upstairs.

"Here!" I called back; I looked over my shoulder as she came to the door.

"I didn't know you had guests Bella," Jake said.

"Its just Rosalie, she helped me get ready for our date." I smiled and glanced over at my friend before turning my attention back to Jake.

"Did she?" He looked over at Rose, "Well, thank you."

I didn't miss the cold tone he used and the looks Jake and Rose were giving each other. My eyebrows furrowed as I tried to understand what was happening. From what I knew neither of them had ever spoken to the other before.

"It was nothing, Bella is my friend," she said using the same tone Jake had used. "I'll be going now."

She walked past me and went outside; her car was parked in Charlie's place in the driveway.

"I'll see you on Monday; call me if you need me for anything."

When her car pulled out of the driveway, Jake's whole body seemed to relax from his tense position. He reached for my hand and placed a kiss on my knuckles.

"Should we get going?" He asked as he released my hand.

"We're not taking your bike are we?" I asked, as I pointed to my dress.

"No I borrowed a car from a friend," He explained as he led me to a blue mini cooper parked by the side-walk.

I got into the passenger seat and buckled in.

"What was that with you and Rose back there?" I asked trying to break the awkward silence.

"I don't know what Barbie's problem is. Maybe she just doesn't like me."

Jake looked at me and then apologized saying he was nervous about our first date. I decided not to broach the subject of Rosalie again because he seemed antagonized by the thought of her.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked as I looked outside.

"I was thinking the lodge, somewhere we are both comfortable at for our first date."

"Sounds good." Not really I would have liked it better if he took me some place more original.

We had dinner in silence; I ate pasta and chicken, while Jacob played with his food. This was strange because the Jake I remembered ate like a starving wolf.

"Are you alright?" I finally asked.

Jake looked up at me, "Sorry, I'm ruining our first date."

"What's the matter?"

"It's just Blondie... She's your friend I -"

"Just spit it out."

Jacob looked a little taken aback.

"You think of her as your friend right?"

I nodded. "Of course."

"Why? Don't you know about the things she says about you?"

"What things?"

"You don't know. I guess its better like that, but I think that you shouldn't be friend with her, she's not a very nice person."

"You don't know any-"

"Thing about her? I do Bella. I hear the cheerleaders talking after school and I heard them talking about you Bella. Sure she might have been nice when she first moved to Forks, but the cheerleaders changed her. I'm sure you must have noticed Bella. I wouldn't lie to you."

"Then why would she help me get ready for our date and why is always nice to me?"

"I know what I heard Bella and it took everything I had not to attack those girls. Why do think she gave me that look back at your place. She knows I heard her and her friends. That's why she doesn't like me."

I examined his face for a second, he seemed to saying the truth, and for some reason Rose had asked to be careful with Jake maybe that was why.

I huffed, "I can't believe her! I seriously thought she was my friend."

We were silent again for a few minutes.

"Let's forget about her and try to enjoy ourselves. Don't let her ruin our date," Jake said.

I smiled half heartedly. "Yeah."

We spent half an hour at the lodge just talking, but the subject of Rose was still flying around at the back of my mind. Jake insisted on paying for everything before we left, I let him with any arguments.

After that we just drove around Forks just talking and laughing and I finally forgot about Rose. Jake bought me to Sue's house at around nine, after Charlie called me and insisted I come over. He told he proposed and Sue said yes. They were having a small gathering with friends and family. Jake got a call from Billy too telling him to go to Sue's house. Jake dropped me off first then said he had to return the car to his friend.

Sue's little house was filled with although there could have been more than 10 people in there. I saw Billy had come over; Seth was sitting on the arm of their tatty sofa eating a whole box pizza by himself. Sue was sat on the sofa next to him, and Charlie was holding her hand on her other side grinning from ear to ear. One of Seth's friends Quil, I think her was called, was sitting in front of the television laughing about something. His father Quil senior was sitting on a chair beside Billy. Claire his girlfriend was sneaking up behind him and bit him on the shoulder. Leah however was nowhere to be found in this picture of happiness. Figures she must have been sulking somewhere else.

The atmosphere in the room was cosy and content.

"Hello guys, congratulations dad, congratulations Sue," I said. They both got up and hugged me.

"Thank you Bella," Sue whispered in my ear as she embraced me.

"Where's Leah?" I whispered back.

"She's around somewhere. Didn't take the news too well," Sue said, and then pulled away from me. "It wasn't too bad, she's been worse."

They made some space for me to sit on the crowded sofa. I had to squeeze in, thankful I had not eaten too much at the Lodge.

"Bella your mom called me she said she was moving to England in three weeks," Charlie told me, "She said she won't be able to email you because she's busy with packing. She'll call you as soon as she gets to England."

When he finished speaking Jake walked in with Leah following.

"Hi guys look what I found?"Jake said lifting Leah's hand up, like it was some prize.

Leah scowled and yanked it back down, then stomped off to the sit on the floor in the corner ignoring everyone.

"We have some good news," Sue told Jake. "Charlie proposed. We're getting married!"

"Wow, congrats," Jake gushed. I also heard Leah curse under her breath.

Sue started planning her wedding; she wanted something small with close friends and family, but one that would be remembered. Seth joined in the conversation asking if he could be the best man, and Leah said not to bother asking her to be maid of honour.

"I am not taking part in this whole damn wedding. I' m completely against it," Leah spat.

"Leah, I really don't want to do this, can you just go to your room." Sue looked defeated and tired as she told her daughter off again.

I sighed to myself, the saying was true. No good thing goes unpunished.

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