Ponyboy sighed, and looked up at Two-Bit. The older teenager was smiling, and holding a deck of cards. The other greasers were gathered around the two, tense and excited. The game of poker had been going on for around an hour, and the stakes were high. Two-Bit was out to get rich, and Pony was out for a trip to a farm. For Soda's sake more then his own really. Pony had found out about a horse farm just a few miles outside of Tulsa, run by someone around his age named Tex. The boy had said that he knew what it was like to not be able to afford horses when you loved them, and had offered Pony free rides for him and any of his friends. He hadn't told Soda yet, but that was why he was betting against Two-Bit, the poker champion of the group.

Two-Bit was smirking, and shaking his head at the youngest member of the group. Pony had emptied his pop fund to try and win a chance to borrow Two-Bit's crappy car. Pony kept his face straight, and watched as Two-Bit finally put down his cards. A full house. Everyone shook their heads, and Pony finally played his cards.

Royal flush.

Everyone cheered.