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Harry Potter tweets: I think that the whole horcrux thing was a stupid god complex.

Harry Potter emerges from the pensieve after finding out that he was a horcrux? His brain is sluggish with the huge betrayal from the people, he trusted in his life.

Then, his brain restarts with a swift kick; he stops thinking about stupid emotions and for the first time in the novel, thinks logically. How the hell did he became a horcrux? Remembering the last moments of his mothers' life, he reviews each and everything clinically.

In his memory-

step 1) Voldemort murders my mother by AK.

step 2) He (Harry Potter) acquires blood protection (hypothetically).

step 3) Voldemort performs horcrux ritual (end stage - casting AK at Harry Potter).

step 4) Voldemort fires AK at him (Harry), which rebounds and kills him.

How did Voldemort's soul get attached to my forehead now? Did my blood protection had a flaw or Voldemort's soul could drill/ superglue itself there.

'Neither of the things happened, which tells me that Dumbledore is a old dead liar and he wanted me to die with a big stupid smile on my face and courage in my heart or some shit; and the prophecy gave me way to get a lead on my enemy.' He smirks.

"Well the elder wand cannot kill me anyways. Old Voldy is the only one who is likely to kill me and the others are too chicken. Harry my boy, prepare to become boy who lived twice." With that Harry walks out of the headmaster's office -away to mystify Voldemort once more.

have fun