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The birds outside Maizon Izumo sang to greet the warm sun as its rays streamed down
through the window, just as they had in days before. And in the fine apartment, the day
was beginning for its few inhabitants. One of its newer inhabitants was doing his best to
ensure that he wasn't about to awake before he was ready. He sniffed for a moment, and
then sighed happily. Scratching himself in his sleep.

The young man in room 202 was a rather non-descript Japanese man. Nothing all that
remarkable about him besides his uncanny resemblance to a neurotic single letter detective
that won't be mentioned for fear of attracting the wrath of American soccer moms who don't
really read manga enough to know what their kids should or should not be reading. Even his
name wasn't one that would raise the eyebrows of most people.

Minato Sahashi groaned as sunlight was pored into his eyes, forcing the ronin into the land of
awakenings. Man... he thought as he yawned I had the strangest dream last night. He didn't
remember it all clearly, but of what he did remember there were two dreams that stuck out the

One dream where he heard the soft cries of a young girl looking for her brother. It was odd since
the voice sounded nothing like his own little sister Yukari. But at the same time he couldn't help
being drawn towards it. Wanting to help the young girl find her brother.

The other dream was hazy at best. But from what he remembered it involved Musubi and the
following things.

Whipped cream, cherries, and panties.

That was, of course, the point where he woke up.

Still, he could remember there was a strong feeling associated with THAT dream like he had stuck
his hand in marshmallows. In fact, it felt like his head was stuck in a bowl of marshmallows right now.


Wait a sec.

Minato's eye's opened to find that somehow during the night Musubi had managed to hug his head
between her breasts. And, while a fine way to start a man's day, was a bit to much stimulation for
the poor ronin student.

"Gaaaaah!" He cried as he freed himself from his sekirei's grip and backpedaled into his wall,

Musubi yawned and stretched out the early morning kinks from her shoulders. It was understandable
why his roommate would go about causing such a grand reaction from the young man. She had a
figure that most women would either envy or deride as impossible for any woman in the real world. It
was also a figure most men would hit like the fist of an angry god.

Especially with that t-shirt and panties combo. The fact that Minato had not made a sticky mess of his
pajamas was a testament to something. But we're not going to get into that now.

Minato did his best to ignore the rater interesting motions of her chest as she stood and arched her
back, working out the numerous kinks. "Good Morning, Minato-sama!" she chirped as she finished.

Oh Yes... yes it certainly was.

Minato cleared his throat as he attempted to regain control of his hormones, "G-G-Good morning
Musubi-chan. Did you sleep well?"

Musubi nodded enthusiastically as she stood up, "I slept great Minato-sama!" She then blinked in
confusion and tilted her head to the side, "Are you feeling well Minato-sama? Your face is really red."

"I-I-I'm fine!" Minato squeaked out as he stood up suddenly. "Guess I'm just not used to this place yet!"
He semi-lied.

"Is that so?" Musubi asked.

Minato nodded enthusiastically. Letting out a breath as he walked towards one of the windows towards
his new place and opened it. Inhaling deeply as the cool damp spring air wafted over his face, he rested
his arms as he continued to think upon the roller coaster that his life had become in the span of a few days.
It was incredible and hard to believe, but somehow he had gone from being a two-time failure of a ronin with
future that was growing all the bleaker to the Ashikabi of Musubi.

Sekirei... Ashikabi... and the MBI... he thought worriedly as he stepped away from the window and grabbed
a towel from the counter. Just what the heck have I got myself into?

"Ah," piped in Musubi as she noticed her Ashikabi's actions. "Are you going to take a bath now Minato-sama?"
Minato nodded absently. "A bath... really? Then shall I join you, Minato-sama?" Musubi asked innocently.

"You want to...?" Minato asked in slightly stunned silence as his mind decided to travel once more.

Keep it in yer pants, boys...

Minato absently swung the door behind him, not bothering to lock it. The Ashikabi
went first to the bathtub and turned it on. The tub was huge, about the size of a spa
or hot-tub. As the water warmed up he quickly undressed. He grunted slightly as he
fought with his shirt slightly, but the battle was won quickly enough. As he tossed
the article of clothing off to the side, he stiffened slightly as he felt an odd weight on
his back.

"Gaah," he cried out as he dashed away from the sensation. Turning to see who he
was dealing with, he blinked in surprise at the newcomer, "M-M-Musubi-chan?"

He stopped talking as he noticed his Sekirei's state of dress. Musubi was now dressed
only in her panties and gloves. Minato felt his body flush and a trickle of blood flow down
his nose as he starred at her body. Her long silken hair untied from it's normal ponytail,
the play of well toned muscle in her thighs, and of course, the sway of Musubi's breasts.

"Musubi-chan... what are you...?" the Sekirei smiled and stepped toward Minato before

"I was just looking at you Minato-sama. You're very handsome." Musubi slid forward, slow,
and silky-smooth. The poor ronin didn't know what to do, his head seemed fuzzy, and his
body felt hot. Musubi's eyes traveled up from Minato's feet to his crimson-with-embarrassment
face. The Sekirei smiled and spoke again. "You know that don't you? How handsome you are?"

Minato blinked, swallowed, and stepped back, trying to make sense of what was happening.
Musubi kept up her slow advance and Minato took another step away, not knowing what else
to do. Then his foot hit the edge of the large bathtub. The inexperienced man glanced backward
in short surprise and when her gaze was forward again Musubi was right in front of him.


Musubi's soft voice made Minato start and move his eyes back to the girl's face. The sekirei was
still smiling and was so close that their chests were almost touching. His mouth was dry, and his
heart was beating all over the place. Minato swallowed in a strange mix of fear, confusion, and
something he couldn't place. Then Musubi's voice startled him again.

"Minato-sama, do you think I'm pretty?"

The Ashikabi averted his eyes, swallowed and answered. "Yes..."

Minato was sure that his heart was about to jump out of his chest when Musubi leaned even closer
to his lips. "Do you like me Minato-sama?"

This time the two time ronin closed his eyes. "Yes, I like you very much."

The sekirei slowly brought her right hand to Minato's thigh and slowly trailed it up to his arm, across
his neck to her Ashikabi's cheek. With one finger Musubi gently turned Minato to face her. The young
man opened his eyes and looked into Musubi's. "That makes me so happy Minato-sama. Because...
I love you Minato-sama..."

Minato's breath was coming in short gasps now, Musubi's lips were almost touching his, their bodies
seemed charged, and Minato could feel the heat from the woman so tantalizingly close to him. His lips
parted slightly as Musubi lightly moved her hand to cup his cheek.

And that was when the room started to shake.

Told ya didn't I?

"Minato-samaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Musubi cried. "Wake up Minato-samaaaaaaaaaa!"

Musubi's worry could be abated if it were possible for her to see the scene above.

Then again probably not but her worry was well founded. At her question her Ashikabi
had paused for a few brief seconds before pitching forward face first. A pool of blood
forming beneath his unmoving form. Naturally, she had assumed the worst and was doing
what she could to bring her Ashikabi back into the world of the living.

"Not there Musubi-chan," Minato whispered deliriously, "That's not a place good girls
should kiss..."


"Well... that's finally done," Minato huffed as he wiped his brow. He never thought
it was possible for a man to lose as much blood from his nose. But as he was
learning these last several days, nothing was impossible. He was fortunate that
Musubi had revived him fast enough to clean the floor before it really stained the floor.

Finishing up he gathered the towels and quickly made his way downstairs to put the
items away and into the proper washroom. As he returned to the main guest area he
noticed Musubi wasn't there any longer. Seeing Miya in the kitchen, he quickly made
his way to her.

"Ah, Landlady?"

"Yes", she replied while not turning around.

"Did you see where Musubi-chan went to?"

"She went upstairs to the bath. I had suggested to have one before we gathered for

"Oh, um, thank you".

"And Minato-san?"

"Ah, yes?"

"While we may allow mixed bathing I do *suggest* that bathing is all you do", she said
as her head turned to face him.

He gulped as he could have sworn he saw the air darken around her. "Ah, no, no, I was
just wondering where Musubi was, that's all", he quickly supplied.

"Oh", Miya replied, the crushing air now gone. "Breakfast will be ready in a few
minutes then".

"Th-thank you", Minato said as he made haste out of the kitchen.

Making his way to the open area of the yard area of Maizon Izumo he did not hear
the knocking at the door. Miya quickly covered the breakfast as she washed and
dried her hands as she made way for the entrance. Opening the door she blinked
in surprise, not expecting this guest until much later on. "Good morning", she said
recovering, "How nice it is to see you here so early."

"Morning, Asama-san", the guest replied.

"You're just in time for breakfast", Miya replied as she stepped back to allow the
visitor in.

Outside in the yard Minato looked upon the tree that helped stop his and Musubi's
literal dropping in. Placing a hand on the tree he again wondered about how they
were cushioned from such a high altitude from just this tree.

"You'd think a fall like that would have killed us..." He muttered as he looked over
the tree. "Or at the very least broke some bones. But yet and still I feel fine." He
let out a breath as he looked up at the tree. From his eyes, it didn't look like anything
special. Just an ordinary tree. But yet there lied another mystery. Despite having
two people fall through it's branches and leaves, It hardly looked the worse for wear.
Sure they had gotten a few twigs and leaves entangled in their hair last night, but
you couldn't tell that anything had happened to the tree last night.

Minato sighed again as his fingertips lightly traced the bark, "Is it possible the leaves
acted like a cushion?" The two-time ronin's thought process halted as the tree
exploded in a green light. Minato shielded his eyes with his arm that was not touching
the tree. A part of his mind finding it odd that he couldn't seem to remove his hand
from the tree. When the light faded, Minato's eyes opened...

"Wh-What the heck?"

And found himself in a forest. A deep green canopy surrounding his vision. The sun
beat down overhead from between the branches, and only a light breeze stirred the
grass in the open field where Minato stood. "Where... where is this place?" He
wondered, "What's going on?"

-Please Help Me!-

"Wha?" Minato let out as he heard a strange voice in his head. "Who... who are you?"

-Pleaseā€¦ please come for me! Please save me!-

"Where are you?" Minato cried. "I can't help you if I don't know where you are!"
His hand that laid upon the tree slid down, and suddenly Minato found himself in
the backyard of the Maizon Izumo. He looked around wildly, and when he was
once again sure that he was back at the Maizon Izumo he drew his eyes back
down towards his hand.

What.. what was that? he wondered. And why.. why do I know that voice?
Like I heard it before...


Minato gasped at the sound of breaking plywood and oak and suddenly found
himself in-between his sekirei and his new neighbor. "What the heck?"

The heck...

In the hallway of Maizon Izumo, another young woman was making her way for a
bath. Much like Musubi, this girl was also someone who could cause accidents
simply by being on the street as men gawked at her impossible figure. Long,
chocolate colored hair fell to the back of her knees with a side ponytail tied on the
top left side of her head. Her hair bounced back and forth as she made her way
down the hall, humming happily all the while.

"Hmmmhumhmmmmm La La La..."

Uzume was almost gliding as she walked towards the bathroom, bathing supplies in
one hand. She felt as light as a feather, and any one who looked upon her would say
she moved that way as well. That in and of it's self was not all that odd as she was a
rather happy-go-lucky girl in general but her bounce had a little more lift to it than
usual and her smile had a little more brightness to it than normal.

And why was that you may ask?

Because... A very special person was coming back today. And this time to stay.

She giggled as she entered the changing area, tossing her shirt and pants into the
clothing bin. It seemed like it had been forever since she had last seen her Ashikabi,
although admittedly time always seemed to come to a crawl whenever her Ashikabi
was gone. A faint blush crept upon her cheeks as the very thought of her Ashikabi
filled her heart with enough joy to light a city block. Perhaps today she could finally
get a 'real' smile from her most important person. And she had just the scheme to do
it to!

Her train of thought was derailed slightly as she finally entered the bathing area and
found she was not alone. There was a healthy bit of steam in the room, but her eyes
lit up in recognition at her bathing companion. "Oh, you're that guest from the other

Musubi nodded as a wide smile crossed her face, "Ah! Hello there!" Her hair was out
of it's ponytail, as she was busy washing it.

Uzume's grin widened as she walked towards Musubi, "Did you guys move in today?"

"Yesterday actually." Musubi corrected.

"Is that so?" Uzume grinned and stuck out her tongue slightly, "Then let me introduce
myself. I'm Uzume; I'm up in room 203. I'll be seein' ya around!"

Musubi bowed slightly from her sitting position, "And I'm Musubi. It's nice to meet you."
Scrubbing down quickly Uzume hopped into the bath and stretched as she enjoyed the
warm water surround her. Moving her head back and forth her eyes drew back to the new
tenant, Musubi as she finished with her own scrub down.

With that, Musubi grabbed the pail and upended the contents over her, washing the last
of the soap off her. Uzume's eyes widened as a familiar crest was revealed.

"Hey!" Uzume cried out, startling Musubi slightly. "That's a Sekirei mark, ain't it? You're
a Sekirei, huh?" Musubi stared blankly as Uzume stood up and turned, showing her back
to the outed sekirei. She then parted her long hair and reviled her own sekirei mark, "See?
Me too!"

...And now you know the rest of the story.


That sound definitely came from here, Minato thought as he crept around the
side of Maizon Izumo. But... but why the bath area?


Minato stared as Uzume flipped out of a newly opened hole and landed upon the
apartment's border fence. While that bit of acrobatics was an impressive enough
feat to cause someone to stare in awe, that wasn't the only thing that Minato noticed.
Rather, what had caught his eye the most was the way Uzume's towel was clinging
rather nicely to her body. Highlighting her rather generous curves and ample... assets.

"What the heck," Uzume muttered irritably. "That Sekirei's nuts!" Sensing a presence,
Uzume smiled as she spotted Minato staring at her, "Oh, hi there!" She chirped, "You're
that girl's Ashikabi right?"

The title had managed to pierce through Minato's distracted thoughts, "Wha? How do you
know about that?"

Uzume ignored the question as she flipped off the fence and behind Minato, wrapping her
arms around him. "I don't wanna fight your Sekirei! So could you please tell her to stop?"

"Stop?", Minato choked out, mouth dry as another beautiful (and nearly naked) woman
drew close to him. So close he could feel-

"AH!" cried out Musubi's surprised voice from the newly made hole. "Please get away from
my Minato-sama!"

Said Minato gulped slightly as Musubi leapt out of the hole and glared fiercely at Uzume,
"Mu-Mu-Musubi-chan... please.. just stop?" He held out his arm for emphasis, not noticing
how it was shaking at remembering how strong Musubi was.

Musubi made a fist in response.

"Oh this isn't gonna end well," Uzume deadpanned.

"Please get away..." Musubi reared back her fist, "From my Minato-sama!"


Minato looked down in amazement as the landlady had used a pot lid like a shield,
blocking Musubi's fist. "Miya-san?" Minato asked.

Miya simply smiled benevolently at Musubi before she rapped her head lightly,
"Musubi-chan... what happened to your manners as a girl? This is not how a proper
young lady acts!"

"Yes Miya-san," Musubi muttered as she pouted slightly. "I'm sorry", she woefully
replied, looking 10 years younger then she was.

Miya nodded in approval, "Very good."

Uzume snickered behind Minato's back, "Musubi-chan got in trouble..."

"The same goes for you, Uzume-chan." Miya responded, not turning to face the other

"Ehhehehe... right Miya-san." Uzume muttered embarrassingly.

"I won't ask the reason for this but..." Minato paled slightly as a dark aura
surrounded the landlady, "Please remember that I won't forgive any violence in this
apartment." She turned and gave Minato and Uzume a pleasant smile, but all
Minato did was pale even further as what appeared to be an hannya mask
materialized beside her, "Are we clear?"

"Crystal," Minato whispered as Uzume nodded furiously.

"Excellent," Miya nodded as she turned and re-entered the apartment. "Breakfast
will be ready shortly, so finish cleaning up alright?"

Uzume let out a breath she wasn't aware that she was holding as Miya disappeared
into the building, "Man... when Miya gets mad she's hella scary."

"Ok, Uzume," came an unfamiliar voice from the open engawa that Miya walked into
a few seconds ago. "What happened THIS time?"

Minato blinked, trying to place the voice but coming up short. Glancing to whom the
voice addressed, he couldn't help but notice her face light up with a bright smile, a
smile he noticed in Musubi whenever she looked at him. The person was a little taller
than him, dressed in a simple white shirt, a black jean jacket, and blue jeans. Although
what really caught the ronin's attention the most was his bright orange hair that went
down to his neck, and a little messy looking. Minato almost gulped at the man's scowl.

Uzume's smile brightened as she let go of Minato and practically pounced upon
the man, "ICHIGO! Welcome home Ichigo!"

Ichigo Kurosaki ran a hand through his unruly mane and sighed, "Thanks Uzume...
but could you please put some clothes on?"

Uzume smiled brightly at him and his eye twitched, realizing she was up to something.
"Sure, but you'll have to give me a few", she said playfully as she reached to pull the
towel open.

Ichigo sighed again as he removed his coat and handed it to the Sekirei, "Here. Now go
and get dressed."

She pouted as she took the jacket but still decided to give him a show as she again began
to pull at her towel. Or would have had her head not snapped to the side from a ladle that
suddenly swung her way. "What did I tell you about acting like a proper girl," came Miya's
distant voice.

"Sorry Miya-san," Uzume rubbed her head irritably as she apologized. "I'll go make myself
decent." Uzume grinned slightly as she clasped onto Ichigo's arm, "C'mon Ichigo, I-"


Minato and Uzume's eyes bugged out of their heads slightly as they noted the spoon that had
embedded it's self into the fence. "By yourself please," came Miya's serene voice.

"But Miiiiyaaaa~"

"Was I not clear?" Miya asked. A twinge of steel entering her voice.

Uzume nodded fiercely as she let go of Ichigo's arm with a forlorn look and finally
walked back to her room. Ichigo shook his head as he looked at her retreating
figure before he turned back to face Musubi and Minato who were both stepping up
onto the engawa with him. "Huh, well that was a hell of a way to say hi but..." He
extended his hand out to Minato, "Name's Ichigo. Welcome to the place neighbor."

Minato blinked in surprise before he took the extended hand, "Ah right... I'm Minato
Sahashi and this is Musubi-chan. Th-thank you", Minato answered and grabbed
Ichigo's outstretched hand to shake. Once introduced, he put a hand behind his
head and smiled uncertainly. "Uh...sorry about earlier, Musubi really got out of hand
there, and uh..."

Ichigo shrugged, "Eh don't worry 'bout it. No one got hurt, right? Just some broken
wood and stuff that can easily be fixed."

With that, the next thing Minato realized, or felt rather, was a brief gust of wind.
Blinking he, realized that Ichigo had listed to the side and tilted his head away before
he noticed that there was still one more person in the hallway with them. Mouth dropping, he
realized that the Landlady was not only with them, but in a position where she had swung
her makeshift weapon, and if he read the situation correctly, she *missed*.

"What the heck was that for, Landlady?" Ichigo asked.

His answer was a laddle to his cranium as Miya's demonic aura appeared full force,
"You know why."

Ichigo just rubbed his head irritably, "Yeah, yeah, I know. Sorry." He groaned as
he walked past Miya, "I'm gonna see if Uzume's dressed yet." With that he turned
towards the stairwell to find the woman.

For his part Minato stared at his new neighbor in disbelief. Just who was this guy?
He seemed to be unaffected by Miya's aura, and he lived with Uzume? And how
did Uzume know about Musubi being a Sekirei anyway? He sighed as he felt his
legs give out and fell to the ground.

"Minato-sama?" Musubi asked worriedly.

"This.. this is just too much.." he mumbled.

Ichigo was scowling a bit as he walked up the stairs on his way to Uzume's room.
Taking a breath he sighed and scratched his head, thinking back to what had
happened while he was away and the grilling he had gotten. Grimacing at the
memory and being outvoted he continued to her door, paused once more and
knocked. "You decent?", he called out.

"Aren't I always?" Uzume sing-songed.

His eye twitched as he braced himself. Not that he minded the eye candy.


But there's the principle of the thing and all.

Not to mention Miya-san.

With that he opened the door and was quickly pounced on by a hundred and ten
lbs. of a happy, busty Sekirei.

Blushing mightily he shifted in her embrace and looked down at the content and
happy girl at his chest. "Is all that necessary?"Ichigo asked. Scratching his
cheek in embarrassment while he wrapped another arm around Uzume, "I mean
I was only gone as long as I've normally been."

She sighed into his chest. Turning her head slightly, she whispered, "It felt like

Ichigo sighed and patted the head of the Sekirei, "Sorry." He gave a small smile
as Uzume hugged him a little tighter, accepting his apology. "At least you didn't
do this half naked this time."

Uzume raised her head from his chest and smirked, "Oh? You rather I did that next

"And with that," Ichigo grumbled as he let Uzume loose and walked away from her.
"We're back to normal."

Uzume folded her arms and pouted, "You're no fun."

Ichigo shrugged indifferently. Raking a hand through his unruly mane, he gave
another sigh before turning back to Uzume.

Uzume blinked in confusion at his actions, "Hey, where's your stuff? Something

Ichigo just frowned slightly as he lowered his hand, "Maybe."

Uzume's eyebrow rose at Ichigo's statement, "Out with it then. You know I'll do
anything I can to help you."

Ichigo simply sighed again, "Therein lies the problem."

"Stop being vague," Uzume huffed. "Out with it all ready!"

"Fine then," Ichigo said, huffing himself. "It's about what happened at home...
y'see somehow my family found out about us." Ichigo sighed. "Not the whole
story, but enough that my family and friends want to meet you."

At those words, Ichigo's vision was filled with Uzume once more. Her eyes wide
with curiosity and smile aglow, she wrapped her arms around the young man, "Whoa,
hold on Uzume!"

"Wow..." she whispered. "So you finally told your family about us? What took you so

Ichigo blushed across the bridge of his nose at her actions and scratched his cheek
once more, "Well... t... that's because it's complicated."

Uzume's eyebrow rose slightly, "Complicated? Why would it be so complicated?"

"Because I wouldn't know how to explain our situation!" he cried.

"You don't know?" Uzume asked in staged disbelief. "Here, let me help you. I'm your
wife! See? Simple."

"Yes and that would unleash a whole mess of problems with my dad it'd make your head
spin." Ichigo grumbled. "Not like it matters anyway."

"So...?", she asked.

"So...?", he queried back.

"When do we leave?", she said while gently poking his chest with her fingers.

"Uzume..." he groaned.

"We shouldn't keep them waiting, right?"

"Uzume..." he groaned anew.

"Oh come on Ichigo," Uzume pouted. "I wanna meet your important people! I
wanna see the place you grew up! I wanna get to know all the more about you!"

Ichigo gave one more of groan, "Fine. We'll go, we'll go see my little sisters and
psycho dad. Now can you get up off of me, please?"

"When do we go", she asked.

"Later", he said.

Uzume pouted, "When is later?"

"Later is later," Ichigo answered. "Now get off me."

"Not until you tell me when we're leaving"






"So you're going to be out a few days", Miya asked, seeing both Ichigo and
Uzume with a few packs at the door. "I must say, Kurosaki-san I thought you
would start moving things in right now."

"So did I", Ichigo replied with a huff while Uzume was beaming and bouncing on her
heals. The Sekirei had seen fit to dress up for her first meeting with Ichigo's family.
She wore a tight, dark blue, knee length skirt, cut to about halfway up the thigh. An
emerald blouse and matching flat shoes completed her wear for the trip.

"You both will behave yourselves while you're gone, won't you?", she asked.

"Yes, Asama-san, we will", Ichigo replied in a flat tone.

Miya blinked at the young man's demeanor. "Ara, is something the matter? You are
just going back home, are you not?

"And therein lies your answer", he said in the same tone.

Uzume then decided to pick up her things and grabbed Ichigo's arm. Pulling him along
she turned and waived. "We'll see you in a few days Miya! Bye!"

Miya smiled at the pair as they turned and walked towards the gate, "Have a lovely time
you two!"

As they both walked off Ichigo lifted his arm and called out, "See ya, Asama-san".

Miya twitched a bit at how casual he was and continued to listen to them as they walked to the gates.

"Will you stop that," she heard him tell Uzume as she was nearly dragging him.

"Sorry, sorry", she said and turned, rubbing her head with a hand. "It's just that
I'm so excited to actually be meeting your family!"

Ichigo stopped and turned to her. "That excitement will be your undoing," he said
cryptically before continuing his walk.

Both Miya and Uzume blinked at that before Uzume bounded back after them. And
with that, they were beyond the gates and out of earshot.

Miya turned back and closed the door and sighed. "It'll be nice to have a few
quiet days," she said to herself.

If only Ichigo could say the same...

End Prologue.

Author's notes.

This fic is AU (clearly) post Aizen's defeat and is taking some of the things that
have happened in the manga and that the current arc that is starting now have not
yet happened in this AU.