Don't Touch My Echidna!

By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: Stranger From The Sky

It was a clear, peaceful night on Angel Island. The full moon shined bright, and millions of stars twinkled like diamonds in the dark sky.

Down below, sitting in the glowing green glow of the Master Emerald, sat Knuckles the Echidna, breathing in the night air, a relaxed expression painted on his face. He always enjoyed the night time's on Angel Island. It was the only time he ever felt truly at peace.

Curiously the red echidna's voilet gaze wondered over to a small cabin placed about ten feet away from the Master Emerald's alter. Through the cabin's window Knuckles could see the Chaotix messing around.

Vector was busy chasing Charmy for some unknown reason, while Espio was trying to meditate. The chameleon wasn't having much luck, and when he got up to yell at Vector and Charmy, the duo attacked him by tickling his stomach.

Knuckles chuckled at the trio's antics. It was good to have someone else living with him on Angel Island. Knuckles had spent so many years alone that he had never known what having true friends were like. If it wasn't for Sonic and his impulsive actions, Knuckles may have never met the Chaotix.

" I guess I owe some thanks to that hedgehog," thought Knuckles, laying back down, and turning his gaze towards the sky.

A comet managed to catch his eyes, glowing brillantly with yellow and red flames. It looked beautiful soaring through the night. The glow got brighter as the comet drew closer.

"Wait, closer?" Knuckles thought.

Without a second to think over his thought, Knuckles jumped up in horror as he realized that the comet was on a collison course with Angel Island. Striking the ground like a bullet, the fiery comet formed a large crater just about twenty feet away from the alter.

Knuckles was stunned for a moment, before he could shake of the shock. Wasting no time, Knuckles ran towards the area where the comet had landed. He was curious to know just how big the comet had been, given the size of the crater.

However, as Knuckles peered down into the dark recesses of the crater, a gasp escaped from his mouth. It wasn't a comet he had seen falling from the heavens, it was a hedgehog. A black and blue-striped hedgehog.

Sliding down into the crater, Knuckles quickly examined the unconious hedgehog. The strange hedgehog bore a striking resemblence to Shadow except he had no mouth and his stripes were blue instead of red.

Numerous cuts and bruises riddled the hedgehog's body, likely created from his unexpected crash landing. A big cut was on his forehead, still leaking blood. Although unsure about this stranger, Knuckles couldn't very well leave the fellow to die in this crater.

Wrapping one of the stranger's arms around his neck, and his own arm around the stranger's chest Knuckles lugged himself towards the Chaotix cabin.

"I just know the guys are going to rib me about this," thought Knuckles, with disdain.