Snape and Hermione Oneshot

This is the first fanfic I've written in years so bear with me lol

I OWN NOTHING! But I thank JK Rowling for everything she's ever done


"Detention Granger, for being such an insufferable no-it-all." Snape scowled at the beginning of Potions class.

Hermione's face began to flush with fury. So what if she was helping Neville? If she didn't, she was sure he would cause some sort of explosion and that would get him in trouble, plus, many points taken away from Gryffindor.

"Blimey Hermione, when are you just going to learn your lesson and stop getting yourself in trouble?" Ron said while holding in a laugh.

"What is this? Third time this month?" Harry said, also holding back a laugh.

Hermione just rolled her eyes and continued working on her potion. When class was dismissed Snape help Hermione back.

"Granger, I thought you would have learned by now to stop helping Longbottem with his work!" Snape said with a little laugh and mischievous smile.

"It was hard enough to help him. I think he's actually doing better in potions now that I've been helping him so much. But surely enough I noticed he added too many Wrackspurt seeds to his potion, which could of cause a catastrophe. Besides, who would you rather have in detention, Neville? Or me?" Hermione returning the naughty smile taking a step closer.

Snape quickly thrust his hand up her skirt as Hermione let out a little gasp. She opened her legs a little wider so he has more access to her pleasure points but was still careful in case a student were to come in.

"So Miss Granger, you've been a naughty girl today, how should I punish you for your detention? Something different tonight?" Snape asked her. His head was sparkling with drops of sweat and his fingers were cramping from moving so much but it was all worth it.

Hermione could barely talk. His fingers were moving in and out, all around her. She was breathing faster and couldn't hold on to the pulsing feeling in her tight snap.

"Oh please professor, can I cum now?" Hermione gasped.

"Not yet. But I want you to try and compose yourself a bit and peak your head out the door." Snape grinned.


"Your friends are waiting for you outside still. They're wondering what's taking so long. I want you to peak your head outside and tell them that your going to be awhile and that you'll meet them later."

"Yes Professor." Hermione said as she started to remove Snape's fingers from her snap but Snape stopped her.

"No, you need to tell them while I'm still inside you. Let's see if you're a convincing actress." Snape grinned and gave her a wink.

Hermione gulped but felt her snap pounding more and more and didn't want him to stop so she allowed Snape to lift her up gently and carry her to the doorway. She cracked the door open and arched her back sideways to see Harry, Ron and Neville sitting on the ground waiting. Hermione felt Snape insert another finger and she let out a little gasp, which got the boys attention.

"Hermione! What is taking so long? I'm getting hungry!" Ron whined.

"I'm sorry Hermione I didn't mean to get you in trouble again!" Neville exclaimed.

"Why is your face so red?" Harry asked.

Hermione didn't know what to say. How could Snape think this was a smart idea?

Suddenly she felt Snape lifting one of her legs in the air. She suddenly felt his warm breath on her snap and felt his tongue go in to her. Her breath got deeper and she closed her eyes, taking in the ecstasy…

"Well?" Harry said annoyed.

"Ummm, Snape and I are discussing my detention and… we got in to a little argument. You don't have to wait for me though, just- Ah, go- Ah, go to lunch."

"What was that?" Neville asked inquisitively.

"Ummm," Hermione racked her brain for a logical answer for why she sounded like she was moaning in pleasure.

"I-I was holding back a sneeze, Ah- Choo!"

And with that Hermione let out a loud fake, but convincing sneeze, spit and all.

"Sorry boys, I'll be down soon. Don't wait for me." Hermione prayed that they would finally leave because she couldn't hold her orgasm in any longer.

"Fine Hermione, I'll save you a sandwich!" Ron said eagerly.

"That is, if he doesn't eat it before you get back." Harry laughed.

The boys finally sauntered away and Hermione straightened her back out as she shut the door. Finally she collapsed against in a grabbed the doorknob gripping it as tight as she could, she couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Please professor may I please cum now?" Hermione cried with little tears trickling from her eyes.

Snape removed his tongue and started rubbing her snap fast.

"You may."

Finally Hermione release everything she had been holding in and let herself cum.

Snape released her finally as she slumped to the ground.

"Well Miss Granger," Snape said as he stood up, "Your detention will be served tonight in this classroom. If you're here even a minute past 8 you will be in for some serious punishment."

"Yes Professor." Hermione said and she grabbed her things and walked out the door.


Later that night.


Hermione walks in the door. Snape was sitting at his desk.

"It seems you are late Miss Granger."

Snape quickly glides across the floor, cloak billowing and slammed the door shut and pushed Hermione against the wall.

"I guess it's time for your punishment."


Let me know what you guys think! This is the first fanfic I've written in years! I used to write them in 6th grade (nothing bad of course lol) but I just decided it was time to start writing again! And of course I decided to write one like this to start it off haha. I've already got another one on the way that's oneshot and another long one I'm dying to start!

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