You've all been commenting and messaging me and I finally did it! I have written a sequel to Pathos! Just so you all know it's about to get reallllyyy kinky in here. It's also not that long because I suddenly had a huge writers block and didn't know how to continue, but I will! This chapter was actually going to be a separate oneshot but I decided to continue it on to Pathos since it worked so well.

Hope you all like it so far!


Snape shoved Hermione against the wall.

"I guess it's time for your punishment."

Snape attacked Hermione's lips with hunger and squeezed her shoulders as Hermione whimpered. Her lips felt bruised and she bit Snape's lip in ecstasy. Snape let out a moan and shoved her to the ground. With a wave of his wand, a rope suspended from the ceiling appeared and wound its way like a snake around Hermione's hands and tightened. With Hermione's hands above her head, her chest was heaving heavily. Snape leaned in and bit each nipple through her shirt and bra hard. Hermione let out a whimper.

"Do you like that Miss Granger?" Snape growled.

"Oh yes, Professor! I love it!" Hermione screamed.

"Well I guess I'm not punishing you enough if your enjoying it, I need to make you cry in pain!"

With that, Snape reached his hands into her button down shirt and ripped it apart. As buttons flew everywhere he waved his wand and muttered "Diffindo" and Hermione's bra ripped down the middle.

There they were. Those perky little tits that Snape had been drooling over ever since Hermione hit puberty. He reached, grasping those breasts and squeezed them hard. He leaned in and bit them hard again as Hermione let out a cry. Snape continued this till Hermione's face was shining with sweat and tears. He them put his hand up her skirt and felt the moisture that had formed. He started rubbing her clit hard and felt her panties become more and more soaked. Her breathing was getting heavier as she arched her back into Snape's chest. He responded by slipping her skirt and panties off and making the rope holding her arms, higher so Hermione was no standing on the tops of her toes. Snape bent down and stuck a finger in her pussy. She was so wet that it slid in there like easily. Snape then decided that one finger wouldn't be enough so he stuck all his fingers in and maneuvered his fist inside. Shrieking Hermione bit her lip hard and Snape thrust his fist in and out of her pussy. Her breaths got faster and faster till she was screaming.

"I'm going to cum!" Hermione gasped.

Before Snape could get his fist out, warm liquids squirted out around his hand dripping everywhere. Hermione's body was shaking and she couldn't control it.

"What just happened?" She whimpered as she slowly regained control of her body.

"You just squirted Miss Granger." Snape chortled, "How do you feel?"

"Pretty good, lets do it again!"

Snape smirked and released the rope hanging her from the ceiling but kept her hand bound behind her back. He took his pants off and Hermione stared at his dick as it poked out from behind his dark green boxers. Snape pulled his boxers down and shoved his dick into Hermione's mouth making her deep throat even though he knew she couldn't. He kept it there till Hermione made a stuttering noise and started to choke before he pulled out and continued to rape her mouth again. Snape let out a moaned. The feeling of his cock sliding down her throat was intoxicating. He pushed her back so she was lying on her back and he put his legs above her head and repositioned his thrusting movement into her mouth. Hermione tried to open her mouth wider to relieve her gag reflex. Droplets of sweat from Snape's chest were falling on her face and trickling down her cheeks and she felt her mouth drying up, as she tasted salt. Hermione's jaw was aching and she was finding it harder and harder to catch her breath. Snape pause thrusting and slapped his hand across her face. The vibration from her mouth finally made him cum all over her mouth. Hermione's cheek burned but she was glad it was over. She slowly licked her lips, enjoying the salty taste in her mouth. Snape sat down catching his breath for a minute. Then he strode over to where he placed his wand and snatched it up.

"You've been a very naughty girl Miss. Granger, and now I'm really going to show you what happens when you are naughty in my classroom."

Snape slashed his wand fast in the air and Hermione let out a scream.


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