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"I said no! Nein!" Prussia glared at his partner, who was trying to use his puppy eyes to his advantage.

Canada puffed out his cheeks. Kumajirou was in his arms, clutching an ice cube of frozen maple syrup, one of his favorite treats. He was busying himself with eating it while Prussia and Canada argued. About him, of all things.

"But Gilbert-"

"No! He would cause widespread panic!" His German accent was harsh, but quiet. It wouldn't stay like that for long though, with the way that Canada was pestering him.

"But it would be really cool if he could come with!" Canada persisted. He was losing quickly, but he has to try. There was no one to watch Kumajirou while he was gone; he certainly wasn't leaving him with Alfred again.

"My people would be panicked, Matthew. What do you think that would do if they saw a bear on a plane? Or walking around in public like nothing was wrong? They would be terrified!"

"He has a leash!" Canada pressed. Kumajirou was busily licking away at the ice cube, caring nothing about the conversation his master and his master's boyfriend were having. He bit down on the cube and crunched half of it with his teeth, the syrup melting in his mouth. He made a sound of contentment. "See?" Canada said, pointing at the bear in his arms with his free hand. "All he does is eat syrup!"

"Which is why he's so fat!" Prussia countered. Canada gasped.

"He is very sensitive about his weight!" Canada argued in a harsh whisper, as if Kumajirou was across the room and they had to quiet their voices for fear of hurting the bear's feelings. "Please?" he begged. "I don't want to leave him with Alfred again!"

Kumajirou looked up from his ice cube at the mention of Canada's brother. "No," the bear stated firmly, then went back to his ice cube.

"See?" Canada exclaimed. "His memory is terrible, bu even he knows Alfred can't even take care of himself, much less a pet." He the subject of the argument been anything else in the world, Canada would have given up almost immediately, but it was Kumajirou. Even he didn't deserve to be forcibly fed hamburgers for every meal. Canada's voice was quiet, his eyes pleading.

"...I must be out of my mind," Prussia said finally, hand over his eyes.

"So he can come?" Canada asked excitedly, kissing the other man on the lips.

"I have to make sure it is alright. There will be many people I have to call, but I will pull some strings and see what I can do." He stalked off to hunt down his cell phone. Kuma crunched down the last bit of his frozen syrup.

Canada smiled brightly at his boyfriend's retreating form. "No babysitter for you, Kuma."

Kumajirou was licking his paws clean when he suddenly looked up at his master. "Who are you?"

The blond sighed. "I'm Canada."