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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Zora's P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I don't know what to expect. Till Jade finally blurts it out, "I want an autograph picture of Chad Dylan Cooper.'

I say, "Girl who loves to cut Daises for a hobbie say what?"

She responds, "I know I may act as a hard and cool person but I really love the Falls. It is just Chad is the like the greatest actor of are generation."

I say, "As much as I despite Chad I hate that stupid doll more. So you are one hundred percent sure you can get rid of that doll."

She responds, "I will do anything for getting a picture of Chad especially autographed but don't tell anybody. You're the only one I trust."

I ask, "Not even Beck?"

She says, "Nope."

I soon leave when Robbie finds me. He says, "I have a big surprise!"

I don't really want to know I hate his surprises and I am tired. So I sarcastically say, "Sure what is?"

He hands me a pink paper and says, "There is going to be this ventriloquism act contest in the studio would you like to join."

I really don't want to join but I say, "Yeah why not,"

He then says, "The price is $100 but you are going to have to practice a lot. You don't even care Zaira."

I say, "Yeah it is just I am really busy."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jade's P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am the biggest fan of Chad. I may look tough but I am a sucker for Chad. All I have ever wanted was an autograph picture of him. I would do anything. So I buy a blonde wig and sunglasses. I then put them on and get on the bus tour to the Mackenzie Falls studio. I am so freaking excited.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beck's P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I can't find Jade anywhere it is like she got lost.

I shout, "Jade!"

Everybody in the cafeteria stares at me like a weirdo.

I soon leave when Zora comes over and I ask her, " Have you seen Jade?"