A/N: This is a crossover Warriors Orochi and Naruto. For those of you who don't know what Warriors Orochi is, it's a crossover game between 2 games called Dynasty Warriors 5 and Samurai Warriors 2. The warriors in this game takes place in The Three Kingdoms Period in past China and the Sengoku Period in past Japan. Dynasty Warriors are Chinese and Samurai Warriors are Japanese. This takes place after Warriors Orochi 2 since those bastards of KOEI didn't want to ship Warriors Orochi Z (part 3 of the series) to America.

Summary: Naruto, even after successfully driving off the attack by the Akatsuki is still hated by Konoha. There was no joy, no people crying his name in happiness as he imaged. Instead, they shout out demon and words of hate towards him. Naruto, sick of it, stays locked away in his home in depression. That is, until a foxy woman appears and offers him a deal he can't refuse. That deal: The revival of the Serpent King, Orochi. If they succeed, the world will be in chaos, and this time, there may be no way to stop him.

They had elected Sasuke as Hokage. Sasuke had taken his crush away from him. Sasuke took the only things Naruto ever wanted. The village still hated him for something he had no control over. This is all why he is in a great depression. He just doesn't have the will to go on anymore. He wasn't on suicidal thoughts, yet. He just hated his life, like he did for the past 16 years. What he would do to get just a little recognition… he'd do anything at the moment. Suddenly someone knocked on his door. He just sat there, not caring. Then they suddenly banged on his door really hard. Naruto got pissed and grabbed his kunai, thinking it was probably the villagers. When he opened it he saw an odd looking person.

(Da Ji's P.O.V)

My name is Da Ji, and I have just triggered my plan. You see, my master was killed by some powerful warriors millenniums ago. If you are wondering why I'm alive, it's because I am a demon. A demon fox, to be more specific. My master was none other then the magnificent and powerful Orochi, The Serpent King. Oh how I miss him. But he'll be back soon enough. I am…was also a strategists for Orochi. I miss the old days win the humans were interesting with their weapons, honor, ambition, and all that crap. But now ninjas rule this world with their flashy tricks and stuff. It's so boring! But now to tell my plan.

While traveling, rumors had started to arise about demons, tailed beast to be exact, one stronger then the other. At first I just ignored them and went my way, since humans have a tendency to make up the most preposterous of things. But that was until I encountered one. At first I was impressed, but that was until I figured out that they were just huge chunks of what they call 'chakra'. It wasn't a threat to me so I let it be. That was until a plan was conceived. My theory, is if I could somehow gather them all up and use their energy, I could bring back Orochi! I'm such a genius! So after that I started looking for about nine ninjas, since it had nine demons. However I wanted strong servants, servants who were heartless and cold. So it took centuries for me to locate the right people.

I had thought it was hopeless, that was until I met a man by the name of Madara Uchiha. After killing this 'Hokage' person, he was what they called a missing-nin. He was on the run when he saw me. At first he thought I was just another mortal and tried to his that 'sharingan' eye thing on me. But once we were in his mind, I quickly took control of things and I broke his will. He then became a dog and followed all of my orders. Him, being better then me at finding powerful ninja, quickly formed the group Akatsuki, roaming the land looking for nine powerful ninjas. It took some time, but we then gathered all the necessary people. Madara played his part well, pretending to be the head of the group, not giving any suspicion that someone was pulling his strings. I however waited for the right time to strike. The plan was to extract the demons from their containers and use their power to summon Orochi.

It took sometime but we had already collected 7 of the beast. We only had two more to go: The 8-tails and the 9-tails. We were so close but the 8-tails got away and the 9-tails had killed my servants. Some of them lived to see another day, but it doesn't matter. They were just pawns, useful though. But now what do I do? All the planning, all of the work, all to waste. THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! Now there is possibly no way for me to bring back the Dark Lord. But…maybe there is. Maybe I didn't need all of that power. Maybe I just need the most powerful beast out of all of the nine. Maybe all I require is the Kyuubi. It's a long shot, but it's worth it. I wonder how though? I can't just barge in and extract Kyuubi. Maybe I could some how ally myself with him. But he seemed so loyal and nice to his village. But…why didn't they elect him Hokage? I mean, for a human he is amazing strong. Surly they would want a powerful leader.

But they are just humans. From what I heard from Madara, the humans don't look too kindly upon jinchuuriki. I could use that to my advantage. Ha, humans are such fools.

(End P.O.V)

"Who are you, weird lady?" said a surprised Naruto.

"My name is Da Ji, and I have a proposition for you." Said Da Ji.

"And what would that be?" said a suspicious Naruto.

"I want you to help me bring back someone. I won't even lie to you. I want to use Kyuubi's power to help bring back a ancient demon by the name of Orochi." She said straight to the point. Naruto looked at her strangely.

"Do you really think I'm stupid enough to do that?"

"No. I think you're strong enough. And besides, I think you'll understand if I show you what his power could do." She then smiled and placed index finger in the middle of his forehead. Naruto was ready to defend himself when a huge load of memories started flooding his mind. (I don't want to go through the memories, that would take to long. Instead, I'm going to tell you the stuff you need to know to get this story, incase you didn't play Warriors Orochi)

Orochi was imprisoned for his crimes against humanity, and the havoc he had wrought. With the help from Da Ji, who showed sympathy for Orochi, he escaped for him imprisonment and decided to test his strength against humanities strongest. He created a world and summoned all or the great generals and warlords from both the Three Kingdoms of China and the Sengoku period. Once they were there, he quickly started causing havoc across the land. He then stood victorious and was the only force in the world. That was until the mystics Taigong Wang, Fu Xi, and Nu Wa appears to stop him. They are however unsuccessful and they had to retreat. Orochi was the only power in the world and he technically ruled the world .It was then that the warriors decided to unite against him and they emerged victorious. Da Ji, with the help of her allies by the names of Kiyomori Taira, Sun Wukong, and Himiko, revived Orochi and he came back even more powerful and more deadly. However he still couldn't prevail over the combined might of the humans, who had aid from the mystics, and was defeated for good this time. However from what Da Ji had heard from Kiyomori, Orochi had wanted to find peace in death. What supports this is when Orochi said to Kiyomori, "Why did you bring me back? Wrenched from eternal slumber."

Naruto yanked back and was breathing hard. Da Ji just stood there smiling hoping for the answer she's looking for. Naruto regained his composure and said, "Orochi, huh? If you say he didn't want to come back, why keep trying? I mean if he doesn't want to come back, you'll just lose again."

"Yes well while traveling here I thought of that. I found another way around it. I'll just make a new Orochi." Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"New Orochi? How?"

"I'll just give all of his power to a worthy being. And with the power you displayed, I'll be glad to give it to you." Naruto was surprised. All of that power bestowed upon him? How could he refuse. Da Ji extended her hand and Naruto happily shook it. Da Ji smiled with delight.

A/N: If you want to know what Da Ji, Kiyomori Taira, Sun Wukong, Orochi, Taigong Wang, Fu Xi, and Nu Wa looks like, just google image them and you'll know.

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