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Naruto was about to ask how were they going to do it, when he started having a major headache. "GHAAAAAAAAAA!" he yelled as he fell to his knees clinging his head. Da Ji had a concerned look on her face but didn't do anything. Naruto continued to scream until he blacked out from pain.


Naruto was walking down a familiar path toward an all to familiar cage. He then saw angry red eyes glaring at him with hatred. If looks could kill, Naruto would be burned to a crisp.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? Do you have any idea the consequences of your actions will have!" yelled an enraged Kyuubi. Naruto smirked and said,

"Yeah. On the humans."

"Insolent child! Can you really trust her? She is, after all, a fox demon."

"I trust he far more then I ever did anyone And I only just met her. At least she actually believes in me."

"You are right. She believes in you to be the vessel for Orochi you fool."

"Why do you even care? I'd expect you, the almighty Kyuubi, to be thrilled at the chance to cause havoc."

"Those are just legends made up by humans. Naruto, I will stop you."

"Oh no I'm so scared. HA! And how do you plan on doing that? You're in there, and I'm out here."

"I'll kill us both." It said seriously. Naruto's eyes widened.

"You aren't serious, are you?" Kyuubi's response was pushing a huge load of chakra into the seal. Naruto then tried his best to force it out of the seal and contain it. Kyuubi was trying to overload the seal to make it seem like it's trying to escape, thus activating the failsafe: Instant death. What happed next surprised both of them. They were surrounded by a flast of red light and they were not in the mindscape anymore.

-The Outside World-

Kyuubi's chakra was released in chunks and it went all over Konoha. People began to had become terrified, thinking the Kyuubi was breaking free. They're imaginations began to run wild. Every available ninja went to the Hokage tower to receive their orders. Sasuke ordered them to report to Uzimaki Naruto's house at onec and be prepared. He also went and he jumping from house to house at extreme speed. 'Dammit Naruto! What the hell are you doing?"

When it the spike settled, Da Ji was on the ground looking confused. In the room was one more person, who was female. She appeared to be dazed and disoriented, like Naruto. Naruto snapped out of it first and looked at the woman. "Kyuubi? How?"

It was indeed Kyuubi. She had fox ears on the top her head and her hair was red. She had red stilted eyes and a blace kimono with flame designs at the bottom. She had her hair cut to her shoulders and some of it was over her right eye. She had an angry look of her face.

"I don't know. It might be because the seal couldn't handle it. But the price for me was high, as you can see." She pointed behind her, revealing no tails. Naruto had a look of surprise on his face, which then turned into a smirk.

"So…I guess without your power, you don't stand a chance against me." Said a confident Naruto.

"Ha. You are still weak compared to me."

"Wanna test that theory?" said Naruto as he started cracking his knuckles. Da Ji, seeing things were about to get ugly, disappeared out of there in a pink light.


The Rookie 9 minus one, Kakashi, Anko, Gai, Kurenai, and some ANBU were standing outside of Naruto's home with looks of confusion. Sasuke said "The idiot. What has he done now?"

Kiba then said, "He's probably still mad at what the consul did. You know made you Hokage." Sasuke immediately looked at Kiba with a look of disbelieve.

"What? Look, I didn't even run for Hokage. They just elected me because they wanted to. I'd gladly give my position to Naruto. Hell, I even offered, but he didn't except. I don't why."

Shikamaru said, "Lately he's been down. I don't think anything could bring back his spirit. Troublesome."

Kakashi then said "Look, we could talk about Naruto when this is over. Right now we have to figure out why Kyuubi's chakra spiked." They all nodded and were waiting for anything. They then suddenly heard crashes in the apartment and that's when the glass window had burst open. What came out was unexpected for the group. It looked like Naruto had speared a woman at the window. They fell to the ground with a thud and the stayed there for a while because of the pain. Sasuke was the first to come out of his shock.

"Naruto? What's going on here?" Naruto started getting up and he was holding his back. He completely ignored Sasuke.

"Damn. I forgot without Kyuubi I can't heal as fast. I'll have to get use to this." Everyone's eyes widened when he said that. Anko the yelled.

"Hey kid! What do you mean without-"

"That hurt, Naruto. Because of you I don't have my healing ability." Said Kyuubi.

"Ha. Looks like we're both in the same boat." Said a smirking Naruto. Everyone was confused at the moment. Kakashi then said,

"Naruto? What the hell is going on? Who is that woman?"

"She, Kakashi, is the almight Kyuubi no Kitsune. At least was the almighty." He said, smirking. Everyone froze at that moment. The Kyuubi was free? The entire village is doomed. Kyuubi the quickly said,

"Hold on just a minute. I don't want any trouble. Naruto's the bad guy here. He's making a deal with a demon with plans to bring the world back into darkness."

"Yeah right," said Kiba. "and I love cats." Everyone then got into a defensive stance, prepared for anything. Then out of nowhere a weird looking woman came. She was dressed in purple.

"Now now kids, no fighting. Somebody might get hurt. It's time for my new partner and I to go now. We'll be seeing you guys soon." She then grabbed Naruto's sholder and disappeared in a pink light. Kyuubit ran to where they were moments ago and growled in frustration.

"Dammit! They got away. Look, follow me to the Hokage Tower, I'll explain everything."

-Later at the Hokage Tower-

"And that's what happened. If you don't believe me, fine. I'll go after them myself."

"Wait." Sasuke said. "If what you say is true, then why aren't you with them? You are a powerful demon, wouldn't you want to rule us human?" Everyone looked at Sasuke like 'What the Fuck!'. Was he trying to get them killed!

"I was a powerful demon. Now I'm just like you guys, mortal. I only have the strength of a Kage, three at most. And I don't want to rule you humans. That wouldn't benefit me. I just want to stop Naruto and Da Ji. If they succeed in there plan, I doubt even all of the jinchuuriki would be able to stop them. However, there is a way to stop them. They need a key. They need a shaman, person who has the ability to contact the spiritual world. The likelihood of them finding one is slim, but there is still a chance.

"I still don't know," said Kakashi. "How could we trust you? For all we know, Da Ji could have just kidnapped Naruto and you could be distracting us from finding him." The others nodded.

" You could trust me because you all are still alive. I'm still a demon, so I could kill you quickly. Now do we have an alliance of not?" Sasuke looked on in thought.

" 'Sigh'…I guess so. But how do we find this…Shaman person? Or Da Ji and Naruto?"

"That's the hard part. We'll just have to wait and see." An ANBU then came through the door.

"Lord Hokage, the consul wishes to speak with you. It's urgent."

"I'll be right there. Kyuubi go to my home. You can stay there for the time being. The rest of you, dismissed." Everyone left and Sasuke walked to the consul room, knowing what they wanted to talk about.

-With Da Ji and Naruto-

Da Ji and Naruto were in a forest. "Da Ji. How exactly will I be able to get Orochi's power?"

"We're going to have to find a shaman, person who has the ability to connect with the spiritual world."

"And how do we find such a person?"

"That I don't know."

"You mean to tell me you don't know who we're looking for?" said an irritated Naruto.


"This is going to be harder then I thought."

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