**TBA** I have some news. I'm not sure exactly how true it is. I have read on the DS Forums that apparently Danny is filming some scenes for Eastenders this week... Unsure about who he's going to be playing and how long it is for, but it looks like he's got work. :)

Chapter 53

New blog entry posted 23/5/12

Hey :)

Hello lovely people who can actually be bothered to read this. I'm sorry it's been a while since I updated, but I guess you all know why. I'm getting better each day so that's good. I talked the boys about what was wrong, still didn't make me feel any better so i decided to man up and went to the doctors. I'm not too happy about the fact they've put me on anti-depressants but they seem to be working and I've even started phoning Phil every week. They said it wasn't anything to do with the fact I was homesick. Phil worked out that it was all because of what went on with Jackson and his accident and I've been bottling it all up and it finally just got too much for me. I guess that's whay I was so scared he'll hurt himself aswell. I just can't get past what happened to him. Post-traumatic stress he reckons! Anyway, like I say, I'm getting past it all. It's not gonna be easy, but now that I actually know what's wrong, I can move on and work through it.

Anyway, on to Marine Land...I have now decided, it would be a perfectly responsible, acceptable decision to have a pet dolphin. I don't really care what anyone says about it! I felt great after going there. It did really cheer me up! I think the fact the dolphin didn't like Jackson and kept swimming away whenever he got near was quite funny!

On another note, me and Jackon are flying back out to Emmerdale tomorrow, to stay there for a couple of weeks. I'm actually looking forward to seeing my mum. Wonder what she's been getting up to while I've been gone?

Aaron x


RugbyBoy1988: I don't know why you two bother having phones if you aren't gonna answer them!

ArachnophobeAaron: What's wrong Ed?

RugbyBoy1988: Ryan and Flynn crashed into each other when we were snowboarding. Flynn's broken his leg and Ryan's dislocated his sholder.

ArachnophobeAaron: Oh god. Alright we're on our way.

RugbyBoy1988: No it's cool we're all on our way back now. I'm sorry.

AarachnophobeAaron: For what?

RugbyBoy1988: Having a go. Didn't mean it.

JLovesA: Ed it's cool mate. Are you and Adam ok?

RugbyBoy1988: Yeah we're both good.

RippedRyan: They might aswelk oif pulkled mny bl,oody armnoff!

ArachnophobeAaron: Ain't easy typing one handed is it Ry?

RippedRyan: No itgs not! Aaron doe diosclokatred shoulders hurt for ahges?

AarachnophobeAaron: Talk to me when you get back! Can't make any bloody sense out of that!

FlynnDiesel: You weren't the one that had a huge bone sticking out of your leg! May I remind you I also took a right whack to the ribs and the blade of one of your skates inches away from me...well...equipment.

JLovesA: Ouch!

ArachnophobeAaron: And yet you seem amazingly calm, Flynn!

FlynnDiesel: Cause I'm still whacked out on morphine! Gonna be all fun and games climbing those stairs to the villa!

ArachnophobeAaron: Just come to ours. We've only got a couple of steps and we'll help you get up them.

FlynnDiesel: Better have me a beer waiting.

AarachnophobeAaron: Oh no! No drinking while you are on medication! You'll be sick as a dog otherwise! ;)

FlynnDiesel: Oi I'm the doctor, not you!

ArachnophobeAaron: Yes, you are. I've been to see you enough. Anyway its what you said to me when I broke my ankle so same rules apply!

RippedRyan: Does that mean I can't drink aswell?

AarachnophobeAaron: Yes!

RippedRyan: Fuck you Livesy! or Walsh, whatever you wanna bloody call yourself!