Chapter 58

New blog entry posted 17/9/12

Holiday sooon!

Hiya! Hope everyone is good! I've started packing for my holidays today. I really, really can't wait. I'm so looking forward to getting away.

Its about 33 degrees out there at the minute and I'm really hoping it stays that way..considering all I've packed is shorts, tank tops and suntan lotion! Not a tracksuit in sight believe it or not!

To be honest I haven't worn a tracksuit for quite a while...Is Chavvy Aaron leaving me? ha ha!

Gotta go into town'll be the first time since the...since the breakdown. Gotta go and find an anniversary present for Jay. I'm really nervous about it and I don't know why. I haven't really been in public places since I left hospital...apart from the hospital the other day!

Mum and Baby are doing well by the way! It's quite weird knowing that someone has named thier baby after me though. You should have seen me...I didn't know what the hell to do! I might have came across calm on here, but honestly, I was really freaking out. If it wasn't for Paddy making me watch episodes of Holby City I would have really been screwed.

Anyway, best leave this here. Off to do a bit of super secret husband investigating...

Suppose it's not a secret now though. Oh well.

Aaron xx


JLovesA: What you buying me?

Aaron: As if I'm going to tell you!

JLovesA: Give me a clue!

Aaron: Jay I don't know what I'm buying you yet. You'll have to wait, won't ya?

AdamB: Knowing him it'll probably be another baby.

Aaron: Shut it Adam!

AdamB: Gonna be a midwife now are we?

Aaron: I am never going through that hell again. I'm glad I'm not a woman! I feel well bad for her though. Said she was a single mum...Can't be easy bringing up a kid on your own

RippedRyan: I bet it doesn't hurt as much as they say it does you know.

FlynnDiesel: The fact that are screaming and crying is a bit of a clue Ry!

RippedRyan: Nah that's all for effect innit? Now getting a kick in the bollocks...that my friend, is true pain.

ChasD: Oh man up! I was in agony with Aaron! 54 hours I was in labour for!

Aaron: So why did you pick the name Aaron? Always wanted to know.

ChasD: Well we both liked Joshua..but we both liked Aaron aswell. Aaron Joshua didn't sound right so we put both names into a hat and whichever one was picked, that's what we would call you.

Aaron: So you didn't go through all the weird Dingle names you could have palmed me off with?

ChasD: Your dad was dead against it.

Aaron: Dont call him my dad! Paddy's my dad!

RugbyBoy1988: Weird Dingle names?

Aaron: Yep! Me grandad was called Shadrach, My Auntie is called Genesis, there's Charity, My mum's full name is Chastity...(even though she got pregnant at 15...)...Pretty sure there's a Solomon in there somewhere!

RugbyBoy1988: ha. Solomon Livesy. Suits you Aaron! Anyway...back to it! Ryan's right. A kick in the nads is worse!

ChasD: How?

RugbyBoy1988: All you hear nowadays from women who have children is how much they would like another one...I defy you to find ANY man that would happily say "Give us another kick in the bollocks"...Obviously labour doesn't hurt that much!

RippedRyan: True dat.

HazelNuts: You try shitting a watermelon sideways love. THAT'S how bad it was with Jackson.

Aaron: You know it kind of freaks me out that you can compare it to something so specific Hazel...