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"I thought you were Yeorim." Jae Shin commented dryly as he was being hugged by Yong Ha and felt himself falling backwards. "Damnit let go."

"No, I will not let you go my dear friend." Yong Ha stated calmly and his right hand covered Jae Shin's head. He was on top of Jae Shin and grinned playfully down at him.

"Crazy bastard." Jae Shin said in a slightly winded voice and he glared up at Yong Ha. "Get off of me. Your heavier than you look Yong Ha."

"Now that was not very nice." Yong Ha commented calmly as he grabbed Jae Shin's wrists and held them above his head. Jae Shin glared at him, he tried to get out the grip, but it seems Yong Ha is a little stronger than he first thought.

"I'm not a nice person." Jae Shin said flatly and he felt lips on the right side of his neck. "Do not take your frustrations out on me just because there are no women at this school."

Yong Ha made no response as he suckled on the soft flesh that his friend and he heard the sharp intake of breath. His grip still on Jae Shin's wrists, he moved to the center on the neck, and then to the left side of it.

He knew one of Jae Shin's weakness is his neck and he heard the soft breathing of his friend. Yong Ha pulled back from Jae Shin's neck, he looked at the flushed cheeks, and those eyes glaring at him.

"You are amusing my dear friend." Yong Ha said cheerfully and then he kissed Jae Shin on both cheeks before kissing him the lips.

Jae Shin's eyes were wide, his heart was pounding, he felt as if his cheeks were on fire, and then he pushed Yong Ha away.

"Crazy bastard. You like toying with people and surprising them." Jae Shin managed to say and he was on top of Yong Ha.

"Ah, Geol Oh. What will you do?" Yong Ha asked causally and his eyes were looking at Jae Shin's slightly parted lips. He smiled as Jae Shin's lips came closer to his neck and they were only an inch away. Yong Ha could feel the soft breathing, he sighed to himself, and his hands sneaked their way to the back of Jae Shin's head.

"Much better." Yong Ha said calmly as he felt Jae Shin's lips on his neck and felt the other trying to pull away. "You are a tease too, my friend."

Jae Shin managed to move away and he quickly got off of Yong Ha. His cheeks were flushed, he looked away, and Yong Ha smiled faintly for Jae Shin's reaction was rather adorable.

"I'm not a tease." Jae Shin said firmly and his arms were crossed. Yong Ha stood up smiling playfully, he hugged Jae Shin, and chuckled to himself.

"You are a tease." Yong Ha stated calmly and then added cheerfully. "It is alright you couldn't do what I do to you, Jae Shin. You have always been shy."

"I'm going to my room." Jae Shin commented to him and he pulled away from the hug. Yong Ha smiled to himself as he watched his friend walking away from him and then decided to pull out a certain book to read which would have Jae Shin's cheeks burning.

'I enjoy seeing Jae Shin blush and he always looks adorable.' Yong Ha mentally thought to himself and he smiled fondly.

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