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I'm sorry you missed most of Adara's first year, but it was just full of misery so I thought you could skip it.

That summer, Draco talked to his parents. It went better than he expected, seeing that he was plenty yelled at, sworn at, and punched in the face. But then they agreed to disinherit her, because then they could act like she had never existed. In the end, Adara was out on her own, last name now Atria and with less than 100 galleons in her vault. Her new guardians were Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.

Adara felt odd living with the Weasleys. She now shared a room with Ginny, and she became part of their family soon enough. The only thing that took a while for her to get over was the fact that she had blond hair while everyone else had red. Her life was definitely better, now she was no longer receiving howlers.

What she liked the best were the twins. With a personality a lot like her own, she learned a lot of new tricks from them that summer. They even showed her the Marauder's map.

One night, Fred (or George, she honestly couldn't tell which) told her to keep Molly from finding out they were gone. So she did what anyone would do (or for that matter, what the twins would do). She let the garden gnomes into the house, hyped up on sugar.

It made such chaos that even with her helping Molly to fling them out of the house, there was still a couple lurking behind the pipes when she said (after noticing that even Percy came out to fling some out of his room) "Why didn't Fred and George come out to help? And where is Ron?"

Ginny, who was nursing a bite she had gotten from a particularly crazed gnome, shrugged, saying "when I got rid of the gnomes in Ron's room, he wasn't in there. I thought he was downstairs."

Adara, who knew that she was going pink in the face, said "I'll clear out the rest of the gnomes, Molly." She grabbed the last two under the sink, and then she got a brilliant idea.

While Molly went upstairs to check the twin's room (which is quite perilous from the jokes and pranks under construction in there), Adara grabbed a bit of Floo powder and whispered "Malfoy Manor". She then let the crazy gnomes loose in the room designated for breakable antiques. She left to the sound of breaking china.

When she came back to the kitchen, Molly was yelling at the twins, Ron, and Harry Potter, of all people! She mouthed 'sorry!' to the twins before sitting down for some breakfast.

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