FANDOM: Doctor Who (2005)
AUTHOR: Me, AKA ChellusAuglerie, TempusDominus10, etc
TITLE: Like Shooting Stars

CHARACTERS: River Song, the Doctor

PAIRING/S: River Song/the Doctor

SPOILERS: possibly everything! Heh.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own what I do not own.
AUTHORS NOTE: I had to do it. I was listening to several DW fanvids that used Hayley William's vocals from the BoB song Airplanes as a highly appropriate emotional medium. Also, the concept of River's origin is something that my friends and I (and of course the fanworld in general) have discussed at length. Next to her being the Pythia, it's the only logical assumption left. What can I say? I have a thing for mythic archetypes.
SUMMARY: River gives the Doctor another hint. He doesn't like it, but not for the reasons you may expect.

He is watching me.

The bounce of my gold curls along my shoulders.

His young eyes, they are my salvation.

I am a Neverwere, I tell him.

It's why he can't figure me out.

Why he hasn't yet.

I am a Time Lord hybrid.

I was born never to exist.

I can feel him raging against it, the tatters of society screaming for him not to believe.

I also know he has never listened to that screaming.

He asks me what name I chose when I left.

The Magdalene.

If I am, then he must be.

Early days yet, love.