Hi all, this is my first story online so please be gentle with me. It's called Howl. This idea came to me a while back and after a conversation over hot chocolate, a friend convinced me to write and post it. So a huge thanks to my 'unofficial' Beta reader, teamtwihard, a good friend and an awesome writer herself. Thanks for your support and advice over the birth of this story, I couldn't have done it without you girlie.



"Good night," I said, then clicked off the microphone and walked backstage as I listened to the audience's applause.

"Good show Jaime," said J.D, my production manager, as I handed him the mike.

"Isn't it always," I replied with a smile as he steered me in to the hallway where I signed a few autographs and answered some questions from audience members before going to my dressing room.

There I changed into a skirt and silk blouse, removed the pins from my hair and brushed it, then made my way to the back door of the theatre with J.D, where, of course, there were more fans and the local press. I signed more autographs and answered yet more questions. J.D then escorted me through the small crowd to the car waiting for me. I looked out the window and as the car pulled away, and I saw a guy, tall with blonde hair, standing at the curb watching as the car drove away.

Back at the hotel, I took a shower and wrapped myself in the hotels soft bathrobe, then ordered some room service. I put the phone down, and lay back on the bed, closing my eyes and massaging my temples. God I'm getting too old for this, I thought to myself. I wasn't even that old. I was in my mid forties and felt like I was in my early thirties, early twenties when in the company of a particular werewolf.

I smiled at the thought of Jeremy. I was couldn't wait to see him in two days when we met for the inter-racial council meeting. I just wished he was here with me now to help relieve some of the stress of my most recent live show.

Maybe it's time to bow out gracefully, I thought, while I still have an audience. I let my head flop back on to the pillows, and let out a breath.

"Rough day at work?"

I jumped up and spun to face the person who spoke. A guy. A tall guy with... blonde hair. Shit! It's that guy from the theatre. How did he get in here without me noticing?

I straitened my shoulders and adjusted my robe to make sure he saw more than I wanted to show. "No not really," I answered, taking a small step back. "Just trying to relax after a day of communing with spirits."

He smiled at that, like I'd just told him some good joke.

"What? Don't believe in ghosts?" I ask, taking another step.

"Oh no. I believe, why else would I be here?" he replied.

"That's a good question. Why are you here?"

"I'm here to see you of course."

I took another step back thinking, great just what I needed, another stalker, that was one thing I had been happy to get rid of after I hit the big four-oh.

"Why do you need to see me?" I took another step.

"Well I would talk to the Alpha himself but I doubt he'd hear me"

I froze. The Alpha? Jeremy? How did he know him? Why would he be able to –

"You're a ghost."

"Well duh. Why else would I be stood here talking to you on a Friday night?"

Well he was just charming, wasn't he.

"Well let's get to it then. What does the Alpha need to know?"

"I was killed by a werewolf."

"Killed by a werewolf?"

"Yes. Wonderful experience. I had my neck snapped then had to watch as he started to tear my body apart."

"A man eater?"

He just looked at me.

"And what were you? You're obviously more than human if you know about werewolves and me."

He was silent for a moment before answering. "I was a Shaman. My name is Lewis Hayes."

"And how did you know to contact me? Or that I would even be able to get in touch with the Alpha?"

"It's common knowledge that the wolves are on the council with a necro. I just had to ask around, to find out who it was."

Oh. That made sense.

"There's a council meeting next week, I'll tell the Alpha then."

"Don't go to too much trouble. It's only a werewolf running around eating people."

I glared at him and said icily, "I'll do what I can and relay your message. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to have some peace this evening."

"Whatever. I'm gone," he replied as he faded away.

I raced to the phone and dialled Jeremy's number from memory. He picked up on the first ring.

"Jaime! What is it? You're panicking."

I gave a nervous laugh. "Yeah, just a bit. Have I ever told you how much I love that sixth sense of yours?"

"Jaime. Tell me what's wrong."

I did.