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Deidara sat at the desk in his room and concentrated on the clay project in his hands. This was the perfect time of the day for him to relax. The window was open, his clay was at the perfect consistency, and it was a comfortable summer day. Nothing was going wrong. It was so quiet….WAIT? QUIET?

His body went immediately rigid. Nothing good could come from that. Where was Tobi! He almost crushed the tender clay bird between his fingers. The bomber stood up from his desk and slammed his hands down on the clay coated desktop.

"Tobi, he yelled out!"

It was quiet for a few moments as he awaited the sound of his ditzy partner. The bomber twitched slightly and threw his cloak over his shoulder. He was going to kill that orange masked idiot.

Tobi shivered slightly. He was helping Zetsu tend to some plants outside in the woods. On occasion the orange masked nin would accompany his old bi polar friend find herbs for wounds. With the kind of feeling he just sensed, he knew he might need them soon.

"This one here, helps with burns," Zetsu's white side continued to say to the oblivious Tobi.

The nerves on Tobi's body were going crazy. He only felt this way went his Senpai was angry and willing to blow him to pieces at any moment. Speaking of Senpai, he wondered why the blond bombshell hadn't been looking for him yet. Tobi looked off into the sky at the mention of him.

"I just love how Senpai is when it comes to his art," he thought to himself, "The wind blowing his long golden hair around his perfect angel face, his slender body, and especially his cute little speech problems."

The low snarl of Zetsu's black side brought him back to reality.

"We should eat him already, "the black side commented with anger in his voice.

"No, we shouldn't. Tobi's a good boy. He's just distracted," the white side answered protectively.

Tobi squatted down and picked some herbs. Somehow he knew that he would need them. He always had a sixth sense when it came to needing things like this. He rubbed the leaves gently and looked up at Zetsu.

"Zetsu sensei, what does these herbs do," he asked the plant man?

The plant man sighed in unison and the black side answered,

"For the last time you living lollipop, that one is a muscle relaxer and the other one increases blood flow."

The white side immediately clarified like it usually does by saying,

"The muscle relaxer is good after a hard mission and the other is good for bringing blood back to a reattached body part or wherever the most of the person's blood is heading."

Tobi's mind went perverted. Tobi was a cover that Madara used for superficial reasons, but he was still a highly skilled Uchiha. The herbs gave him a playful option to finally get his revenge on the bomb happy blonde. (Yes, revenge is an Uchiha's favorite hobby) Zetsu rolled his eyes and turned away from the orange masked ninja.

"We're going for a snack, lollipop head," the black side snarled as he sank into the ground.

Tobi/Madara smiled to himself under his mask. His plan was forming as we speak. A small chuckle escaped his lips as stuffed the herbs in his pockets and walked back towards their hidden base.

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