(A/N) The final chapter of this lemon/yaoi. This is for mostly for commentaries.

This is for all the people who liked and/or read this little bit of yaoi.

I thank all of you and the 400+ people who have read this story so far. Since writing this book, I got ideas for other stories. Recently, I posted the first chapter of the new book based off of this yaoi. If anyone wants to read it and help me write it, please look up my new story -Living Behind a Shattered Mirror-.

But just for the fun of it, I decided to write a little off 'camera' special with the characters of the Akatsuki and Naruto crew about the last four chapters.

Questions will be in italic and answers will be in bold

I'm only gonna post a few people in this one. First off;


Pein, how do you feel about your leader being romantically involved with another member of the Akatsuki?

Um...I wasn't aware that Madara sama had a girlfriend... *confused* (A/N - spoiler for next story)


Hidan, why do you think that you and most of the other members didn't have a part in this story?

I don't give a fu#*&! Praise Jashin I don't have to deal with the fu#$ing over sappy romance of these idiots! *other Jashin-related comments*


In your opinion, did you need the tained dango to get it on with the infamous Uchiha warlord?

It was the dango? Madara is sooo going down, YEAH! *avoiding the issue*


Um...just why? (A/N - There's just so many questions to ask)

Because I'm just that sexy. Besides, the story should give you a pretty good idea why. XD *Hiding from an angry Deidara*


Any opinions?

(O.O*) *brain broken from such pervertedness*


*eerie silence*

What? I support this. *painting a picture for future reference*


So, what are you going to do now? *running out of questions*

kukuku...*snicker* I plan to get a piece of the action for myself and get back at that bastard Madara Uchiha. *Evil planning* (A/N - He plays a big part in next story)

Rest of the cast~

Kakashi~ Why wasn't I mentioned? *reading book*

Itachi~ ...*no comment*

Kisame~ OMG!

Kakuzu~ Do I get paid for this?

Tobi~ Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! *Dancing and hiding behind his mask*

Sasori~ ... *Can't comment - cause he's dead*

Sasuke~ ZOMG! Itachi! DIE!

Sakura~ *faints from Mature Rating*

Konan~ *staying hidden*

Gai Sensei~ IT'S SO YOUTHFUL! *shiny sparkles and thumbs up*

Gaara~ I died for this?

(A/N) Anyway, read the new story. THAT'S ALL FOLKS!