Hello everybody

Here, it's a little drabble (i think it's the good word) about McGee/Gibbs

I write it for Live Journal prompt, the page where you cana post a prompt and someone write for you. It was "Gibbs/McGee, Mcgee find the sniper rifle by accident."

But, like you can see in my profile, i 'm french and try to improve my english writting fics in english. So, i hope you will excuse my bad grammar and the short size of the text. I use to write a lot but in french.

All good criticisms are welcom.



The night after McGee return from Mexico

It was late, very late. Tim knew that he had to be in bed. More precisely, in Gibbs' bed.

But, he couldn't, Didn't understand why. Just knew this travel in Mexico churned something inside him.

Yeah, his gut is screaming to him. Ok, it's not like the famous Gibbs' gut but, he can swears that it's very hard to ignore.

And, that's why, he is here, in the basement, at something like, 3 am, in the big free area where, few weeks ago was a hand-working boat. Doing nothing. Just stare in the space. And thinking.

Maybe if he tries to write down what he have in his mind, he could find a solution, or, indeed, find what it's preoccupying him so much.

He know that Leroy keeps some pens and papers somewhere.

But where?

Not on the work-bench. Not inside.

Think Tim, think...

Maybe in this closet, here, in a dark angle, it cannot be see from the entrance. Nor from the stair. Actually, you have to be behind the boat to see it. If you have a good seeing.

Once Tim asked about it and his partner answered something like

« old stuff... »

Typically Gibbs no?

Smiling, the young man opens the door of this closet.

And freeze.

And for the first time in all his career, Timothy McGee regrets to be an agent of the best NCIS team. And, more important, regrets to know how to recognize a weapon and identify it.

Flash back travels in his mind...Mexico...Drug dealers...The bullet of Renosa...Shannon and Kelly...The pain in Gibbs' eyes the few times he speaks about his girls...Semper fi...

-Timmy? What are you doing?


This man knows how to be very discrete...

-It's 3:00, time to bed, you seemed exhausted after your journey...

Slowly, Tim turns to face his lover. The sniper rifle in hand.

-I cannot sleep. I have to understand why. Was looking for paper and pen and...

Silence. He cannot looks at Gibbs.

-Is not one of your rules?...Don't believe in the coincidences...


-Did you kill him?...No...No...I don't want to know. Because, if i know, i will have to take decisions i don't want to...Because, i know you and you will not ask me to choose you...but the justice...And, i am not sure to want to...

-I...don 't want you to choose me the day they will come to arrest me...Because, they will...Or this Renosa will come to...stop me...And i don't want you to be here...

No answer

-Do you understand me Tim?

Marine's voice

And for the first time, emerald eyes look at blue eyes. To send a silent message. They used to do that, all the time, in the office, in a crime scene, where they cannot find a moment just for them. But need to speak, to reassure, to feel the other.

-I will understand if you want to...break...I am not sure you want to sleep with...a criminal me anymore...


Other images in McGee's mind. His first day in the team... « you are mine », the day his sister was a suspect, when he killed this cop, all the time Gibbs was here.

Their first kiss, their first date, their first night together...All this feelings shared...

-You are right, he says after a new silence. Replacing the riffle in the closet. Closing the metallic door.

-You are right...We have to go to bed...