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Here it's a prompt answer. It was Jack infinitude's (i love his/her writting, i learned english reading it lol. It was Tony/Tim funeral...

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The two men were close. Not enough to be suspicious, just enough to feel the heat of the other body. Take release on the presence.

They stared in silence at the coffin, next of the big hole. Inside it, two boxes.

Any of this two listened the eulogy of Ducky. They didn't move, didn't look at another way. No cry, no tears, no silent sobs.

Only the silence pain.

The pain to lose a lover.

Tim turned his head when the employees of the funerary took the coffin to bury it.

It was the first time since the announce of the death that he cannot see the hard reality. It was the first time that Tony let his hand on his harm.

Like a teammate for another one. No more.

They knew that the ceremony was finished when the platoon of Marines shot in the sky. Someone took the flat of the United States and gave it to Abby respectfully.

Because she was officially his heiress.

Because they needed a name on the paper, administration you know…And, because, it could be complicated to explain the true.

The three of them trust her. She loves them with all her heart and soul. She was the good choice.

Behind him, Tony eared that Ziva cry.

In silence. She took his hand and then, Tim's hand.

They took hers. In understatement.

She is their bridge. Trough her, they can feel each other.

They stayed here until the hole was covert with the dirt.

-I think he is happy forever now whispered Ziva.

Tim nodded silently.

Tony smiled sadly.

Yes, it's true.

Their lover will be happy forever now.

On the grieve, near of the Shannon and Kelly names', was printed the name of Leroy Jethro Gibbs.