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Bonnie, get your Clyde

Chapter 1

I've always been secretively drawn to Jasper.

Ever sense my first day of Forks high Jasper has haunted my every dream, every waking hour, he even entered my daydreams without permission.

I was drowning, my life had been corrupted, and every step I've taken, I took to get closer to him.

I had a plan.

I am not the sweet, innocent Bella everybody knows and love; I play my part and I play it well.

To set my plan in motion I needed to portray the woman of Edward's dreams.

To use one brother to get close to the other might seem morally wrong, but I have no morals, and I would do anything to get that southern vampire, war God, under my claws.

My plan failed miserably.

Edward did fall for my act and quickly became my boyfriend; he even fell in love with me.

What I hadn't counted on was that with his love for me came the need to protect me, Edward kept me as far away from Jasper as he possibly could due to Jasper's lack of control.

What surprised even me is that I have grown to love Edward, but Jasper is still the foundation of my passion.

Every day it gets harder to breathe, every day, the fact that Jasper is now further away from me then he was when I started is excruciatingly painful.

And now here I am, a week away from marrying Edward.

My love for Jasper is like the sky; deep, endless and forever.

My love for Edward is like a cloud on that sky; to easily blown away.

Being without morals does not mean being without a conscience, could I really do this? Could I marry Edward and let him change me, only to continue on hoping that one day Jasper would see me as I see him?

And if he never reciprocates my feelings, could I then spend eternity with Edward, pretending to love him as much as he loves me?

The answer is, yes, I can. What other choice do I have; leave this mess I have created and live a life time not being near my love at all.

No, I'll take forever being near him but not with any day of the week.

Now I have no plan, I just have forever with the wrong person.

The bitch is that Jasper knows, how could he not, he can feel what I'm feeling and it's confusing me. He knows yet he says nothing, nothing to me, nothing to his family or to his beloved brother. He holds my secret and the only sign he gives me of his knowledge is the knowing looks and smirks he throws my way.

I have the feeling that Jasper is playing with me, enjoying every minute of my despair.

This evening Edward is out hunting and will be gone for few days, I was relived, you could image that a girl with a story, such as I have, need some time to think.

So that's what I'm doing, thinking, if brains could bleed, I swear that mine would.

Tap, tap, tap

I looked to where the tapping sound was coming from; someone was throwing small stones at my window. Must be Jacob I thought, who else would come by this time a night except my werewolf friend?

With a sigh I walked over to my window and opened it, without looking to see who it was, I stepped aside to let the person enter, but no one did.

I put my head outside the window but no one was there, what the fuck?

"Evening ma'm" A familiar voice said behind me with a southern drawl.

I spun around as quickly as I could, holding my hand over my heart. "Jasper, you scared me!"

I couldn't help but to look at him, he was sexy as hell. He was wearing faded jeans that hung dangerously low, cowboy boots, and a simple button down shirt; my panties got instantly wet at the site. No doubt Alice was out hunting as well, she would never have allowed Jasper to wear such clothes.

"Like what you see?" He said with a smirk and I blushed as I remembered that he probably could smell my arousal.

I walked to sit down on my bed and said, "I wouldn't be looking if I didn't"

He laughed and the sound of it made my heard swell. "Just a week away darlin', are you gonna to marry him?"

"Yep" I said popping the p, I refused to meet his gaze, instead I took up the book that was lying on my night stand, pretending to read.

For a long time it was quiet, I wanted nothing more that to grab a hold of his shirt and pull him down on top of me. My clit throbbed painfully as I imagined all the things he could do to me.

All of a sudden I was yanked to my feet, the book fell to the floor and I found myself starring into Jaspers pitch, black eyes.

"You ain't marrying him, darlin'" he said with a deadly growl.

"Why not?" I asked as sweetly as I could, enjoying being so close to him, it felt like heaven having his arms around me, his chest pressed against mine.

"Take what you want Isabella, don't wait until someone gives it to you" he was angry as he said it and I couldn't figure out why.

Jasper grew impatient with me and before I had time to blink I felt his cold lips on mine. They were hard and demanding and I met his lips with just as much force. Kissing him made me feel a sense of completeness that I never felt before; I could die right this second without a single thought of regret.

He forced his tongue in to my mouth and I moaned as I finally got to taste him, he tasted better than I ever could have imagined.

He broke the kiss abruptly and stared at me with cold eyes, "Would you really have married him? Would you never have come to me?"

"Marrying Edward was the only way to stay close to you" I said breathlessly, my heart was pounding so hard in my chest that I thought it might break.

Jasper growled and shook me slightly, "I ain't waiting any longer darlin', am tired of this game. We have little time, Alice will see this and come after us so we need to leave, now."

He swiftly walked to the door and threw it open, all I could do was stand there, flabbergasted. After years of him ignoring me, after years of me thinking that I would never be with him and now here he was, talking about us being together like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Had he been waiting for me to make a move this entire time? Ugh, I could kill myself! Of course he's been waiting, and I'm such a fool for not realizing it. What should he have done, left his wife of so many years as soon as he saw me? No, he probably wanted to see if I was worth the effort, and tonight he must have thought that I was.

"Darlin', are you coming? I ain't above putting you over my shoulder" He said looking at me in a way that made my whole body tingle.

I walked towards him slowly. Quietly, as to not wake up Charlie, we made our way down the stairs.

When we got outside I saw a dodge pickup truck in the driveway. The car suited him, simple, yet beautiful.

"Jasper, where are we going?" I asked, I had so many questions I didn't even know where to start. How long were we going to be away? What about our things? What about Charlie? But I thought better of it, if jasper wanted to tell me all these things, he would. And honestly, as long as I'm with him, nothing ells matters.

"Get in the car Bella" he said annoyingly. I did as I was told, I would do anything he asked of me, I would follow him to hell and back just to be near him.

Little did I know that I would be doing just that.

I sat there, silent, watching the blurry trees as we speedily drove pass them. Forks were soon behind us and Seattle was ahead, the rain poured down heavily and the thunder was giving me a headache.

"Take of your ring, open up the window and throw it out" Jasper said, frightening me out of my trance. I looked down on my ring finger; the engagement ring had belonged to Edward's mother and was very dear to him. The ring was beautiful but it never suited me, it was too big, too heavy and too ostentatious, but I loved it just the same and parting with it truly meant the end of Edward and me.

I could feel Jasper getting irritated beside me, he was unintentionally projecting his feelings, but he let me take my time which I was grateful for. I would rather have had the chance to give the ring back to Edward but if I wanted Jasper, which I did, I would have to do this his way.

It saddened me, but I slowly took of the ring, opened the window and threw it out into the stormy night.

I looked at Jasper, wondering if the path I've just chosen was the right one to pick, but then he took my shaking hand and gave it a light squeeze. The road not taken, was then forgotten, Jasper was the contents in the dreams of my past and now the reality of my future.

I was getting tired but Jasper had told me that I needed to stay awake, so I did. The trip from Forks to Seattle would have taken me more than 3 hours but somehow we made it there in less than 2 hours, I shudder to think of how fast he must have been driving.

He stopped the car outside a shabby looking hotel, "Stay here", he said and got out of the car. It was dark and it was raining but I could still see his silhouette as he walked out of the car and in to the hotel. I had no idea what he was doing, he couldn't be getting us a room, the rest of the Cullen's could easily find us here.

After about twenty minutes he came back out, but he wasn't alone. Now I was confused, what in hell was he doing?

He pushed a girl in to the back seat of the car and he took his place up front. I turned my head back so that I could see the girl clearly, she looked to be my age, she was pail, with brown hair, and brown eyes. She looked like, well… Me!

"Hi, I'm Sidney" the girl said and extended her hand, I shook it and told her my name.

Jasper was giving me a look that clearly said; "don't ask questions", not that he needed to, I wouldn't dear.

I sat back in my seat and tried to calm down, this was freaky, I have seen girls before that looked like me but this, this was… She could be mistaken for my twin!

"So, Mr. Whitlock, where are we going?" Sidney said with what she must have thought to be a sexy voice.

"You'll see" he answered with a twinkle in his eyes, O boy, this could not be good.

I was right, it wasn't good; this was far from good. Jasper stopped the car beside an abandoned alley.

"Sidney darlin', come with me" He said and stepped out of the car. It was ridiculous but I felt a pang of jealousy as he called her darlin', that jealousy ended when I suddenly realized what he was doing. As fast as I could I stepped out of the car and ran towards them, but I was too late.

Jasper had the poor girl in a death grip as he drank from her neck, blood was pouring down both of their shirts. Sidney's screams felt like daggers to my heart, and I just stood there, paralyzed at the site of them.

When Jasper was finished drinking he looked up and grinned at me. "Watch this Bella" he said and I watched, he grabbed a hold of her arms and pulled, fast and hard. Sidney's upper body was ripped in half, hardly any blood came out of her, but her insides did. I felt like puking, screaming, running, I felt like doing a lot of things but I couldn't. I couldn't look away from the now dead girl, who had looked so much like me. I couldn't look away as jasper continued on ripping her body to pieces, clawing away her face, tearing of her head. I was completely immobile.

He walked to the car and brought back gasoline, I forced myself to turn around but it didn't help, I could still smell it, the smell of burning flesh.

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