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The dungeon had been dark when I closed my eyes and it was still dark, the room wasn't different – it was me that was different. I saw as if the sun was shining, I even saw better than that. I was looking at the ceiling, it was made out of stone and it was filthy, I could see dust flying around and I dared it to come down here – it looked to be so much dust that if it were to come down here I would be unable to breathe. I realized that I wasn't breathing; I needed to remind myself that I was a vampire and that I didn't need to breathe. I scoffed at myself and suddenly wondered why I remembered. Didn't Edward say that as a vampire one remembers very little of their human life?

A growl sounded from my throat at the thought of Edward and it startled me, it startled me so much that I gasped and it felt weird. The air wasn't needed, I could feel it pass my lips and make the journey down to my lungs and back up again. The air tasted horrible and I crinkled my nose, this would take time getting used to.

"Why does the air taste bad" I asked Adam, I could hear that he was sitting perfectly motionless, if he didn't have anything better to do than to play statue he might as well answer my questions.

"It is the corpses that make the air taste bad."

"Why are there corpses down here? Did they bring them to you as food?"

"No, those humans where brought here to show me what I couldn't have – blood. A form of torture if you will. The Volturi have a sick sense of humor."

"Why didn't you drink from them?"

"I was unable to, they stayed too far away from me, no human approaches a vampire if they can avoid it. You however might have been an exception."

"Why is it that I remember everything from my human life?"

"It's my venom, it's stronger than any others and it makes a stronger vampire."

"Why would memories from my human life make me stronger?"

"It is you mind that is stronger than other vampires - that is the reason why you remember."

"Am I not supposed to be crazy by bloodlust? I don't feel crazy."

"Yes you are supposed to be, as you so clearly put it, crazy by bloodlust. It is good that you are not so we will not question it at the moment."

"Why won't we question it?"

"Isabella, stop asking questions and concentrate. You have to break out of your cage and try to get away without being seen, after that you need to go where your mate is."

Damn, I was trying so hard not to think of Jasper. I felt a strong pull at my heart and I knew that if I followed that feeling I would find Jasper. Everything in me told me to run to him, my body was screaming for it but I had made up my mind. My mind worked differently than it had done when I was human, I could now have many thoughts at the same time – that would also take some time getting use to.

I had decided not to leave here without Adam, other thoughts in my head were angry and didn't want to give a damn but most of them were yelling for Jasper. I tried to ignore it, Adam had saved me, he had changed me and I couldn't just leave him here.

I let my eyes leave the ceiling and turned my head to the right to look at him. His skin wasn't wrinkly anymore, he still looked a bit fragile, granted, but at least he didn't look like a mummy. Before I was unable to say much about his looks but now I could clearly see that he was quite young and handsome, he was no Jasper – no one could compare to Jasper – but he sure didn't look like I would expect the first vampire to look like. I really didn't know what I had expected, something more like Aro maybe? Adam looked nothing like Aro. Aro's skin was white like any other vampires but it was almost transparent, Adam's skin was far from it – his skin was luminous. It almost looked as if he was out in the sun, nearly, I was intrigued by it.

As for the rest of his appearance, as far as I could see black hair was the only thing he had had in common with Aro. When it came to his personality Adam had already proven himself by saving me.

The string around my heart tugged and tugged until I was unable to stand it, if I was going to break myself and Adam out I would have to do it quick – if I didn't I might soon say 'to hell with it' and run to where my heart was telling me to go – to Jasper.

As soon as I decided to stand I already stood and I liked the feeling of it, nothing in me told me that it was wrong to be able to move this quickly. I somehow felt as if I had always been a vampire or at least always meant to be one.

I went to the bars and carefully put my hands on them, I knew that I could break them but somehow I still had my doubts – if I couldn't do it then I would be a bad vampire. I pushed with all my might and the poles went flying through the air.

Well that was easy.

I stepped out of the hole I just created and went to Adam's cage, trying to break the werewolf bones that held him captive. At first I did the same thing that I had done to the poles on my cage but it didn't work, I pulled at them and I huffed and I puffed and even growled but nothing happened.

"Dear child, what are you doing?"

"I'm trying and completely failing to break you out! There must be some kind of key to open your cage, who has it?" I answered, still trying to break the bone. I was becoming slightly frantic - the pull of my heart and being unable to break the bones was driving me insane.

"Isabella stop it, there is no way to open this cage. I know that there is a secret passage that will lead you out of this castle, I don't know exactly where but it must be located in the same corridor that you were led in when you first where brought to this dungeon"

I heard what he said but I wasn't really listening, if I couldn't break the bones then I needed to find a key. Who would have it, Aro?

"Dose Aro have the key?" I asked, that would be complicated but I refused to think of it as impossible.

"Isabella listen to me, you must get yourself out of here undetected and find your mate!" Adam said with a growl and was standing in front of me before I had time to react. His eyes was dark red and I looked away to avoid his gaze.

"No, who has the key?" I insisted

"There is no key, look at the cage – the last bone was placed when I was inside. There is no way to open it, do as I say and run before they find you."

I refused to believe him, I hurriedly looked at the entire cage and he was right – no lock was placed on it. I didn't really know why but I felt like I couldn't leave him. Adam had saved me, he was my creator – I had his venom running through my veins. I felt a connection to him, not as strong as the one I had with Jasper but it was strong enough to make me stay and fight for his freedom.

"I can't leave without you" I said through my teeth, still avoiding his eyes. I could feel venom collecting in my eyes – tears that would never fall.

Adam brought his right hand between the werewolf bones and lifted my head up until our eyes meet. His eyes looked as pained as I felt.

"My first child left me, my second betrayed me and made me his prisoner and I swore to myself that I would never make another child if the opportunity appeared"

"Then why did you make me?"

"I didn't want you to die in here, like this. I have never encountered a person with such a bright aura as yours and I pitied your fate. As your maker I ask you to leave and stay safe, can you do that for me?"

My heart broke for him, he had existed for so long and seen so much and known too much pain that I couldn't even begin to comprehend what he must be feeling. I might not know him well but how well did we ever really know our parents? I realized that that was the connection I was feeling – he was, to all intents and purposes, my father. I remembered my real father as clearly as ever, Charlie, but for some reason I felt nothing when I thought of him. When I looked in to Adam's eyes I felt more love for him than I had ever felt for Charlie and Renee combined.

"Find your mate and stay safe Isabella. And tell him not to try and save me, that there is no use – you can look for a million years and never find a way to open this cage."

"I'll tell him" I said and swore to myself that if I had to look for a billion years I would find a way to break him out.

I could feel a sob rising in my throat but I swallowed it as I walked to the door that Felix had brought me through when I was first thrown in hear – it's strange how I can remember it like it was yesterday but feel like it was a hundred years ago.

The door was looked but I easily pushed it open. I stooped at the threshold and looked back at Adam; he was sitting down again with his head bent. This won't be the last time you see him, you will find a way to get him out and revenge his sufferings if it is the last thing you do. I thought to myself and with one determent nod I turned my head around and focused on the task at hand – get out and find Jasper.

Easier said than done

The corridor was long and the walls was made out of stone the whole way, at the end of it was a staircase but I didn't see any other doors. I remembered that the staircase led to another corridor but I hadn't seen any other doors there. Well, I guess that a secret passage is just that – secret, what would be the use of a secret passage if the door to it was out for everyone to see.

I listened carefully for any sounds above me before gently putting my hand on the stone wall, if anyone heard me I would be in trouble. I wasn't sure how much strength I could use before the wall broke so I knocked at the wall with as little pressure as possible. The wall didn't break, which was good but the small nock didn't make any sounds at all. I stupidly thought that if I knocked on the walls I would somehow hear if there were more walls on the other side of it or if it was hollow. The problem was that I didn't really know what that would sound like.

I slowly made my way forward, knocking on the walls as I went, knocking with a little more pressure this time. Soon I was by the staircase and none the wiser, how do you find a secret passage? I thought of all the movies I had seen in my life, there was no books here to pull at and I wasn't Harry Potter so a magical wand was out of the question.

I stood still by the stairs, contemplating what to do when I heard light and fast footsteps coming closer. I rapidly pushed myself up against the side of the staircase and stopped breathing.

I silently prayed that whoever it was wasn't on their way down here, I remembered everything Aaron had thought but I wasn't ready to see if I could hold my own in a fight. Besides, I probably wouldn't even get a chance to test my fighting skills, the vampire would probably yell and more vampires would come.

The string around my heart pulled harder and harder as the footsteps got closer and closer.

A thousand scenarios played out in my head of how this could go if the vampire saw me and none of them were good.

The vampire turned and was now above me, I looked at the ceiling as if I could look through it, which was stupid – my eyesight might be good but it wasn't that good.

The person stooped and stood still.

Walk on, walk on!

The vampire turned left and then I heard footsteps on the stairs.

Fuck, I was totally screwed.

I pushed myself up against the wall and closed my eyes, I would have to fight and I could only hope that I would get lucky enough to rip the vampires head off before he/she had time to scream.

The footsteps reached the end of the stairs and I pushed myself even closer to the wall and mentally prepared myself for a fight.


The wall behind me sounded and I could feel it moving backwards, I found the door! Fight or flight? Fight or flight? It felt like my heart was pulling me backwards and I had made my decision, flight.

I turned around and started running as fast as I could but I instantly regretted my decision. The vampire had heard me and was following close behind.

What I thought to be a single way out of the castle was more like a maze, one small corridor led to other even smaller corridors and the environment looked medieval. I pushed myself to run faster and the vampire behind me had a hard time keeping up.

If I just found the way out I could easily lose him/her. I didn't dare to turn my head around to look who it was that was following me; I needed to focus on where I was running so that I wouldn't run in to anything. Not that I really thought that I would but one could never really be to carful.

The corridors were endless and I felt like I was running in circles.

I could continue running around here forever or I could turn around and face who it was behind me.

The choice was made for me when I came to a dead end.

I silently cursed and turned around and dropped in to a fighting stand that Aaron had thought me and waited for the vampire to catch up. If I still was human my heart would have been beating out of my chest and I would be wet by sweating so much. But my heart was still and cold as a corpse but I was terrified, terrified that I wouldn't win and that I would never again see Jasper.

Terror filled me as I waited for the vampire to appear around the corner.

You can do this Bella I thought before lunging myself at the vampire without stopping to see who it was.

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