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Pairing: Kick/Kendall

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Author's Notes: Hello everyone. This is Mr. Alaska. I know, I should stop writing so many stories, especially when I have so many that still need completing. But… I have once again come across a slow part in my creative process. Well, at least when it comes to my more popular stories. So, I decided to start a short story to pass the time….. I know. Its sad, isn't it? A 17 year old watching Kick Buttowski. What can I say? I'm a child at heart, and I will not likely lose my interest in cartoons. I know. Creepy. But that's me. So to all my loyal readers out there, be patient. And please, enjoy this none-Naruto story of mine. PEACE!

Chapter 1: Christmas Disaster

It was a snowy December day in the small town of Mellowbrook. The temperature was nice. Not too warm, yet not too cold. It was three days before Christmas. The streets were filled with late Christmas shoppers, franticly trying to get their last minute gifts. And while the adults were busy getting ready for Christmas, the children were busy enjoying the snow. Kids filled the sidewalks and all of the local parks, having snowball fights, building snowmen and snow forts. For the children of Mellowbrook, today was their time to have fun.

Well…. ALMOST all of the children of Mellowbrook, anyway…

"Get back here Dillweed," Bradley Buttowski shouted, as he and his two friends Pantsie and Horace chased after Mellowbrook's local daredevil. "When I get a hold of you, you are in for a whole new world of pain!"

Sledding franticly away on his snowboard was the one, the only, Kick Buttowski, the daredevil of Mellowbrook. Once again, the little troublemaker had done something to anger or irritate his older brother.

'Aw biscuits,' he thought, grabbing a light pole so he could change directions quickly. He was steadily starting to put some distance between him and his followers, but they were still too close for comfort. 'Great… Christmas is three days away, and Brad is out to make me miserable… well, more so than usual.'

As they came across a nearby park, Kick noticed a bunch of kids were sledding down the small hill there. He also noticed there was a small pile of snow with a sled laying across it, making a makeshift ramp. Seeing this, the daredevil smirked. "Catch you later Brad," he shouted, hitting the ramp and jumping over the group of kids. "But I have Santa's Good List to remain on!" He landed on the other side of the hill, and sped down. Since the children were in the way, Brad and his friends were slowed down in their pursue to beat Kick up.

But, even with his extra lead, Kick knew Brad and his friends were bound to catch up again. So he looked around for a good place to hide. He came across the arcade. 'Nope,' he thought, 'too obvious, even for Brad.' Then he came across the Battlesnax. 'Nah. Brad knows I go there regularly, so that'll be the next place he'd look.' But then, hope. He came across the Mellowbrook Library. "BINGO!" He said, slowing down and jumping off his snowboard.

He walked in, and immediately locked glares with the librarian, who was behind her desk, organizing her books. "Not lookin' for trouble," Kick began, creeping past her with his hands raised. "Just passing through." Than, Kick heard Brad's voice outside, ordering Pantsie and Horace to search the arcade and Battlesnax. Their voices were close by, so Kick ran past the evil librarian and deeper into the library.

A few seconds later, the doors to the library were kicked open by Brad. "The Dillweed is in here," Brad called, getting Pantsie's and Horace's attention. "His snowboard tracks lead here," Pantsie and Horace ran inside and regrouped with Brad. After closing the door, they looked to the librarian. But before Brad could even ask, the evil old lady smiled menacingly and pointed in the direction the young daredevil went.

Back with Kick

"I should've known that old hag would've sold me out," Kick mumbled to himself. He was a couple of bookshelves away, and saw the librarian sell him out. "Note to self: Get revenge on librarian…. But AFTER I lose the Three Stooges." He ran down bookshelf after bookshelf, looking for a somewhat decent hiding place. But, he wasn't having much luck that day, apparently. He heard Brad and his friends nearing closer. Picking up speed, he continued down the bookshelves.

'Ah biscuits… today just isn't my day,' he thought, as he neared the back of the library. There were absolutely NO places that would conceal Kick, despite how huge the library actually was. Then, he found himself in the back area of the library, known as the "Study Area." He turned around to make an unfortunate discovery. There was no way out…. All of the halls and bookshelves led into the Study Area.

"What are you doing here, Clarence," came a familiar bratty voice.

'Worst… Day… Ever,' Kick thought, as he tightened up and stiffly turned. There, sitting at the large round table, was the Mellowbrook class president and Kick's arch enemy, Kendall Perkins. The blond girl had a pile of books on the table. She raised one eyebrow as she laid the book she was reading back on the table.

"Hello, Kendall," Kick began dryly, earning a frown from the girl. "I knew you were a total bookworm, but isn't studying on Christmas vacation a little too much?" It was true. During any regular school week, Kendall spend most of her time after school and weekends at the library, studying. Kick didn't know why anyone would want to study so much. And since it was Kendall, the girl who was basically his complete opposite of him, he didn't care.

Keeping a cool composure, Kendall huffed and picked her book back up. "I'd rather be a smart bookworm than a knuckle-dragging juvenile daredevil wannabe who only knows how to jump stuff," she countered, once again insulting Kick's hobby. "I would advise you to visit the library more often, but I'm sure you don't know how to read."

Kick was about to make a smart-ass comment, when he heard Brad's voice. Kick panicked, and looked around franticly. 'Judging by his behavior,' Kendall thought observantly, 'he must me hiding from someone.' She smiled devilishly, and continued to read her book.

Kick looked around, trying to find ANYTHING he could use. He then came across Kendall's empty backpack. It was big enough to hide in. But it was Kendall's backpack. 'She'd probably rat me out,' he thought, looking from the backpack to Kendall. But, when he heard Brad say Kick is in the Study Area, Kick sighed. 'Aw well, its worth a shot.' Kendall raised a eyebrow as Kick bolted into her backpack and zip it closed.

A millisecond later, Brad, Pantsie and Horace rushed in. Everyone looked around for any sign of the little stuntman. "You," Brad said, pointing to Kendall, "have you seen my Dillweed brother around here anywhere? His face has a date with our fists." He cracked his knuckles for effect.

'Hmmm,' Kendall thought, thinking about all her options. 'I could tell them he's in my backpack…. It would be entertaining watching Kick Buttowski get the snot beat out of him…..' But, she let out a sigh. "Yeah, I saw him," she said, cause Kick, who was listening, to tighten up in fear. "He was waiting right next to a bookshelf as you got here. He snuck out when you came in," she lied, turning to the next page. "He's probably long gone by now."

Hearing this, Kick couldn't help but be confused. Why was she helping him?

Disappointed, Brad let out a irritated growl. "That no good sneak. I'll pulverize him! Come on! He's probably heading home!" Not bothering to ask any more question, Brad and his friends ran back out of the Study Area.

When the three boys were gone, Kendall put down her book and unzipped the backpack. "Get out. They're gone," she growled. After crawling out, Kick stood up, wiped off his jumpsuit, and looked at Kendall with curiosity. But before he could ask, she narrowed her eyes and put her book back on the table. "Don't start thinking I did that because I cared about you, Buttowski," she started putting all of her books into her backpack. "If I told them you were cowering inside my backpack, they would've tore it to shreds. And while seeing you get pounded is high up there on my wish list, I don't want to lose my backpack in the process."

Kick narrowed his eyes and grabbed his snowboard. "Man…. You must be on Santa's permanent Naughty List," Kendall turned, and locked irritated stares with her shorter classmate.

"Ha! And you think you aren't," she asked. "Trust me, I'm a saint compared to you. I doubt you won't even get coal for Christmas, you're so bad." When Kendall put all her books back into her backpack, she flipped her hair back, stood up straight, and marched out.

Kick gritted his teeth as Kendall exited the library. "Why are women so irritating," he mumbled to himself. Just then, his walky-talky went off in his back pocket. "Gunther?"

"Kick? Where are you? Everyone is waiting for you at Dead Man's Drop!"

"I got delayed," Kick sighed, sending the librarian a annoyed look as he went out the front doors. "Tell them there has been a change in plans. Meet at Dead Man's Drop tomorrow at 2:30pm. Tell them, "Kick Buttowski has something extra awesome planned for tomorrow."

"Are you sure? I mean, the crowd is already impatient as it is."

"Believe me, tomorrow's stunt will beat today's stunt by far."

There was a pause. Then he heard Gunther sigh on the other side. "Okay, Kick. Whatever you say."

"See you later, Gunther," he said, before turning off his walky-talky and putting it back in his back pocket.

15 Minutes Later

Kick sighed as he neared his house. He was sure Brad would be waiting behind the front door, just waiting to pounce on him. 'This is going to suck,' he thought. But, to his surprise, there were two more cars in his driveway. Then he looked, and he saw Gunther waiting in his front lawn.

"Hey Kick," the Nordic boy called out, waving his hands excitedly.

"Gunther? What's up," Kick asked, getting off his snowboard and walking up to his best friend. "I would've figured you would've went back home to your family after I called off the stunt. Didn't you have to help your parents with the plans for this years Christmas party?"

Every year, one of the families in the neighborhood would volunteer to hold a Christmas party at their house. This year was the Magnusons' turn to host one… which confused Kick, since it was their Viking ship-like car was in his driveway.

"I know. But our parents got to talking. And they agreed that the we would work together on it," Gunther answered, smiling happily. "Isn't this awesome? We can both work on the party together to make it worthy enough for the Gods of Awesome." Kick chuckled at Gunther's, "Gods of Awesome," comment. It's a combination of Kick's extreme nature and Gunther's Viking heritage.

But there was something Kick still thought was odd. What was with the third car? He didn't recognize it. "Who's is that," he asked.

"Don't' know," Gunther replied, hunching his shoulders. "They were here before we arrived. And I haven't gone in yet."

Scratching his chin, Kick looked at his friend. "Well, I guess we'll have to find out then, won't we?" Nodding his head, Gunther and Kick both walked to the front door. After knocking the snow off their boots, they walked in. They heard their parents talking in the kitchen discussing about plans for the party. They also heard a vaguely familiar voice as well. It was a man's voice. They looked at one another. "Do you know that voice?" Gunther asked.

Kick shook his head. "No… but it sounds familiar." Instead of waiting to think about the voice, they decided to see for themselves. Before they entered the kitchen, Kick's mother walked out.

"Oh. Hello, sweetie," she said happily. "I'm glad you're here. We were discussing about different things about the party, and wanted you boys to be there. So get acquainted with the Perkins and behave."

"The Perkins," both boys asked in unison. They quickly looked inside, and saw Mr. and Mrs. Perkins, sharing a story with Gunther's parents at the dining room table. Kick looked around, and saw Kendall leaning against the wall with her arms folded across her chest.

'Aw biscuits….'

To Be Continued….

Yeah, yeah. I know. It was short. But this isn't going to be a long story. I don't even have a plot down yet. I just started this story so that when I'm stumped on all of my other stories, I could work on this. So don't complain if you want me to work on my other stories. I promise you the story will get better as it progresses. After I get a good ending in mind, I'll make the story more interesting. And for all of my loyal readers, be patient. If you found this chapter even a little funny or amusing, please review with your opinion. I hope you enjoy. And I hope to hear from you all soon. PEACE!