I have started a petition on ! It is to bring back the shows we grew up with to Cartoon Network! Here is what the petition looks like;

I was born in 1993. Growing up, I had the pleasure of watching some of the best cartoons on Cartoon Network. Ed, Edd n Eddy, Samurai Jack, Johnny Brovo, etc. I may be an adult now, but even now, I consider the joys of watching those cartoons one of the best parts of my childhood. But now, everything has changed, New cartoons are replacing the one we grew up with. Now they're practically forcing new things onto kids nowadays, when the best was in the past. Now we have shows like Annoying Orange, MAD, Lego Ninjago, and all those second-rate shows taking over. We need to bring things back to the Cartoon Network City era, where all the shows we grew up with were. I'm not starting this petition for myself. I'm too busy with adult life to watch those shows and enjoy them. But I AM doing this for future generations of kids. Lets not let them grow up watching cartoons that couldn't even hold a candle next to the Cartoon Network City ones. I'm not saying get rid of the new shows. I'm just saying bring back some old ones, just to keep them alive.

PLEASE! If there are anyone else out there who agree with me, PLEASE go to the link I provided and show your support! We need to bring Cartoon Network back to it's former glory! I hope to hear from you all soon!