Act 1

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C h e r r i

Note: thinking

Have you ever been inside the belly of a whale?

That was what it felt like as the ground lurched beneath my bare feet. A low rumbling wind ruffled my moon white chopped hair as I opened my eyes. Stumbling, I ran to the dimly lit exit, all around me, the walls cracked and crumbled like broken clay. My lungs burned as I ran on and on. My vision hazy as I threw myself through the decapitated archway. A rumbling sound from above made me look up. A huge boulder of marble balanced precariously on the ledge of the tower, with a slow tilt, it tumbled downwards. Its grey silhouette hurtling towards me. Then... Darkness engulfed me, and the sickly silence that followed, made my blood run cold.

Her eyes.

Aquamarine blue irises peeked out from flyaway strands of white hair as she surveyed her surroundings. Her snow white fingers prying open the cracked windows on the lowest turret of the forsaken tower.
It was cold . Wisps of frosty air blossomed on the cracked windowpane as the girl pushed herself away from it.

The Asuras were there, guarding the doorway - her exit. Their yellow mechanical claws made whirring sounds as their blue laser eyes blinked. The girl searched for a weapon, but all she found was a small buckle shield. Nonetheless, she gripped it tightly and leapt out of the window, the shield acted as a board as she slid her way towards the exit, swerving past broken pillars. Her eyes met with cold blue lights. They saw her! The Asuras started towards her, their claws clicking menacingly together. She was not afraid. Using her weight as a pivot, she swung herself between the yellow machines and skidded through the tall archway . She could hear them coming.
Whrrrr … Whrrrrr…

The cold floor sent small shivers up her spine as she dashed through the tower barefoot. Which way? Which way? The gloomy interior of the tower was a deep purple in colour with a faint musty smell . Large purple shapes loomed behind her. Gannessas.
Their long elephant-like trunks swung towards her, knocking her off her feet. Scrambling away, she threw the buckle shield at them and threw herself down a flight of steep stairs.
As soon as her foot touched the grey rock, the stairs crumbled. She felt herself falling.
Her scream echoed through the desolate interior of the tower.

Keia opened her eyes with a start. It was that dream again. Wiping away beads of cold sweat from her forehead, she pushed herself gingerly off her bed and looked into the mirror. A dishevelled mess of white hair framed her pale face. Her pale blue eyes were slightly red. Had she been crying? Yawning, she changed out of her short grey nightgown and into a plain brown shirt with shorts.
She looked out of her bedroom window.

Sunlight and green dew-specked grass greeted her as small sparrows chirped on the near-by trees. The distant murmur of the aibatts was a relief. At least it was not Asuras. Walking out of her room, the sweet smell of pancakes and the faint warble of singing greeted her.
'Keia? Is that you, dear? Breakfast is ready. ' called an old woman's voice.
'coming, grandmother! ' replied Keia, as she made her way to the kitchen . Opening the fridge, she reached for the carton of milk when a sharp yellow beak snatched it out of her reach .
'hey! ' cried Keia, turning around. A middle-sized Luia clucked mischievously and scampered away. Frowning, Keia chased the red bird and grabbed the carton of milk. At the last second, the Luia flipped the carton using its beak and drained the milk into its mouth.
Tossing the empty carton away, it clacked its beak playfully at the furious girl. 'Come here you red chicken!' screamed Keia, as she chased the Luia around the small house.

Her grandmother hobbled peacefully to the dining table and placed a plate of pancakes on it. 'My my, the youngsters these days are full of energy. ' mused the old woman as she watched her grand-daughter tackle the Luia . The Luia fell down with a discontent squawk and hopped out of the house.
'Good riddance ' mumbled Keia, as she walked back to the dining table and started eating her breakfast .
A knock on the door made her pause as she stood up and opened it. A girl slightly taller than Keia with ebony black hair that was pulled into a neat plait and emerald green eyes greeted her.

'Good Morning Keia! '
'Morning, Anya. '
'Are you coming?' , smiled Anya,
Keia stared blankly at her cousin.
'coming where? '
' Today is the day where Vagrants can sign up for their jobs, silly. '
laughed Anya.

Keia's eyes widened in shock.
' ah..! I completely forgot! I'm coming! Are we late? '
'Not if you don't hurry. '

Keia nodded and turned back to finish her breakfast. When she saw the Luia munching contentedly from her plate.
'You …' fumed Keia ,
Anya giggled and watched her younger cousin fight her red feathery companion for the last pancake.

With a stern glance at her pet Luia, Keia left the house with Anya and the two girls raced each other to the main square in central Flaris.

To be continued…