Hello there Mister what do you want? Asked the don eyeing him. The man was very thin and tall he looked 6'1" he had dark black hair light skin and brown eyes and a small nose he had a nice smile too. Excuse me sir have you seen these 2 children there names are Chastity but I call her Chase and the baby's name is Aaron do you know where they are I'm their father and I have been looking for them and there mother has been moving all over the states to get away from me and she lied to them and said I died in a car crash, he said. Vito went upstairs into Cassandra's room where they were. Chase your father is here he is in the doorway downstairs, said Vito. But Don Corleone my Dad died didn't he there is no way he is down there, said Chase puzzled she picked up Aaron into her arms she came down the stairs with Cassandra she couldn't believe her eyes when she got to the doorway. Dad no it can't be I'm imaging it you died you just look like my Dad… said Chase with tears starting to form in her eyes she ran right over and hugged him. Now were together again no more searching, he said. Cassandra and Don Corleone looked at the family reunited together. The don sighed at the site while Cassandra smiled she thought the don was her father but he wasn't he didn't no who her real father was and how her mother had abandoned her when she was only just born and had left her in a basket on his doorstep and he remembered the picture of her mother who was very young to have a baby and the back of the picture that said "someday will meet again always know I loved you Cassandra" he wondered if she would ever come back for Cassandra like this man had for his children that there mother had kept him away from them for 2 years. The newly reunited family had moved into a house in Long Beach by Cassandra, Cassandra visited them a lot and was very good friends with Chase and Aaron.