Out of all the things in Hogwarts, Hermione Granger always swore to one thing.

Never fall in love with Harry Potter.

She was the type of girl who disliked the cliché of the girl falling for the hero in any of her novels. Yet here she was sitting in the Gryffindor common room re-reading the same paragraph repeatedly because of the boy sitting on the couch infront of her.

One Problem, he is dating Ginny Weasly.

After the big battle, the trio had returned to Hogwarts for the year they had missed while on the run. Now they were in the same year as Ron's sister and preparing for their future. Unfortunately, this also allowed Hermione's feelings for the-boy-who-lived after all the time they had spent together.


Hermione's book flew from her hand at the angry shout; she barely kept from yelping out loud. She stared as her best friend cast a silencio spell over the howler and silently threw his arms in the air and pointed towards the direction of the girl's dormitories. Hermione rolled her eyes in response; she didn't understand why Ginny had to send him a howler when she was just in the next room either. She knew the two had been fighting earlier that day, but she did not think the girl would send The-Boy-Who-Lived a howler! Harry twirled a finger beside his had and rolled his own eyes, causing Hermione's laughter to erupt.

Harry closed his textbook, still laughing himself as the howler ripped itself into pieces. "Please make sure she had not thrown herself from the girl's dorm window." He said as he headed for his own dorm.

Hermione watched him go, gulping down the lump in her throat, then climbed the stairs to the girl's dorm; she was greeted by the sight of said girl modeling a short skirt infront of the mirror.

"You see if Harry got a red letter?" Ginny asked, grinning at her reflection.

Hermione shrugged her shoulders while she changed into her sleeping T-shirt, content on keeping her time with Harry secret.

"Teach him to talk to me like that." She huffed then threw herself on her bed.

Ginny just didn't understand Harry's humor like she had learned to growing up with him.

Hermione rolled on to her own bed and drowned out the other girl's chatter as she thought about Friday. There was to be a Quidditch match, the trio savored them because it would be their last at Hogwarts. Ginny had "graciously", as she put it, allowed Harry to reclaim his seeker title and had appointed herself as Harry's head cheerleader.

"To bad you and Ron didn't work out Mione, we could have cheered together." Ginny smirked from across the room when the girls own conversation also turned to the upcoming game.

Hermione wondered if the Weasley girl had began to catch on to her feelings.

"Yes well, Luna seems to be a much better match for him." Hermione answered lightly. They both had thought the war had finally brought them together, however, it had not forged any real feelings between them. Her and Ron had ended it quietly and the red head had soon found himself entranced with Luna Lovegood.

The other girl's giggled and Hermione switched the lights off, ready for sleep. She wished she could go back to the lobby where her and Harry had been relaxing. They had always been comfortable around each other and she was not sure when those feelings of friendship had changed. But the boy had really laughed tonight, and smiled, something she had not seen in a while because of the fights him and Ginny were having.

Suddenly Hermione awoke as she felt the old DA coin warm against her neck. She had not even realized she had fallen asleep, but she got out of bed automatically and tiptoed to the window. Hermione quietly opened it and thrust her feet out the window seal. Harry Potter floated on his broom below her and held a hand out for her, then silently flew them to the roof of the school.

Harry had first began "kidnapping" Hermione a few weeks after they retunred to Hogwarts. At night Harry began to be plagued by nightmares and would always come to Hermione. It began as a breakfast thing, until Hermione realized how much sleep the boy was losing, however, the lobby had a 10 pm curfew. One night Harry came to Hermione asking about how she still felt about flying, then the coin came along so she could meet as soon as the nightmare occurred without waking the dorm or more importantly Ginny.

They would sit under the stars and each for their lost loved ones. Sometimes Harry would see the Dark Lord's return, his friends death again, or himself following in those footsteps. Hermione would try her best to comfort him, sometimes till dawn. The visits had steadily began to decrease from talking to only going out for an hour just to gaze at the night sky and speak of pleasant times. Today, Harry's anxiety had finally got to him.

"I'm already an Aroura Mione. While its yet to be recorded, everyone expects it to happen, expect me to fight the dark for eternity!" The boy buried his fingers in his hair, staring wide eyed at nothing but the profession he envisioned, " I don't know if I can do it, how may more faces will I have to see at night? How much sacrifice do they want from me?"

Hermione took a deep breath, she knew it was true, however, did not agree with the masses. It would destroy him, he had been pushed since childhood to vanquish evil and now had the mental scars to prove it. "Harry, what in this whole world makes you happy?"

"Hogwarts." He said without hesitation, as expected. This was the home that had sparred him years without his aunt and uncle and had given him a life.

"Then work here Harry, as a DA teacher. Since you were young you have been fighting against it, a natural, why not teach a new generation to do it? It's not fair that the wizarding world left it to a mere child to save them, they should have fought a long time ago. You can teach a new era how to protect themselves, how to stand up for the rights, combine our muggle world with theirs."

Harry stared at her now, seemingly flabbergasted, "I- I have never thought of that." Suddenly the boy laughed and grabbed Hermione's shoulders, "I think I will! Screw their plan! Its my turn to decide what I need to do."

Hermione laughed with him, glad that she had made him smile once again.

The next day Harry and Ginny once again butted heads when she did not get the apology she thought the howler would encourage. Hermione had slipped out of the dining room and visited to the library to avoid heir quarrel, now loaded with an arm full of books, she stirred herself back to the Gryffindor tower.

Until the book decided to fly away.

"Oh! Sorry Herms! You ok?" Harry asked as he bent to pick up the folloen books.

"I'm fine. First you don't allow me sleep now you attack me. What has got into Mr. Potter?" Hermione giggled and also joined him on the floor.

Harry gave a dry laugh, obviously having just escaped Ginny and his fight, and Hermione peaked a look at him. He looked up and she dropped her gaze back to the floor, feeling the heat rise to her face. Suddenly Hermione felt the slightest brush into her hair, sometimes touch calmed Harry so it di not surprise her. This time, however, Harry suddenly pulled the girl to him, one hand behind her head and the other gripping her left arm, and crashed their lips together.

Hermione froze, shocked, her cheeks lighting to a whole new shade of red. Harry kissed her roughly, inhaling her scent as if he needed it. She vaguely wondered if she was dreaming.

Slowly, after what felt like a blissful eternity to Hermione, Harry drew away from the girl and loosened his grip. He only moved far enough so that their lips were not touching. He opened his eyes slightly and the two peered at one another for a moment, only hearing each other's breathing.

"Shit." Harry whispered.

Hermione wondered if it was because he had kissed her without permission or the fact that he already had a girlfriend. Before she could ask, however, Harry pulled her back to kiss her once more. This time Hermione kissed him with just as much fever.

She could feel him begin to smile under her lips and her own answering in kind. Soone they were both laughing and trying to give smaller kisses between each fit of laughter.

Both trying to figure out why it took so long.

My own take on a song fic, I really dislike reading ones that have the lyrics in it XD The song is "You belong with me" by Taylor swift, anyone catch on, it follows the songs layout. I also tried to write the story like the mind of a recovery soldier, maybe it worked, maybe not, tell me what you think! Hope you enjoyed!