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"Scarlet-Rose Taylor get your ass out here! We're running late!" screamed a voice that followed with a car horn.

"Jesus!" I cursed and threw off the covers. That's me Scarlet-Rose. I'm an ordinary 21-year-old girl that's a black belt, thanks to my dad who is in the military and straight B+ student in school, thanks to my mom who is also in the military. I live alone in our six room house that sits on the edge of the town that my parents placed me in when they had to go overseas. They told me that they would come back because they always did but they never really come back. They haven't in four years. My parents told our next door neighbors to look after me so I sort of live with them. You see, my mom is a General while my dad is her Captain, funny how the military works.

I quickly dressed in gray jeans and a blue short sleeved shirt with my combat boots, that my mom bought me for my fourteenth birthday but in reality, she actually shipped it from Iraq so she wasn't actually here with me for my birthday. Once I was dressed I grabbed my book bag and headed for the door. Outside was sunny and bright, unusual for my town really, with my friend Nala Tal waiting for me in her red Porch. I quickly ran towards her and jumped in.

"I'm here. Go!" I shouted and she took off with a smirk. She handed me a brush that she got from the glove compartment and I gladly accepted it.

"You slept in….again!" she said glancing over at me then back to the road. I huffed and continued to get the knots out of my black hair.

"Sorry. I stayed up all night last night watching the marathon of Star Wars the Clone Wars from season 1 though season 4. Why they put it on Sunday, I'll never know." I said and placed the brush back in the glove compartment. I reached down to grab my bag when I realized that I forgot my lunch on the dining room table. "Shit." I cursed and placed my bag on my lap.

"Forgot your lunch?" Nala asked with a smile on her face.

"Yep." I answered with sigh. Nala laughed and pointed to her bag that sat in the back seat. I reached back and grabbed it. I opened it to see two brown paper bag lunches. I smiled and then reached over and pinched her cheek.

"Ouch! Is that what I get for bringing you a lunch? Fine. Next time I won't." she said in a huff as she stopped at a red light.

"But you will! That's why you're so nice! Thanks Nala." I said and took one of the bags. I zipped up her bag and placed it in the back along with mine when I placed my new lunch in it. "How did you know?"

"Give you one guess." She said and pulled down her shades to give me a glance. She orange-ish yellow eyes glowed like fire as she looked at me. It's strange, the doctors told her parents that her eyes are not normal but her red hair with orange streaks is some-what normal. I think her eyes make her look awesome.

"I hate you, you know that?" I said and gave her ear a flick, to which annoys her. She growled and pulled into our school's parking lot. When we parked she gave me a glare that even frightened me. She has anger issues, major anger issues.

"Like you always say Scarlet. Now, get to class. Mr. Mike will have our heads if we're late again." She said and got out with me right behind her. When I did she ended up tripping me as soon as I got out. "Serves you right." I picked myself up from the ground then ran for the school, but not before I smacked Nala in the back of the head.

"Tag! You're it!"


The school day went as slow as ever and Mr. Mike was as boring as ever! Thank God that I sit next to the window that way I could look out to see the park that our school over looks. I so wish I were somewhere else…. like Star Wars! Right now, I could be battling droids and hanging out the boys, kicking Palpatine's ass…how I wish I could be there.

"Pissst." I looked over at Nala who was trying to get my attention "Scarlet, wanna go to the music room for lunch? We could practice for the show coming up." Nala whispered.

"Sure…. Friday's the concert right? We really should practice." I said and returned to the window. Mr. Mike went on and on about world history, not even paying attention that no one was even listening to him.

The bell rang. Everyone packed up their bags and books then bolted for the door.

"Remember to do page 17 in your workbooks!" Mr. Mike shouted after us as we left. He really didn't have to tell Nala and I twice. Better to do it now then to be pulled after school tomorrow. We learned that the hard way freshman year.

Nala and I quickly grabbed our lunches from our lockers and headed for the music wing. There Miss. Eva, our music teacher who was just finishing talking to a student, sat at her desk. We dropped our bags at the foot of the stage then jumped on top. We nodded over to her when she was done then took our spots. Nala took her place at the piano, which she has a very big talent for and I took my spot where there was an X in the center of the stage along with a microphone.

"How are you doing today girls?" She called as she walked towards the stage with a smile. Miss. Eva was an unmarried woman who practically had men falling over her. Many people could see why. She has beautiful strawberry blonde hair with striking green eyes and she has curves in all the right places. Every day she came to school in black dress pants and a very business-like shirt. She is one of Nala and mine favorite teachers. She allows us to stay late and practice whenever we wanted when we joined choir class. But we had to tell her first so she could stay and supervise us.

"We're doing fine. We wanted to get in one more practice before the show on Friday." I spoke with confidence.

"I see my tips are sticking. Now what are you girls doing for the concert?" she asked us.

"We're going to sing listen to your heart with the piano version." Nala spoke up. Miss. Eva nodded and took a seat a few rows back. Then Nala began to play…

"I know there's something in the wake of your smile.

I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yea.

You've built a love but that love falls apart.

Your little piece of heaven turns too dark."

I sang softly as Nala played the tunes with every tap of the keys.

"Listen to your heart, when he's calling for you.

Listen to your heart, there's nothing else you can do.

I don't know where you're going and I don't know why,

But listen to your heart, before, you tell him goodbye."

Miss. Eva smiled and leaned back in the seat closing her eyes.

"Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile.

The precious moments are all lost in the tide, yea.

They're swept away and nothing is what it seems,

The feeling of belonging to your dreams."

I too closed my eyes and imaged that the auditorium, where we have music class, was filled with people. Everyone was there smiling at us. My parents along with Nala's are there too. Miss. Eva would be standing to the side with pieces of paper in her hands with a big smile that showed her white teeth when she was happy. I would be in a pale blue dress that went to my knees and Nala would be in a fire red dress that would match her bright red hair.

"Listen to your heart, when he's calling for you.

Listen to your heart, there's nothing else you can do.

I don't know where you're going and I don't know why,

But listen to your heart, before, you tell him goodbye.

And there are voices that want to be heard.

So much to mention but you can't find the words.

The scent of magic, the beauty that's been,

When love was wilder than the wind."

Everyone would still be smiling up at us. Our mothers would be holding flowers for a job well done. And our dad's would say to us that they had something in their eyes to cover up the fact that they were crying. They were proud of us.

"Listen to your heart, when he's calling for you.

Listen to your heart, there's nothing else you can do.

I don't know where you're going and I don't know why,

But listen to your heart, before you tell him goodbye.

Listen to your heart. I don't know where you're going

But I don't know why, but listen to your heart…. before

. you tell him goodbye."

I opened my eyes to see the room empty except for Miss. Eva. Nala played a few more tunes before they came to a stop. Miss. Eva opened her eyes and stood up. She started to clap and smile real big at us.

"Bravo girls! Bravo!" she said. She opened her mouth to say something but the bell rung. "Don't leave girls. You didn't eat. I'll write you a pass." She said. We nodded and jumped off the stage. We grabbed our lunches and began eating. "Are your parents coming?" she asked. We looked at each other.

"No. They're…. stuck in their work again. They won't be able to make it." I spoke up.

"That's too bad. They would have been so proud of you." She said and returned to her work. Nala and I continued to eat our lunch. When we were done, Miss. Eva wrote us a pass and we then went our separate ways.


The rest of the day, I felt like I got punched in the gut. Miss. Eva had to bring up my parents. You see, even though my parents are in the military, they really haven't been there for me. I rarely see them and whenever I do they're too deep in their work to notice me. I know they have a lot on their minds but at least they could say something to me. Even hi would be fine. At least I know they know I'm standing there.

Nala is the same. Her parents left her with her grandparents, nannies, and butlers to look after her. When we were little our parents worked together and still do but they had us with them. Nala and I were left at the base whenever they were shipped out. We grew up in bases actually. The base food, strict rules and regulations, the boredom that comes along with it were second nature to us. Once we were old enough they sent us home, alone. Nala and I have been friends since we were born. We did everything together. We've become sisters to each other. We go to the same school, sleeping over each other's house and just doing everything with each other. We're the only family each other has right now….

"Earth to Scar? Are you there?" Nala asked me waving her hand in my face. Scar is the nickname she uses for me since my name is really long. I snapped out of my thoughts and turned to look at her. School ended around 3 o'clock and we were heading home. Nala said she would spend the night so that I would get up on time in the morning.

"Yeah, I'm here." I said.

"Don't think so. You seem off…is it about what Miss. Eva said?" she asked me. She turned to me when we reached a red light.

"Sort of…. green." I said and the car moved forward.

"Don't let it get you down. Maybe they'll be there. You know, as a surprise. You don't know until you actually go." She told me.

"I know. I just…. SHIT WATCH OUT!" I screamed as semi-truck came blazing for us….


Next thing I knew; it was like watching things happen in slow motion. The truck hit Nala's side and sent us spinning. The truck kept going as we turned over repeatedly. Glass shattered and limbs went flying. Nala let out screams of pain and so did I as we were pelted with glass. When we came to a stop, we were upside down. I slowly opened my eyes to see Nala's arms hanging over her head. I unstrapped my seat buckle and I landed face first in the glass but then slowly crawled out and into the street. The street light flickered in and out. Red blotched pattered the street. Grumbling sounds came from the beat up car. I turned my head to see Nala crawling out of the car after me. I landed in the dirt with Nala right beside me. We lay side by side while we could feel our life being drained from us. The ground felt cold and I could no longer feel my legs or my toes. Nala's breathing was slow and shallow as was mine. I became afraid...

"Sucks…. doesn't..." Nala choked out.

I chuckled. "Yeah…. didn't even get to sing for everyone…" I reached over and lightly touched Nala's hand. She always afraid of dying alone.

"Can…. you sing…. that song our mothers would sing when…. we were little?" she asked. I painfully nodded and flipped myself so that I was on my back. I replaced my hand back on hers and took a deep breath….

"A gentle breeze...from Hushabye Mountain
Softly blows o'er lullaby bay.
It... fills the sails of boats that are waiting-
Waiting to sail... your worries away.

It... isn't... far to Hushabye Mountain
And your boat... waits down by the key.
The winds of night... so softly are sighing
Soon... they... will fly your troubles to... sea.

So close your eyes... on Hushabye Mountain.
Wave good-bye... to cares of the day.
And watch your boat... from... Hushabye Mountain
Sail far away... from... lullaby... bay...

"Thank you…." Nala whispered and closed her eyes. I felt tears come to my eyes.

"If anyone is listening…. please…don't let us die…." I pleaded to no one.

"And you won't little one." Went a soft voice. I gasped but started to choke on my own blood, "Close your eyes…. let me take you away. You need to learn…. learn about yourself…. learn about your past…." I did what the voice told me. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to lifted or floated away.

I watched as colors flew past me. Spinning and forming shapes. A felt my whole body go warm like a mother would hold her child when they were sick or frightened. I felt myself get tired and thought to myself how I wanted to sleep really badly.

"Sleep. When you wake up…. your journey begins…"


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